The Boston Herald, the socially liberal, faux conservative Republican newspaper with a thirty year history of anti-Catholic bigotry—whose parade of Catholic bashers has included Monica Collins, Margery Eagan, Howie Carr, Alan Dershowitz and Jeff Jacoby—is at it again.

In an editorial in today’s, June 14th edition, the Herald maligns Debbie Martell, the pious and orthodox Catholic on the Massachusetts Republican State Committee who expressed revulsion at homosexual adoption. In a snarky and contemptuous crack, the editorial said: “We didn’t realize bigotry was compatible with Catholicism.” It went on to refer to her “objectionable behavior” (an opinion is not behavior) and her “outrageously prejudiced email.

The Catholic Action League called the editorial assault on Martell “typical of the fake conservatism of the Herald, and characteristic of the arrogance of ignorant, half educated moderns, for whom the spiritual beliefs, moral traditions and perennial wisdom of Western Civilization is as alien as the landscape of Mars.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “One of the self serving mythologies of journalism is the pretense that the media should ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.’ The diametric opposite is happening here.” 

“One of Boston’s two major newspapers is working, on behalf of a Republican governor and one of the most powerful special interests in the country—the homosexual lobby—to crush an elderly Catholic grandmother who had the temerity to express a sentiment that was universal on this planet for thousands of years. Unlike her attackers, Debbie Martell does not have ready access to attorneys, political consultants, friendly reporters and PR firms to defend her.”

“It is clear from its editorial that the only manifestation of bigotry here is from the Boston Herald, which seeks to exclude, from both major political parties, those who express the timeless moral convictions and sincerely held religious beliefs of faithful Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians and Orthodox Jews.”

“What the Herald calls bigotry has been, for all civilized people throughout history, adherence to Divine and natural law. This is reiterated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, promulgated by Pope Saint John Paul II, which describes homosexual acts as “grave depravity.” In Catholic tradition, the sin of impurity against nature is the second of the four sins—after the willful murder of the innocent—which “crieth to heaven for vengeance.”

The following is the exchange between Debbie Martell and Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette, a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, and a civilly “married” homosexual:

Good morning Jeffrey,

I am a Catholic who loves God and His Ten Commandments. I wish the best for every person in the world, including you!  What sickened me was that you adopted children. All children deserve a mom and a dad and that’s probably why you had great difficulty adopting them … That’s how God designed marriage and the family.

I wish all the best for you!

Debbie Martell

Sossa-Paquette’s response:

I’m putting the BIGOT Debbie Martell on notice I will release a firestorm on any and all bigots within our ranks. “Debbie” I’m going to make you famous with your own words. You disgust me I promise you this Debbie. The voters will never tolerate Racist Bigots Like you. You picked a fight with the wrong person, this is child’s play to me …The illness here is bigotry and hate.

Reading this exchange, a reasonable person might reasonably conclude which one is the bigot and which one is the Christian.

2 Replies to “MORE BIGOTRY FROM THE BOSTON HERALD – MassGOP, Catholic Bigotry

  1. My understanding is the adoption agency (catholic) is objecting to same sex marriage- not the adoptive parents sexual preferences.
    Not bigotry in freedom of religion, which it seems the American Bishops are finally sending Pope Francis an ultimatum.
    One side of the fence or the other.
    Either all life matters or it doesn’t.

  2. Is this the same Catholic church that had all those kids die up in Canada? Just checking what their pro-life stance is on that. Is it the same church that opposes divorce then supports an adulterer?

    I go to my local mass but it is clear the church hierarchy is there to make money and hide crimes. Shame that this paper pretends they have a moral leg to stand on. You will be judged.

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