1,000,000 Jobs Lost – Send a Message to Gov. Baker

A special message and request for action from Mass Fiscal Alliance:

Massachusetts has lost almost 1,000,000 jobs in just 40 days. More than one in four workers are without work and the state is borrowing money from the federal government just to keep up with unemployment payments. The forced closures associated with the coronavirus response have devastated our state economy. 

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance believes every business is essential to those that built them and depend on them for their jobs or for their services. Massachusetts cannot continue to force businesses that are able to safely re-open to stay shut down. To put it simply, saving our economy is saving lives.

President Trump and Governor Baker have done an admirable job communicating to the public the measures necessary to keep safe going forward. It’s time our State House leaders show they trust the people and small business owners of Massachusetts by allowing them to safely re-open our communities.

Please complete the Call to Action and urge Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito to allow for businesses and their workers to begin to safely and responsibly re-open. You can take the call to action by clicking here.

Thank you!


PS: PLEASE share this email with your friends and share this on your social media accounts. The Governor and state officials MUST hear from us. 

The link to the call to action is:

2 Replies to “1,000,000 Jobs Lost – Send a Message to Gov. Baker

  1. The Baker re-opening commission, run by Lt. Gov. Polito, doesn’t have any religious clergy or blue collar folks in it. It is mostly comprised of the politically connected and politically correct . Polito is no health or business expert. As the Boston Herald has reported in recent years, her expertise is in getting unqualified friends high paying state court jobs. The committee should be chaired by doctors and economists. Health experts and economists should determine when its safe to return to normal.

  2. Every day in the news we see Massachusetts National Guard troops distributing free food in Chelsea. I’m not knocking Chelsea. However, why no National Guard free food programs in working class cities and towns in other parts of the state? Why only such a massive free food effort for mostly foreign people in sanctuary city Chelsea? How many of the recipients in Chelsea already have WIC, SNAP, food stamps etc. ? Most struggling working class citizens don’t qualify for such help. Its good to help people. However, wrong to ignore and marginalize working class citizens who also need help.

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