“I love Hitler’ Candidate on Ballot in Massachusetts


“I love Hitler’ Candidate on Ballot in Massachusetts

by Lonnie Brennan

Yes, you read the headline correctly. A gal who has been running for political office in Massachusetts and whose name will appear on the primary ballot on March 5, 2024, apparently loves Hitler.

“I’m a Jew” the candidate states, then goes on to write: “Whatever the “holocaust” was, Israel and the J-ws are guilty of worse crimes against humanity. I love Hitler.”  But, that’s just one posting. In another she proclaims “Hanukkah is gay.” And in another “Two truths and a truth: ISRAEL IS EVIL, ISRAEL IS EVIL, ISRAEL IS EVIL.”

Candidate Julie Kauffman photos: Screen Captures from candidate’s two “X” (aka Twitter) accounts

The candidate, Lori Kauffman, in addition to being a self-proclaimed Jew who hates Israel, was endorsed by a Western Massachusetts Republican Political Action Committee (PAC) for her run for a seat on the MassGOP State Committee, the 80-member governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

In an email sent to Chris Ryan and Douglas Lyman, the leaders of the PAC, I asked “Your endorsed candidate for state committee Lori Kaufman appears to have a lot of strange Jew-hating posts online. Is this a mistake?”

The reply from Ryan, who is also a candidate for the MassGOP, is printed below with no editing, as requested. In contrast to what is written below, we were not the first to raise this matter to the PAC.


“Hi Lonnie. We endorsed Lori last Summer at the suggestion of her male running mate counterpart, a widely known South Boston bar owner. We didn’t have a deep bench in that district to oppose the “winners” of the MassGOP bylaws violating “Communist Caucus” that installed 2 feckless RINOS into those vacant seats. Recall that the Party deeply insulted the patriotic Dorchester area Vietnamese-American community by using an image of the red communist flag of Vietnam on their caucus announcement, causing them to cancel their invitation to the MassGOP to use their Community Center. The female winner of that fake caucus is a Bakerite government employee who is legally barred from conducting Republican Party fundraisers as you know. What’s the point of having people on the State Committee who can’t fundraise for Republican candidates and causes?

I spoke with Lori last summer about her interest in defeating the RINO and she agreed to run.

I had NO precognition at that time about Lori’s current views on Israel. It is my understanding that she is Jewish. Speaking for myself I am an ardent supporter of Israel and their IDF. As a gentile I identify as a strong ZIONIST if that is proper for me to say so. I routinely post short Telegram videos of the IDF destroying HAMAS targets in Gaza on my Facebook feed to demonstrate my loving support of Israel. And I will continue to do. LONG LIVE ISRAEL!

That said I am deeply disturbed about these reported anti-Israeli post on Lori’s social media. I will take a closer look at these now and advise her appropriately. These reported posts go against President Trump’s previous record of accomplishments regarding peace in the Middle East and the Abraham Accords, which are worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize in my humble opinion. Yes, I read Jared Kushner’s book on this. Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. You have my complete and total support for the MAGA work you do with the Boston Broadside. You have my permission to print my response above in it’s entirety for publication in the Broadside or in your in between issue emails.

Thank you for bringing this important matter to my attention.

Christoper J. Ryan, Chairman, Western Mass GOP Patriots PAC.

Theater Commander, Operation RINO CUTTERS PROJECT


Just to be clear, upon receiving the above response, I asked the question: “So, your pac still endorses a candidate who proclaims she loves Hitler?”  And, yes, the endorsement stays in place at this time.  The reply I received states, in part, that they will discuss the matter with the candidate, but “We are not in a position to control the impure thoughts of dozens of our candidates statewide. If she wants to take these bad positions then she must answer for them with her Republican voters in her district. CJR”

Putting aside the issue of the anti-Israel/I love Hitler posts, a cursory glance of her social media includes a number of other word and visual postings which would give pause.  Those who desire can review the vulgarities (unedited) at:

MassGOP Candidate Lori Kauffman – Selfie Twitter posting (edited out)

3 Replies to ““I love Hitler’ Candidate on Ballot in Massachusetts

  1. the gop in mass. is unworthy of political control. it isn’t up to fighting progressives in the culture war, focuses instead on meetings and appointing joe blow to committee what ever… meanwhile they endorse this scum. i bet if she badmouthed trump she would be out on her ear.

  2. are we supposed to be mad at her or something? it’s her opinion and she’s jewish.

    not many jews vote republican. so there’s that.

  3. @duck4ducks

    Mad? No. Afraid? Kind of. We should be concerned Nazism is becoming normalized on Twitter. Her recent Tweet said — and I quote — “Eradicate the Jews. I’m not kidding.”

    This is not a stable person.

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