Watertown Teacher Skates Free(?) After Subjecting Middle School Students to Video that States 99% to 100% of Police Are Racists


A Watertown, Massachusetts teacher obviously thought it was a good idea to inject (apparently without permission) a video about police officers into her classroom. The video opens stating: “Modern policing just took a DNA test. Turns out it’s 99% to 100% racist.”

View the video here: ___LINK TO YOUTUBE__

The video: “The Racist Origins of Police” spends its 7 minutes and 16 seconds stating that all policing was based on slavery, and that police are only “for the White and rich.”

“The criminal justice system is working exactly as designed,” the video’s presenter states,”an institution built not for public safety, but for race and class control.” The presenter goes on to say that is why so many activists are calling for the defunding of police and prisons.

Here’s a Reprint (upon request) of a local resident’s public letter (below). .


Let me preface my comments by expressing my admiration for the vast majority of wonderful teachers that have answered a “calling” to educate children, especially those in the Watertown Public Schools. As I noted, being a teacher is far more than a job, it’s a vocation and calling. My older sister was foreign language teacher and reading specialist, before she retired. I personally saw all the hours she put into the lesson planning and correcting papers. People don’t see all the work teachers do. Nor do they see that they often buy supplies with their own money. But the most important thing many folks don’t see or understand is the emotional commitment teachers make to their students.

Having said that; I must express my dismay at your weak response to the situation at the Middle School. In your statement you rightly noted that the video shown to the students was Anti-Law Enforcement. What you failed to note is that it is equally Racist, Anti-American, and Marxist. The racism is blatant. How you missed it, is beyond me. The Anti-Americanism and Marxism are only slightly more subtle. Said video claims that police are there to protect Capitalism and Private Property. As if those founding principles of our country are a bad thing!  The right to private property and to pursue economic advancement are fundamental to the pursuit of happiness. Indeed, one of the original drafts of the Declaration of Independence read: Life, Liberty, and Property

Also grievously missing in your statement is any mention of discipline towards Ms. Henry and Ms. Martin (who as has been reported didn’t even reprimand this inexcusable behavior). Ms. Henry should have been suspended without pay within seconds of your being informed … after verification that she did indeed do this she should have been terminated. A letter to the appropriate State Authority, recommending her Teaching Certification in Massachusetts be permanently revoked should have also been sent. As for Ms. Martin, she should have immediately and publicly reprimanded Ms. Henry. Thereafter she owed each student and their parents a public apology, and informed the students that the video was WRONG, slanted, Anti-Law Enforcement, Racist, Marxist, Anti-American and Ms Henry had no right whatsoever to show it to them.  If she didn’t do that, she also should have been terminated — again with a recommendation to the appropriate State authority to permanently revoke any certifications she has to be involved in Education.

Ms. Henry is guilty of nothing short of child abuse. She shouldn’t be allowed within 1,000 feet of a school building, unless she’s there to cast a vote on election day. The same holds true for Principal Martin, if she indeed refused to reprimand Ms. Henry.

Nothing short of termination will suffice the demands of justice. Frankly in my opinion that still falls short. Were it possible their pensions should forfeit as well. The money should be set aside to help fund a college fund for victims of this grave, insidious, and malicious abuse.  

In addition, positive actions must be taken to under this grave injustice. The students need to hear from you personally condemning Ms. Henry and content in video as being FALSE and driven by an agenda that hates America. As well, the students should be shown videos or hear a speaker that will tell them the truth about Law Enforcement, Capitalism, Race relations and so forth.

Finally there should be a public announcement that any Teacher found trying to indoctrinate students with similar Racist, Anti-American, Anti-Law Enforcement, Marxist views will be immediately terminated. The Taxpayers of Watertown are paying to Educate Students, not indoctrinate them by agenda driven extremist activists posing as teachers. More importantly our students deserve no less.

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