Comments on the Tragedy in Newton, Mass., and the Media Slants

This one is hard to write, because frankly, we’re sick of all the racial things.
We should all be one people, and love and embrace the many types, sizes, colors, and differences God has graced us with.
But that’s not the world in which we live. We live in a fractured world, sadly.
The world is one where the media is slanted, and your skin color seems to determine the news coverage.
OK, here goes:
IMAGINE for a moment that a white man took a knife and delivered more than 30 blows to a 97-year-old black woman, her daughter, and her son-in-law. There would be riots in the streets, and in every major city across the U.S.A.
But that’s not what happened.
What did happen is that black man took a knife and delivered more than 30 blows to a 97-year-old white woman, her daughter, and her son-in-law (on the day they were to celebrate 50 years of marriage). And perhaps that’s why the murderer’s picture wasn’t plastered everywhere, and after a brief flirtation of a TRIPLE HOMICIDE in Newton, Mass., the mainstream media dropped it.
The true headline should have read:
Crazy Newton, Mass. Black Man Murders White 97-Year-Old Woman, Her Daughter, and Her Son-in-Law
So, if a white-skinned person committed the murder, the world would be up in arms, literally. Fights and riots and burning and looting would be everywhere. But, flip it, and a crazy black guy kills three whites, and it’s near crickets.
Perhaps it’s best this way. We’ve had enough craziness. But, here’s something you might not know:
For more than 5 hours, at least, the Newton, Mass. police department blocked streets as they had a standoff with the crazy black man, apparently well known to the police.
So, let us share with you just a fraction of the questions that some have asked us, and some that remain unanswered, and perhaps you have your own comments, and if so, feel free to share them at
  • Why did the police conduct such a long standoff, knowing who the murderer was, and not tell the neighbors? We spoke with a resident on the street who remained distraught that while she could see massive police presence and then the standoff and the rantings, for hours, the police shared nothing with neighbors who essentially were on lockdown.
  • How could the murderer enter a plea of not-guilty?
  • Will the murderer get off after a 6-month observation in a nut ward?
  • How was he “well known to police?”
There were many more questions, but the point is, three people were viciously murdered, and if the murderer were white, many believe things would have gone very different in the media.
For us, this is a tragic situation to occur anywhere, and especially shocking for the residents of one of the most affluent areas of Massachusetts. A break-in by a crazy black man in the Italian Nonantum section of Newton, Mass.
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