Mass. Republican Rep. Marc Lombardo: Not Place for Teaching Race Hatred in Kindergarten – Starts petition


I love Billerica schools and I love Billerica teachers.  There are occasions that arise when, even though you love something, you need to be able to recognize when something goes astray and have the fortitude to address the issue.  Addressing an issue isn’t a damnation of the whole.

Like many of you, I recently became aware that an elementary school teacher described how she used her kindergarten classroom to teach 5-year-old children critical race theory and that they have white privilege.

(See article: Billerica teacher brags about teaching white privilege to kindergarten kids )

The curriculum serves as a line that governs the difference between what is taught by parents and teachers.  This teacher deliberately crossed that line and then mocked and ridiculed parents when they expressed their discontent with her actions.

Our classrooms should never be used as political platforms to indoctrinate our little children and parents should be respected, not mocked.

Who gives this teacher the authority to teach our children?  The answer is the school committee and the administration and they must take action now and remove these lessons from our elementary schools.

If you agree, sign the petition to make your voice heard.


Marc Lombardo

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