AMAZINGLY, Howie ‘Terminator’ Carr Fails to ‘Exterminate’ All MassGOP ‘Knuckleheads’


AMAZINGLY, Howie ‘Terminator’ Carr Fails to ‘Exterminate’ All MassGOP ‘Knuckleheads’

-Howie Carr Jumps the Shark-


by Lonnie Brennan

Radio shock jock (death pool, chump line, etc.) Howie “The Terminator” Carr (as he referred to himself in the 6:00 P.M. hour today, amazingly failed to “Terminate” all the “Roaches and Termites” on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.

Yes, you read that right, Howie referred to himself as the terminator, exterminating knuckheads, “kool-aide cult” members, roaches, and termites. In the same segment, he also smeared with various nick-names former Mass. Gov. candidate Geoff Diehl, former Mass. GOP Chairman Jim Lyons, and others, and said all they did was “slime” Republicans.

Carr made the above statements just before, during, and after his discussion with his “candidate” who beat Angel Mom Maureen Maloney (a candidate Howie claimed, and his candidate claimed, he fought hard to defeat). Maloney lost her son, tragically killed by an illegal alien, and yes, Howie by association called Maloney a knucklehead, kool-aide cult member, roach, and termite.

Very classy. And apparently those rapid-fire insults don’t constitute Howie slime?

I wonder if Howie ever listens to his own words?

Howie Carr appears to have jumped the shark this cycle.  He flipped from his prior anti-establishment, anti-former Gov. Charlie Baker stance, to supporting those candidates thus oriented. The flip was amazing. Stunning.

What drove it? Paid commercial endorsements? Dark money from Chris “I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 against Donald J. Trump” Doughty (like the flip we saw against Geoff Diehl, or reaching back to 2020, the flip we saw against Sirens Matt Sisk – just google it)? Or, is it just good for ratings, tossing rapid-fire insults and destroying people? Or, perhaps, sadly, he might have had another collapsing stroke-like episode like he had last year mid-sentence on-air/camera and it affected his brain, acting nastier than Joe Biden in a press conference?

Really doesn’t matter what Howie’s motivation was to suddenly take the side of the his former professed enemies, and try to convince his audience that water was dry and Fat Albert could fly; Carr failed to exterminate all the “roaches and termites.”


Results, so far, indicate that at least 33 candidates Carr rallied against survived his venom, leaving the makeup of the committee pretty much what it was before someone or some dark money group, and Howie’s paid venom insult machine heaped between $100-300K in mailings and such into the races.

The anti-establishment (and anti-Carr) slate at winners include (but are not limited to) the following:

Gabriel Boomer Amaral
Robert Aufiero (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)
Nicholas Boldyga
Geoff Diehl
James Dixon (Howie failed to mention that his “friend” he had on the show who had to do a last-minute write-in and griped because his opponent, Dixon, pointed out a technicality that got the guy “thrown off the ballot”, wasn’t a REPUBLICAN! The guy flipped registration TOO LATE! In a last-minute attempt to join his wife, Ruth Cusano in running. Well, Howie’s gall RUTH got CRUSHED a second time by Doreen Dreshler, but Howie doesn’t mention that.  Dreshler destroyed Cusano in a caucus event last year that saw Howie demolished, as he personally stood at the door, shook every hand, urged everyone to vote for his candidate Ruth, had his wife in the crowd handing out materials, ditto for one of the gals on his show, and Howie STILL LOST! Huge. Big. Of course, he went on his show the next day and called everyone at the caucus old, out-of-touch, and stupid amongst other 10-year old tantrums Howie is famous for….)
Paul C. Downing
Brian Genest
John Hasenjaeger
Dave Lunger
Robert S. McConnell
James R. McMahon, III (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)
Paul J. Ronukaitus
Sid Starks
Todd Taylor (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA) – one of Howie’s constant whipping boys
Anthony Ventresca (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)  – one of Howie’s whipping boys, repeatedly)
Michael Vulcano
Jessica Boldyga
KathyJo Boss
Vera Carducci
Kayla Rose Churchill
Doreen Deschler
Elizabeth S. L. Groot
Susan Huffman (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)
Jeri Ann Levasseur
Kathleen Lynch (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)
Lynne Roberts (2nd Amendment Sisters! & Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)
Regina Taylor (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)
Beth Veneto (Ginger Betty!)
Catherine Umina (Mass. Republican Assembly – MARA)


John Umina lost by 26 votes to an onslaught by the Carr supported RINOS.
Lisa Mair lost by 41 votes.
Sandy Franceshini lost by 377 votes to a radical Hillary-Clinton loving, Carr-supported candidate from Peabody, Mass.





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  1. Thanks for the updated list. Sorry to not see my two choices in my district listed here, Ashley Sullivan and Jeff Yull. But congratulations to those who did win. As for Howie Carr, well let’s just say the downturn he has taken the last 2 years or so is tough to see. As I and others have been saying, it’s sad to see him end his career this way. I was a fan of his columns for many years and a listener to his show whenever possible. I purchased a few of his books, and even met him at one of his book signings years ago. But the turn he’s taken (for money) has turned off many of his fans.

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