Another Dramatic Step in the Dumbing Down of America – CDC Lowers Thresholds for Childhood Development 

Another Dramatic Step in the Dumbing Down of America –  CDC Lowers Thresholds for Childhood Development

by Joan Quinn Eastman

The CDC recently released new milestone guidelines that not only moved the neurological targets further out, but creeping and crawling have been removed as necessary indicators of normal development for children.


Apparently this is a function of decreased neurological progression among new generations. Rather than determining the cause for this dysfunction and creating a way to fix the problem, the CDC has simply lowered the thresholds on what is considered normal. The question is why?


The CDC is not a legislative branch of the government. It is not a health advocacy organization. It is a strong arm of the pharmaceutical industry continuously dispensing conflicting information to the general public as if it were both. Since when has the Center for Disease Control become the authority that determines childhood milestones?

Concerned about the harmful impact of misleading guidelines, a group of Industrial Hygienists recently challenged the CDC to correct the information.

Excerpt here:

“The CDC has built a series of recommendations for masking that are inconsistent with the technical and medical literature. The policy and procedural recommendations exaggerate the benefits, while ignoring the limitations and harms, especially for children and the general population. In addition, the CDC has taken a policy position of “it might work” and “it can’t hurt” and use selective and weak observational data in the place of actual controlled scientific study to justify inappropriate recommendations for masks and face coverings.”


Evidently, it CAN hurt. And in particular, children’s development.


“This is not acceptable,” says Dr. Martin Rosen, who specializes in pediatric chiropractic care.


“Imagine if we accepted lower function and performance with athletes that compete in the Olympics,” says Rosen who has had a thriving practice in Wellesley, MA for 40 years. ”Each year we would watch them jump lower, run and swim slower and generally perform worse than the year before.

Imagine if we removed the present world records and lowered these records so that athletes could reach the lower bar. Why would lowering standards be acceptable for children?”


It is the innate responsibility of every parent to do everything possible help their children grow and reach their full potential as soon as they are able. Through the of course evolution, if the bar is lowered rather than raised, we as a species will devolve rather than evolve.


This is precisely why Rosen, and his wife, Nancy Watson are speaking out. The co-authors of “It’s All in the Head” helping children attain their full potential (see below), agree with the Industrial Hygienists and believe this latest CDC blunder cannot stand unchallenged.

“We have been sharing this information with our patients, other health care practitioners, online, in podcasts and in lectures,” says Rosen. “We encourage others to do the same. “We cannot accept that pre-programmed neurological growth patterns are no longer the norm and that lower function is now okay.”


The public has a right to know what has caused the developmental delays reflected in the lowering of these standards and reverse them.

Rosen and Watson address the new guidelines in podcasts and during speaking engagements. The partners of the Peak Potential Institute (see below) are ‘at the ready’ to speak out about how “common” is becoming “normal,” and how for the sake of our children and future generations, we must stop it.


It’s All in the Head

By Drs. Martin Rosen and Nancy Watson


ISBN 978-0-9861122-4-9


“There is a pressing need to evaluate and identify children at risk for developmental disorders within the first year of life and to initiate appropriate interventions to prevent unwarranted neurological challenges later in their lives.”

After 40 years of clinical practice and teaching thousands of chiropractors, as well as seeing tens of thousands of pediatric patients, we are excited to announce the release of our first book designed for the public.

This book was written to empower parents and other health care professionals to see the telltale signs childhood developmental delays, functional issues and cranial/facial structural concerns that can not only affect children’s health but inhibit the attainment of their true potential.

The future of society’s health rests in the children it produces and giving them the greatest opportunity to reach their full health potential is every parent’s purpose.

In This Book, You Will Glean …

  • Insights into your child’s proper neurological development
  • How your child’s nervous system works
  • Which signs may point to abnormal developmental issues
  • What to do and where to go when you have questions or concerns



“Drs Rosen and Watson have illuminated the journey from conception through early childhood development in a comprehensive, yet understandable “conversation” with the reader. This book will not only be invaluable to parents (whether it’s your first or fifth born), giving them knowledge and direction when making health care decision for their child, but to other health care providers that work with infants to bridge the divide and promote collaborative care and to share with the parents of their patients to help them understand how important it is to address cranial distortions and biomechanics dysfunction at an early age to prevent the problems that arise as a result of the infant’s compensations. Thank you, Drs. Rosen, and Watson for this work from your heart!”

Dr. Sharon Vallone



Drs. Rosen and Watson Bio for Book


Drs. Rosen and Watson are 1981 summa cum laude graduates of Life Chiropractic College.  Since 1982 they have maintained a private practice in Wellesley, MA.  Besides their practice they have traveled nationally and internationally teaching chiropractic technique, pediatrics, cranial adjusting, chiropractic philosophy and practice management.


Together they also run the Peak Potential Institute, offering premier educational programs for healthcare professionals.  Their most recent book “It’s All in the Head”, was written to inform and bring awareness of the implications of growth and developmental challenges in the early stages of childhood development. The book strives to assist parents in answering the question, is my child’s development normal?  Their book empowers parents with ability understand normal developmental milestones and to recognize problems in the earliest stages allowing them to seek appropriate care before problems become intrenched and create diagnosable di-ease processes.


Their other educational offerings include hands on and online workshops and seminars, guest lectures, instructional videos, written books, and articles, published research papers and one on one interviews. They are dedicated to giving chiropractors, healthcare providers and parents a new perspective when it comes to children’s health.

As parents of two daughters, they have been committed to helping other parents learn from both their personal and professional experiences.  Through their combined 80 years of teaching, writing and clinical experience they have brought a unique insight, motivation, and support to thousands of lay and professional individuals in numerous fields.

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