Clayton Sova Holds Tiny Revolution on July 4th Weekend, Attempts Overthrow of Republican City Chair?


by Lonnie Brennan

Apparently, there are some interesting Republicans in Gloucester, Mass., and, led by Clayton SOVA, they’ve attempted all kinds of things to oust the sitting chair of the Gloucester Republican City Committee.

Finding themselves outnumbered, and not getting their way at multiple meetings, Clayton called his own meeting of the group, voted the chair out, and had his followers appoint him as the new chair. They also made sure they voted in some new members to the committee, oh, and for good measure, pushed the need to have Irene SOVA take a position on the Gloucester board of registrars.


Meanwhile, we received a press release days after Clayton’s actions that along with co-coup member Nicole Coles, the pair has formed a “Gloucester PAC,” (a Political Action Committee apparently dedicated to raise funds to support Clayton and Nicole’s candidates…most likely for MassGOP state committee, but more on that later).

And, if you’re still trying to connect the dots, well, as the line goes: the plot thickens. Clayton and Nicole’s new PAC came about with the “help” from a western Massachusetts PAC which put out a press release on behalf of Clayton, but more on that later. For now, we would suggest you give this whole Clayton PAC a good leave-alone for a bit.

Manifesto of Nits?

You see, Clayton might be a bright – or at least think he’s a bright, educated individual – but nasty is nasty, and dirty is dirty. And just because you can do something, or attempt to do something, doesn’t make it right. But in a 1,287-word e-mail (manifesto?), Clayton not only asserts he’s in the right, but “challenges” the authority of the governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, and its chair.

When the chair of the MassGOP issued a letter that acknowledged the apparent disputes in Gloucester and clearly stated who was in charge (hint: not Clayton), and that no meeting would occur before July 26th, Clayton walked right through it. Actually, Clayton did more than walk through the letter and the MassGOP chair, he essentially told the MassGOP chair to mind her own business, that she’s wrong, and she is all wet; he doesn’t recognize the chair of the MassGOP’s authority in this matter.

Here’s the letter from the MassGOP chair issued days before Clayton’s coup:


Now, to be fair to Clayton, there was apparently a desire to have a cooling-off period after months of pure chaos in Gloucester Republican meetings (see timeline below) –  in an attempt to bring calm to disorder (Clayton’s gang’s actions), news floated that July and August meetings would be cancelled  to give the multi-month saga a chance to cool down, allow folks to consult with the governing board (the MassGOP), and see if all could somehow work together. Clayton apparently took that note as a green light to call his own meeting, one where he could have the votes to bounce the current chair and install himself as chair. And, that’s exaclty what he did.

Here are the signers of an e-mail sent to all, brandishing the Gloucester Republican City Committee’s name and logo which Clayton’s gang now apparently claim authority to use:

Clayton Sova – newly appointed chair
Robin Hubbard –
Ralph Hobbs Jr.  – [“Bud” – Maker of the motion to remove the chair]
Nicole Coles – treasurer of Claytons’ new Gloucester PAC
Mary Pat DeRosa
Cynthia Bjorle – [second the motion to remove the chair]

The interesting thing? The meeting occurred on SUNDAY, July 2, 2023, called to order at 10:14 a.m. at the Mortillaro Lobster Company, 60 Commercial Street, Gloucester, MA 01930, just two days after the MassGOP chair specifically stated in writing that the next official meeting of the Gloucester Republicans would take place on July 26th. (See letter above.)

Looking at this from a distance, you might be tempted to write it off as just a local coup of a local committee and a crazy incident. But, what would happen if this occurred at any group you may be a member of – an action where a small group who couldn’t get their way, decided to take matters into their own hands, find a loophole to call a Sunday morning meeting on the July 4th weekend and oust the sitting committee’s chair, and install their own officers?

More seriously, The Gang Clayton has grabbed the Gloucester Republican City Committee’s logo, e-mail accounts, and may have repeatedly misrepresented themselves to duly elected members of the committee (those elected officials who names appeared on ballots in the city’s elections).

We don’t see this ending well.

TIMELINE:  Clayton and friends attempt to oust Gloucester Republican chair at committee meetings. Clayton and friends get outvoted repeatedly. Clayton and friends cause outbursts and chaos at multiple meetings. Clayton and friends finally get Clayton installed as vice chair as a “compromise” to end the feud. From his new position of power, Clayton and his friends cite one line a bylaw and call a special meeting, advertised to oust the sitting chair. This prompts the MassGOP to issue a letter reaffirming the chair, citing MassGOP and Mass. General Laws which govern the actions of the MassGOP and informs Clayton and his gang that the MassGOP trumps any of his would-be coup actions. Clayton walks through the letter from the MassGOP, states the MassGOP has no authority in this matter, and challenges them to prove otherwise. Clayton’s gang then holds a special meeting on Sunday morning, of the July 4th weekend – and on July 2, at 10:14 a.m., Clayton’s gang installs Clayton as chair of the committee.





30 Replies to “Clayton Sova Holds Tiny Revolution on July 4th Weekend, Attempts Overthrow of Republican City Chair?

  1. Is this an opinion piece or a news item? In any event, calling the dissidents a “gang” several times is a pejorative and unnecessary to make your point. Further, the state GOP handled it well with the letter and the colling off period. There was probably a mechanism for general members to schedule a meeting with a certain number of signatures and a requirement that notice be given to all members. Be that as it may, the point is the Broadside’s name calling is inappropriate and divisive.

    1. But, the coup was not divisive? I was at a previous meeting and the people who want to change everything do not even know the OCPF rules, state committee bylaws, how to organize, etc. They just have an axe to grind with the current chair.

    2. “SPECIAL COMMENTARY” appears at the top of the piece.

      The only inappropriate thing might be the name Clayton Gang, because he appears more as a puppet for others. Doesn’t matter, they earned the moniker. The chair of the massgop did the right thing with the letter, however with the gang dismissing it, things could get legally sensitive and damaging.

  2. Wow… I am baffled by the gall of these individuals. Steal an established identities name and logo, change the mailing and contact addresses then vote themselves rulers of their imaginary castle?
    Let’s see how this turns out for them when they get reeled in from LA LA land.

  3. This group has falsely reported fellow committee members to the FBI. Stalked, harassed, and taken pictures of fellow committee members on their personal property, they had to call the police and file for a harassment order!! They have made false claims of illegalities against committee members, which they now have a pending defamation case for. They have held up 5 months of meetings with their complaints, nitpicking, yelling and screaming!! They continue to bring up the same motion – that the committee has already voted down. All because they didn’t get their way, and fellow committee members supported the chair. All of this – IN THE MIDDLE OF A MUNICIPAL ELECTION CYCLE WHEN WE HAVE SEVERAL CANDIDATES RUNNING ON THE COMMITTEE!! They interrupt in meetings, yell and scream. Have misrepresented themselves to local government. And started having secret meetings months and months before all of this started and the committee was aware. They pick and choose which bylaws to follow and totally ignore the ones that don’t fit with their agenda at the time (which is why the MAGOP chair had to write that letter). They are outnumbered almost 2 to 1 on this issue and have decided that since they did not get their way, they’re going to ruin it for everybody!! They’re acting like a gang, and are operating based off of blind emotion and misinformation!! Although I do agree Clayton is more of a puppet.

    One of the main women leading the charge, held an event with Doughty back in January at which she was telling everyone she was going to be chair of the GRCC. Well before the motion was even put on the table. She’s a Never Trumper that came in out of nowhere after supporting Dems for 9 years. Her Dem support ultimately disqualifies her in our bylaws, which is why she went to three different committee members to be chair – before approaching Clayton. Not a one of them bought into it, until him!!

    And he gets walked all over by the main three women running the show. His wife and two others. They even write all of his emails. Anyone willing to do what they’ve done, does not deserve a position of power. Look at how they abuse the system when someone tells them no, or they don’t get their way. Look at how destructive and dishonest they’ve been!!

    Imagine if they actually controlled something within the party? Thank God they have no legal standing. Or God help us all, you can kiss the GOP goodbye in Gloucester!!

  4. Lonnie you are a lousy reporter. You persist in reporting one side of a story, all the while pointing fingers, (whose fingers?)but don’t get comments from those people you’re libeling? You know . . . ask them for their side of the story? You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s drivel.

    1. Lousy? Probably.
      Persist? Ah, I wrote and posted ONE commentary on this topic. (Heads-up: I’m sure there will be more.)
      Ashamed of myself? Only for not addressing this months ago. I’ve been consumed with other matters.

      p.s. It will be quite interesting to see how this works out.

    2. And, you are lousy at what you are trying to do. Learn the rules for God’s sake so you at least appear credible. I saw what goes on with your side. You people need to learn the rules.

  5. I hear the real story is more like the TRUE disgruntled committee members found out …..

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The anonymous poster went on to make all kinds of accusations and vague rants accusing folks from everything from apparent voter fraud to child endangerment, etc, and threw in attempted hits at the publisher also. A total rant against the Broadside. We’ve deleted the comment. This is not the place to post debris attacks.

  6. As a member of the GRCC who has attended all of the referred to meetings, I can attest that while this group presented themselves as having honorable motives when they tried to lure everyone into their snake pit, they’ve proven otherwise.

    The truth doesn’t matter to them, being in control does because they’re sure they’re smarter than everyone else.

    Currently, three of them are being sued for slander and libel. Another was just in court for stalking and threatening a member and is on notice from the judge. Another is a Democrat in GOP clothing who doesn’t care one whit about anything except her own agenda but is the ringleader.

    They say they want to get conservatives elected and grow the committee, but they’ve done nothing but divide, abuse, accuse, confront, threaten, and drive members away.

    None of them are honorable and should be ashamed and embarrassed by their behavior.

    1. If only you ever spoke truth. You’re being sued along with the other two because you defamed good people who happen to be very good lawyers. They will win.

  7. Once a media outlet aligns itself with a political ideology, it is a propaganda arm by definition. Truthful reporting of both sides of a story keeps a newspaper honest rather than a source of agitation propaganda by one side.

  8. It wasn’t dismissed, it was put on hold. You were given orders to stay away in all forms of your harassing, stalking habits OR your victim can come back before this judge and get an immediate order issued.

    Stop being unhinged.

  9. Funny these people are talking about “both sides” considering THEY were the ones who initially contacted Lonnie about doing a story months ago. THEY sent him their side of the story and then he listened to the other side – and formed his opinion. Also funny considering they were threatening the current chair with “bad press” based off of misinformation – in particular the Broadside. Robin threatened the chair with this months ago, it’s documented in an email – most of which was false information. They’re just mad he looked into ALL OF IT and didn’t buy into their story and run with it. He also emailed and asked Clayton questions after receiving the press release, to get their input – and their supposed “chair” completely ignored Lonnie!!

    As far as the RO/harassment order the judge said that the only reason they weren’t currently approving – was because there were only two instances of harassment and there needs to be three. The judge put Nicole on notice and let her know that if she so much as called/contacted/looked at the victim – to call and they will immediately grant the RO. So basically the judge said harassment was occuring…. But it has to happen one more time for the RO to be in good legal standing. In fact, the judge came down on her fairly hard.

    In addition – for months conservatives have been trying to figure out who is working with Howie Carr and has been sending him information. During the harassment hearing in court, Nicole Cole’s told the judge on record, that she had been working with Howie Carr!! The transcripts have already been requested – now we know who one of the rats are that have been feeding Howie false information. Republicans in this state are going to LOVE that one, smdh.

  10. Dee Dee There is no such thing as putting a RO on hold. I got some news for you….PRO SE Litigant wins against an Orlando!!!

    1. Don’t count on it, Nicole. Your known and documented history of being unstable and your hatred of the Orlandos will be your undoing.
      You can not make crap up and call it truth, but you do it all the time.

      Sadly (or maybe deservedly), the others are going down with you because as smart as you all THINK you are, you’re all pretty damned stupid.

  11. On April 15, 2023, the GRCC allowed a non member from another town access to the member’s constant contact list. This person sent an email asking members to vote no to removing the chair from office. It was sent using the GRCC logo. They set a precedent the logo can be used anyone..

    Important Letter from Rockport RTC Secretary Bea Reardon:

    Dear Members of the Gloucester Republican City Committee, 1am a member of the Rockport Republican Town Committee and someone who has had the good fortune to get to know and work with Ashley Sullivan over this past year and a half. I have also decided to share my concerns about the complicated interactions that have lead to misguided and destructive actions that we must reject. As some of you know, I am a newbie Republican who became active in the fight against COVID mandates in 2021 while I was still Unenrolled. I have been a long term advocate of health freedom, but COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates convinced me that I needed to step up more publicly. Having met some Republican activists, including Jonathan Ring of the RRTC, through the Freedom group in Rockport, I got advice and support in challenging the local Boards of Health as well as assisting people who were attempting to get religious exemptions as workplace and college vaccine mandates rolled out. I began to follow the emergence of Geoff Diehl as a Republican candidate for Governor who strongly spoke against mandates and promised to fight for workers who had been fired from their jobs for refusing to be vaccinated. His courage to stand out front on this issue gained my support and lead to my decision to change my voter registration to Republican. My 20 year old daughter and I served as delegates to the 2022 MA GOP Convention, and we both proudly voted for the Diehl / Allen ticket. Some context: President Trump was my red pill. From the beginning after his surprise win in 2016, my investigations into his actual statements revealed the lies of the media, The progress we experienced as a Nation during his Presidency was remarkable, despite constant shrill opposition and witch hunts! Mean tweets and nick names can’t hurt me, but leftist policies of social control and UniParty corruption do! Trump’s support of Geoff Diehl was welcome and was palpable among the almost 3/4 of delegates who voted for Diehl at the Convention. The criticisms of many in the GOP establishment of “unelectability” for conservatives, Tea Party, or America First candidates cannot be taken seriously while they fund Democrat campaigns and refuse to endorse or work for these Republican candidates. I would stand with any of these deplorable Republicans and Unenrolled (and disaffected Democrat) citizens any day over the corrupt, UniParty, go along to get along crowd. Ashley and I met briefly a few times in 2021, after the Freedom Rally at Stage Fort Park and in the fall when she was organizing protests against school mask mandates with other parents. We talked about how to encourage people to speak up for students, and how to keep the issue in front of the decision makers in our local Boards of Health, School Committees, and DESE. During the 2022 election cycle I decided to focus on volunteer opportunities with the Diehl campaign. As I continued to chat with people I had met through the Rockport Freedom group, I heard comments about Geoff Diehl being a RINO, and each time would ask for evidence but none was forthcoming. This persisted among a number of my contacts, several of whom had attended Freedom potluck meetings where Dianna loss had spoken. I shared my negative opinion of Ploss’s divisiveness and I was surprised to later find out that one of the people I had spoken to had been instrumental in bringing Ploss to the attention of organizers of the Potlucks. I continued to encourage people to look at facts, especially those who I knew were deeply concerned about health freedom, and to produce any evidence that Diehl was not actually going to fight against the mandates we were all suffering under. At the same time I began to hear insinuations that his campaign manager, Amanda Orlando (our State Committee woman and former GRCC Chair) was actually trying to get Diehl to lose, that maybe she was a Democrat plant or at the least from another Republican “faction” that
    was anti-Trump. Because I considered some of these people friends in our current struggles, I continued to engage with whatever “evidence” they produced and highlighted their lack of any
    facts to back up their claims. In the midst of all this chatter. I began to hear negative assessments of Ashley Sullivan – that she wasn’t experienced enough to function as GRCC Chair or run for State Rep and that she wasn’t dressed professionally at all times, including during the Horribles Parade. I reached out to Ashley to anonymously share some of the criticism I was hearing and found her to be willing to listen, open to suggestions and not at all defensive – actually a pretty remarkable response. I began to offer help in whatever ways I could, through debate prep and support, suggestions to improve her messaging on her website, phone calls to voters, and getting campaign materials ready for distribution. As I got to know her better, I could see how hard working and focussed she was on helping ALL Republican causes. Even when experiencing disappointments when volunteers did not
    complete tasks they had offered to do, she continued to fight, move forward and never give up. She is a working class woman, with conservative values and an amazing work ethic. We should all be happy that she gives her all to local Republican causes. From her opponents, I sadly see some who have been friends, who chose feelings over facts, who would destroy rather than build. I can’t support their actions. I don’t see their contribution to fighting mandates or to strengthening the party before the 2024 elections. I don’t see them finding out where their help is needed and choosing to roll up their sleeves to pitch in. Talk is cheap, but even cheaper when it is unsubstantiated innuendo and smears. When we work together, we will have disagreements and need to debate, but it can be based on respect and mutual goals. The kind of character assassinations that have found the way into this motion must be stopped. It is not the kind of healthy engagement we need to work together and push back against tyranny. Anyone who wants to strengthen the local Republican efforts should stand with Ashley and offer their help, showing their willingness to build rather than “take-over.” If they have aspirations for a leadership role, they should demonstrate their worthiness to be a candidate
    for the GRCC Chair when her term ends in March 2024. I hope all voting members of the GRCC will look at the facts and choose the best thing for the Gloucester Republican City Committee, to continue to support your current Chair, Ashley Sullivan and to vote NO to the motion to remove her from office.

  12. Lol this is hilarious!! They think the endorsement letters sent out by email by the chair is “giving people access to constant contact”. No, more like the chair received endorsement letters from Republican leaders in this district, and sent them out via Constant Contact!! This is what they do!!! They try to make normal things into “problems” or “issues” – when they’re not!! They’re things that every single RTC/RCC does and pretty much the norm in politics!! There are only two people that have access to Constant Contact. They send out all correspondence – including all of the endorsement/support letters!!! Thank you for sharing them here!! As much as you’d like it to be so – that is not “interfering in an election”, nor is it “giving people access to Constant Contact” – that’s literally what Constant Contact is for ‍♀️ Further – your side keeps saying things about “interfering in an election” – when it’s not a dang election!! It’s a motion for removal. If the chair was removed THEN there would be an election. Your “group” just won’t listen and clearly have no clue how this works.

  13. Lol this is hilarious!! They think the endorsement letters sent out by email by the chair is “giving people access to constant contact”. No, more like the chair received endorsement letters from Republican leaders in this district, and sent them out via Constant Contact!! This is what they do!!! They try to make normal things into “problems” or “issues” – when they’re not!! They’re things that every single RTC/RCC does and pretty much the norm in politics!! There are only two people that have access to Constant Contact. They send out all correspondence – including all of the endorsement/support letters!!! Thank you for sharing one here!! As much as you’d like it to be so – that is not “interfering in an election”, nor is it “giving people access to Constant Contact” – that’s literally what Constant Contact is for, smh. Further – your side keeps saying things about “interfering in an election” – when it’s not a dang election!! It’s a motion for removal. If the chair was removed THEN there would be an election. Your “group” just won’t listen and clearly have no clue how this works.

  14. And no – the logo cannot be used by “anyone”. Only from an official source (the committee email address, committee website, official correspondence) and when it’s been approved by the committee/executive committee. When you do not hold a position of leadership, do not have permission to use the logo – steal it anyways, then start your own PO Box in a different town to receive donations , and pretend you are sending out official communication, when you are not and do not have a legal right? That would be called fraud. This has nothing to do with “precedent”. You don’t get to make up your own laws and rules just because and expect the whole world to blindly follow them. Thank God the law/courts have a system in place to stop/prevent things like this from happening… And that’s without mentioning actions the party can take and the laws/bylaws. They were warned and they did it again and again anyways – it’s been clearly documented. Good luck with that one – as I seriously don’t think the courts will see that one in the same fashion!!

  15. On April 16, 2023, the GRCC gave up the entire member’s email list again and allowed members that actually lived in Florida to influence the members to vote no to remove the chair….

    Subject: In Support of Ashley Sullivan

    We are not able to attend the meeting this Tuesday, but as longtime members of the GRCC, we wanted to lend our words of support for Ashley Sullivan. We ask you to vote “No” on the motion to remove her.

    We joined the GRCC in 2012 and have since supported candidates up and down the ticket. We have hosted annual fundraisers for the GRCC at our home. On one occasion Governor Charlie Baker attended and lent his support to the GRCC.

    Many of you have attended and supported the GRCC both financially and by giving your time to the GRCC events. Sadly, a few of the individuals who signed the letter to remove Ashley Sullivan, while invited to the many fundraising events we have hosted, refused to attend and refused to donate.

    Our daughter, Amanda, the longtime chairwoman of the GRCC, worked tirelessly as a volunteer to build the committee, so we know exactly what a labor of love it is for someone like Ashley, who has done the work for the past three years along with working full time and raising her family. Ashley also stepped up to run as a candidate last year against Rep. Ferrante, while still running this committee. She has our thanks and she deserves yours as well.

    We urge members of the GRCC to attend Tuesday’s meeting and vote “NO” on this motion.

    We were surprised by the letter, as certain of the individuals who advanced the letter and seek Ashley’s removal have been absent and unwilling to support GOP candidates and advance GRCC initiatives for years. That said, we choose to be encouraged by this misguided effort by these individuals. Five more active members will be good for future GRCC efforts.

    We strongly urge each of you to vote “No” on this motion. Together let’s keep fighting the battle for America and, welcome these five people, hopefully to begin to take positive leadership roles on the many efforts advanced by Ashley and the GRCC. Unfortunately, this effort to remove Ashley can only be seen as divisive and harmful to our unified efforts to advance a conservative agenda of freedom and prosperity for our state and country. Remember, there will be a national and a GRCC election in 2024, and should these members prove their value to advancing our cause, they will be free to seek office.

    So, to all our friends who have worked with Amanda, Ashley and us in raising money, spreading the positive GOP agenda, and building a unified party to challenge the destructive far left democrats, please join with us in supporting Ashley.

    Connie & Joe Orlando

    1. Desperate much?
      That proves nothing, and the Orlandos also live in Gloucester and have been members a long time. They, of all people, have the benefit of perspective since the beginning and have a RIGHT to weigh in.

      All that crap your group has bombarded is all with is OK, though, right?

      You all have gone so far past tipping your real hand that you should be mortified. Grow up.

  16. This is a copy of a letter I wrote June 24 and asked Amanda to send out to members for me.

    Having been on both sides of this, and seen what they were up to from inside, I confirm that I 100 percent support Ashley Sullivan and the Orlandos!! I sincerely regret ever having had doubts.

    The letter follows:

    Hello all.

    I’m a member of the GRCC who has been involved in the recent mission to oust our current chair, Ashley Sullivan.

    In the interest of full disclosure, Ashley and I were friends until we had a falling out about a year ago. I felt disrespected by her and essentially decided I was too old to deal with negativity so stopped attending meetings and had no interaction with Ashley or the GRCC officers.

    Recently, a group of GRCC members contacted me out of the blue to ask me what I thought of Ashley’s leadership, effectiveness, etc., and I was honest about my reservations. They invited me to private meetings at Cynthia Bjorlie’s home, which I attended.

    When presented with the plan to remove Ashley, I told this group I didn’t know how I would vote on that, and that Ashley was a good person with good intentions, that we had been friends and she had been good to me. I also told them I had no desire to hurt Ashley.

    I was told that we had to change leadership if we are ever going to get conservatives elected to local positions, which I feel strongly that we need. I was assured that they didn’t want to hurt Ashley, either, but it was the only hope of prevailing in the upcoming local elections. I believed that.

    I went along, still not sure how I would vote.

    I’ve attended the meetings at the Pilot House, and I’ve been amazed, appalled, and embarrassed by the level of vitriol that was spewed, the accusations of criminal wrongdoing made, and the sheer unwillingness to compromise.

    When Joe Orlando Jr. made a motion to amend the motion to remove and add Clayton Sova as Vice Chair it seemed a good compromise and I voted in favor. That way, we could move forward and know that the “opposition” would have a voice. The amended motion passed, despite Clayton saying he would refuse the position.

    I didn’t understand his reluctance and, after some encouragement, he agreed to it.

    The drama SHOULD have been over but it wasn’t.

    Leadership met and apparently Clayton and Co. weren’t satisfied.

    The group of six determined they were going to continue to bring the motion to remove back at every meeting until they had their way.

    Now many of those six had committed to various tasks on behalf of the GRCC but were now backing out. The fact that Dr. Cynthia Bjorlie decided to turn her back on the parade commitment at the last minute — because they didn’t get their way — is irresponsible and contradicts what they profess to want.

    Further, heinous accusations of theft, fraud, etc., have been made against State Chair Amanda Orlando and Ashley by this group, and they’re pushing it at the state level and dragging press into it. NONE of it has validity.

    And now, as of last night at Fiesta, one of the members of this group physically stalked and harassed the Orlando family, WITH their kids present, then followed them home and trespassed on their property while shouting accusations, to the point police were called!

    Now this group — consisting of Clayton Sova, Irene Frontiero Sova, Buddy Hobbs, Nicole Coles, Robin Hubbard, and Dr. Cynthia Bjorlie — SAY they want better.

    Let me assure you that, after witnessing them in action, this is NOT about what’s best for this city, this committee, and this party. THIS is about power and vengeance and a sense of superiority. They think they’re smarter and more capable and can get more done. They can’t.

    The fact is, they’ve made the entire last few months a literal freak show, driven members out the door with their immature, viscous, hateful behavior that far surpasses anything Ashley has ever done, and they will only further degrade and divide.

    Ashley has her shortcomings (don’t we all) for sure, and she’s learning from her mistakes. But she is young, energetic, committed, and determined.

    I now know my vote to remove her is a resounding NO!

    Further, in my opinion it would not be out of line to make a motion to remove the aforementioned six from the committee if they can’t stop this divisive madness and work together for the good of all. I thought they were the good guys with altruistic motives, but I was SO wrong.

    Please join me in standing up to this grave injustice and vote NO on the motion to remove Ashley.


    Dianne J. Eason

    Show quoted text

  17. Keep on posting endorsement letters in favor of the chairwoman!! They’ve done nothing wrong by emailing them out and you’re only proving the chair is supported by long time Republicans and Republican leaders. This actually helps her – more than it hurts!! Amazing actually, that someone would think this is a god – awful, terrible thing – and worthy of acting like total barbarians. This is what you do in politics, welcome to the circus!!

  18. They have done nothing wrong by sending out endorsements for their side yet not allowed for opposition? Thanks for helping make my point.

  19. What are you not understanding Nicole!?! This was not an election!! There isn’t “another side” in this argument. This wasn’t Clayton VS Ashley – this was “should Ashley be removed as chair”. If removal would have happened – then there would be an election and I can promise you there is no way in hell someone would have not stepped up and ran against him, not after what he has pulled alongside your group. Which is why y’all’s little meeting is so funny. You’ve completely forgone the entire process and literally tried to “install” someone. If your motion was even legit, and passed (it’s not, you violated several bylaws – the chair’s letter aside, and didn’t even have a quorum of each ward) the next step would have been an announcement/call for an election from the executive committee and a request people put their names forward. You skipped the entire election process and just said “that’s it, my guys chair” lmbo…. please stop trying to lecture and crucify others about rules you don’t even understand.

  20. Not to mention no one wrote letters aside from the one your group signed – and that was sent to the entire committee. So what you’re saying doesn’t hold any validity to begin with.

  21. For the record, no matter how many times the pathetic little toad of a man Clayton Sova declares himself chairman, he is not. He holds no authority to call meetings.

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