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US Senate Candidate Antonellis Scores an ‘A’ with GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA

U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Antonellis [R-MA] has scored an “A,” the top score for a candidate, with the GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA (GOA). The GOA is located in Springfield, VA, which states on their website ( that they “represent the views of more than two-million-gun owners whenever their rights are threatened.”

Upon receipt of the completed survey, which they send to all candidates for office, they generate a score, based on how that candidate is likely to protect gun rights, once in office. Antonellis was the only candidate from Mass. to win an “A,” while his two opponents, Ian Cain and John Deaton, both were given a grade of “NR,” which means No Response. Not sending in a completed survey, Antonellis was told, may indicate the candidate would likely oppose Pro-Second Amendment (2A) legislation.

In addition to completing the survey, Antonellis included a cover letter, where he spelled out his additional major positions on gun rights. Those include:

  • Constitutional Carry in all 50 states and U.S. Territories
  • Blocking legislation in America and throughout the world, which would assign legal liabilities to gun shops, America’s firearms and ammo industries, etc.
  • And recently added: Banning the ATF, and forcing the IRS to get out of the “ammo hoarding business.”

GOA told Robert that the only way to get a higher score, an A+, is to get elected and promote legislation to bolster our Second Amendment rights. So, he is looking to gun owners and prospective gun owners in Massachusetts to turn out to vote on September 3rd and to pull the Republican ballot and vote for ANTONELLIS.

Learn more about Bob at:


2 Replies to “US Senate Candidate Antonellis Scores an ‘A’ with GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA

  1. All well and good. But Bob is going to have to do a lot more in getting his name out there. Almost everyone I talk to about this race has never even heard of him. All they know is John Deaton’s name. I’m no fan of Deaton, but at least he seems to be out there almost every day, appearing wherever he can. If Bob is appearing at places across the state, I haven’t heard about it.

    1. Hi Lou, thank you for your comment. I do wish I could be out and about, telling about Deaton’s hatred of Donald Trump., and his apparent unwillingness to submit the survey to GUN OWNERS Of AMERICA. But the great news is that I will be doing campaigning full fine in a few days.

      I need donations to give my campaign more mojo, for sure.. Visit to help out.

      Meanwhile, the values I stand for are priceless, and support Donald Trump in every way.

      Please register on my site, to get me regular updates.

      My next article reveals that Deaton’s book continues to sink him.


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