Political Assassins Howie Carr, The Herald, and MassGOP Chair Amy Carnevale Try to Shut Down Jeff Kuhner Show


This was aired this morning on the Jeff Kuhner WRKO talk show. This is very important,

“I want to just take a few minutes and say a few words because it’s very important to me and the future of this show and frankly the future of this audience.

So as you know, there were elections for the Massachusetts Republican Party State Committee, and whoever wins a majority on that committee essentially will decide who the next chair is, and more importantly than that, the future direction of the Republican Party here in the Bay State. There have been a lot of lies, a lot of lies and a lot of smears. And they have been directed at me and at frankly many on the Massachusetts Freedom Slate.

And, there is a column by Howie Carr in the Boston Herald today, and I have to say this, I don’t care, honestly, I don’t care what Howie writes. I never listen to his show. I don’t care what he does. He’s free to do on his show, whatever he wants. But let me tell you where I draw the line. I draw the line and I said this on X yesterday, and that’s why I’m asking all of you, please follow me on X , formerly Twitter, @TheKuhnerReport. I usually start posting at about seven o’clock in the evening, and I’ve been laying out this defense of myself and frankly patriots and conservatives all across Massachusetts in the wake of this RINO onslaught.

Howie Carr has been hiding in the shadows. He has been smearing me. He has been lying about me. The Boston Herald has now run two, not one, two hit pieces against me. Amy Carnevale [MassGOP Chair], who Howie backed to the hilt, is now looking to get me censored, fired, and this show taken down and the voice of this audience silenced. Shut down.

There was a hit piece on Substack tied directly to the Howie Carr Show, which further maligned, smeared and libeled me. The lies continue to this day.

Lie number one is that somehow the Massachusetts Freedom Slate, i.e., the conservatives, were somehow routed in Tuesday night’s election. They were not. That’s lie number one. And he should be ashamed of himself for peddling that lie. And the reason why he’s peddling that lie, and the Herald is peddling that lie is because they want to try to salvage their reputation because they have launched a purge. And that’s what it is.

It’s a purge led by Amy Carnevale, Chris Doughty, who lost to Geoff Diehl in the 2022 Republican gubernatorial primary. And they never forgave Geoff for beating Chris Doughty because he was the money guy and everybody was making money off of Doughty. And so now they’re claiming that there was some landslide victory when there wasn’t. If you want the truth, there were mixed results: Essentially, going into the election, Carnevale had a slight majority on the committee; After the election, she still has a slight majority on the committee. In other words, after everything was said and done, it was effectively a draw.

Now, a draw for them is a massive defeat, but they don’t want to admit the truth. Why? And this is very important because they had all the money, all the power, all of the media behind them in their effort to purge, marginalize, and ostracize conservatives and Trump supporters from the Massachusetts Republican Party. The Massachusetts Freedom Slate was outspent 10 to one, 15 to one, 20 to one. This was literally David versus Goliath.

I mentioned it earlier. It needs to be said again. Judy Crocker, honestly, before this race, I never heard of this woman, but apparently she’s been big in Massachusetts, local politics on Cape Cod forever. As I said earlier, she’s a walking political fossil. The woman has been there forever. I mean literally forever. The woman, by the way, she’s the one that famously said on the air: “that’s a lie.” She said it on the air! What is wrong with you people? She said that there is an unwritten rule among Massachusetts Republicans – these are the RINOS – you don’t challenge an incumbent Democrat. Republicans never support another Republican if they challenge an incumbent Democrat. In other words, we are controlled opposition. That’s our role. That’s what we do.

This woman literally spent a fortune on TV ads around the clock, radio ads, and of course she had Howie’s support, his direct endorsement. That’s up to him. He can endorse whoever he wants, but don’t tell me she’s no RINO. Don’t lie to my face.

Now, furthermore, Nikki Haley and the Democrats who crossed over to vote for Nikki Haley, 15,000 of them, they were instructed by the Boston Globe, vote for Amy Carnevale; the Herald: vote for Amy Carnevale; Howie, obviously: vote for Amy Carnevale.

And so, egged on by the Democrats, egged on by the Boston Globe, they didn’t just vote for Nikki Haley. Who do you think they voted for in those down ballot races for the state committee? They voted for the RINOS of course! So they had the media elites in this state, the Globe, the Herald, Howie among others, plus all of this advantage of money plus the entire establishment, plus these Democrats crossing over and, it’s still a draw.

In other words, David fought Goliath and David is still standing, but with one exception. And that is now the permanent loss of credibility, the permanent loss that you really mean what you say and believe what you say.

And let me point out another lie: The Herald and Amy Carnevale started it and Howie keeps perpetuating it, and I’m not going to let it stand because it’s a scurrilous, libelous, defamation. He claimed again in today’s column that I called Republican women “whores.” That’s a lie. 100% false. Just like when Howie said I called his wife a whore. That’s a lie. That’s defamation.

And now you know why he will not debate me? I challenged him to a debate and he refused to debate me. Now you know why? Now you know why? If I debated him, I’d make minced meat out of him. What I did do is I called Carnevale and her band of RINOS, most of whom, in fact, all of whom were men. So unless we’re all going transgender now, Howie, because I know Amy Carnevale is big on DEI, I know she’s big on woke culture and woke ideology at the firm she lobbies for, K &L Gates. So unless we’re all going transgender now, men are not women. So that’s a lie.

Now, let me just say this, and that’s the last word, unless he wants to continue, because I’m not going to back down. I’m not going to be bullied. You can bully others. You’re not bullying me.

You endorse whoever you want to endorse. I don’t care. You support whoever you want to support. I don’t care. But let me tell you what I do care. And this I’m calling you out and I’m calling Carneval out, and I’m calling the RINOS out, and I’m calling the entire Republican Mass. establishment out, Howie Carr, both in his column and on his show referred to Mauree Maloney – a Trump Angel Mom who lost her 23-year-old son, Matthew Denise to an illegal alien drunk driver. As a “Kool-Aid Cultist” as part of the so-called Kool-Aid cult. And in fact, he openly supported a 19-year-old Chris Doughty volunteer. A RINO Doughty volunteer in her race against Maureen Maloney. And he’s crowing how this 19-year-old Doughty-supported candidate defeated Maureen Maloney. And it’s not enough that they beat Maloney, but then they dance on her political grave and defile her, and vilify her and smear her. This woman lost her son. This woman is opposed to sanctuary cities. She’s against driver’s licenses for illegals. She wants a secure border and you’re calling her a lunatic. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is beyond disgusting.”


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  1. This fight between conservatives and RINO’s goes back 30 years. I remember winning my congressional primary with 64% of the vote and waiting for RINO State Commitee Chair to call and congradulate me. I’m still waiting. The RINO half of the State Committee would rather lose a race than have a conservative win. They go out of their way to sabotage conservative candidates. That’s why Republicans never win anything in this state. Mass GOP is the laughing stock of the country.

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