Stop the Threat of the Transgender Trend

By Ron Bouchard

Our children have been the target of a systematic attack for decades. Over the last four years, we have witnessed an exponential increase in this onslaught. Although the origins of these attacks may be traced back to those who consider themselves part of the global “elite” from organizations like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, it Is our elected officials who are mostly to blame. They have not only permitted these assaults on our children, but they have also taken part in them.

Government employees must collude to allow the destructive ideologies that are the brain trust of social engineers—such as Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the normalization of transgenderism—to permeate our culture. These ideologies are opposed to logic, the Constitution, and the values outlined in our country’s foundational laws.

Because of the propaganda that has been used against the people, there have been more sexual assaults in schools, more cases of mental health problems in children, more experimental gender mutilation surgeries, more cases of child trafficking, and more instances of the government acting outside of its designated jurisdiction because of misfeasance, nonfeasance, or malfeasance.

Since the sole and only legitimate end of government is to secure our rights, every other function is a usurpation against the sovereignty of the people and therefore an act of TREASON.

The Rise in Sexual Assaults in Schools Across the Nation

There has been a roughly 20 percent increase in sexual attacks against adolescent females at school, and over 10 percent of them are victims of rape, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which is notorious for manipulating data to fit the government narrative. That figure is therefore probably much larger than what has been stated.

The Rise in Gender Dysphoria Across the Nation

The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital is the subject of an ongoing investigation after a former caseworker, who turned whistleblower, shockingly denounced the facility, and voiced worries about the rising number of youngsters identifying as transgender there.

Jamie Reed, a former caseworker, was horrified by how little is required for children to start transitioning and startled that there are no set protocols for treatment. She describes herself as an LGBT “progressive” who leans left of Bernie Sanders and says she has noticed a startling increase in young people coming out as transgender, particularly in adolescent girls.

Families would contact Reed about ten times a month when she initially began working as a caseworker to request help for a transgender child. The frequency of calls from families whose children had come out as transgender had surged 500% by the time, she left the organization. Seventy percent of the new patients were female; often groups of girls from the same high school would come in. Reed said, “What is happening is ethically and physiologically awful.” She also took issue with the facility’s minimization of possible negative consequences on boys and girls, including the risk of suicide.

According to Gallup’s 2022 survey, 7.2 percent of American adults identify as LGBTQ+, and among Gen Zers, that percentage rises to 19.7 percent. In contrast, 11.2 percent of millennials identify as LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or other).

What is behind this rise in gender dysphoria?  The CEO and president of the LGBTQ+ charity GLAAD, Sarah Kate Ellis, would respond, “More and more LGBTQ Americans are free to come out and live as our genuine selves,” when asked why there has been an increase. If that were the case, though, shouldn’t we observe a corresponding rise in happiness as well as a decline in anxiety and other mental health problems?

It is more likely that socially engineered cultural fads and trends—which aim to weaken our kids while making money from their suffering—are to blame for the rise. This is also consistent with the nationwide increase in mental health problems that we are witnessing.

The Rise in Mental Health Issues Across the Nation

Most of these kids have mental health problems. Indeed, a French study found that 93% of children with true gender dysphoria are schizophrenic and have multiple comorbidities, including eating disorders, obesity, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and autism-like symptoms. According to the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey Data Summary & Trends Report: 2011-2021,

“America’s teen girls are engulfed in a growing wave of sadness, violence, and trauma,” Dr. Debra Houry, CDC’s chief medical officer and Deputy Director for Program and Science told reporters in a CDC media briefing on Feb. 13. Over the past decade, teen girls have experienced dramatic increases in violence, poor mental health, and suicide risk, Houry added.

In 2021, 57% (or about three in five) of teen girls in the U.S. felt persistently sad or hopeless — double that of boys — which represents a nearly 60% increase since 2011 and the highest level reported over the past decade, according to the CDC. Additionally, 30% of (almost one in three) teen girls seriously considered attempting suicide in the last year, the report found.

You might be wondering what should be done when a youngster exhibits mental illness? Evidently,  the answer of course is to ignore it, affirm their delusion, and in lieu of mental health services that will get to the root of the problem,  offer irreversible hormone treatments and surgery.

The Rise in Experimental Gender Mutilation Procedures Across the Nation.

CNN Health reported on August 23, 2023, the number of gender-affirming surgeries done in the United States nearly tripled between 2016 and 2019, a new study shows.

What’s even more worrisome is that the surgeons admit to using our children as “learning tools” as they “figure out what works” to perform these intrusive, drastically transformative, utterly experimental, shocking, and highly experimental procedures. There are currently no published studies on the subject, therefore very little is known about the outcomes of these surgeries, and we won’t know for five or ten years how these surgeries will ultimately affect our children.

Meanwhile, they are making millions of dollars from insurance payouts and government-sponsored grant programs, due to unlawfully passed legislation that goes against the limits on their power set forth in the Constitution.

The Decrease in Children Entering Child Protective Services.

A new report that offers preliminary projections of Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) statistics for FY 2020 states that since 2016, there has been a declining trend in the number of children entering the foster care system annually. 273,000 people nationwide were admitted to the foster care system in FY2016; by FY2020, that number had dropped to 216,738—a 20.6 percent decrease.

While this is a positive trend, be aware that the legislation enabling Child Protective Services’ activities was never properly passed by Congress because they lacked the authority to do so. Additionally, section 1101(6)(d) of the 1935 Social Security Act makes it abundantly clear that neither the original intent nor any grant of power in the Legislation shall be construed as authorizing any Federal official, agent, or representative, to take charge of any child over the objections of either the child’s parents or the person standing in loco parentis (in the place of a parent) to do so.

Although our government was never given the authority to arbitrarily rule over the lives and liberties of the people, it is always attempting to tighten its hold and is turning into an increasingly despotic regime.

Their overreach is resulting in the deaths of children. In defiance of the Constitution, the California legislature opted to enact a law that gives Child Protective Services the authority to intervene and remove your children in the event that you misgender them. What this means is that if you call her a “her” instead of a “him”, they can take your child.

The state of California claimed that a woman by the name of Abigail Martinez was abusive for not affirming her 16-year-old daughter’s trans identity. Against her consent, her daughter was removed from her loving home, and despite the mother’s pleas and cries for her daughter to receive mental health services, the state gave her testosterone instead of therapy. An LGBTQ group at the school used her to raise money for them. “Look at the poor rejected trans boy,” they said.

But before the mother had a chance to get her daughter back, the daughter, who was in horrible mental and physical pain, decided to kneel in front of a train. She was murdered on behalf of gender ideology, and anyone who was complicit in this process needs to be held accountable.

What Can We Do to Stop This Madness?

All the current problems in our country stem from the total ignorance of the officers, trustees, and workers in our government or their contempt for the fundamental principles of law upon which our country was built, principles that they are contractually required to uphold.

To be clear, we only have ourselves to blame for this crisis of governmental overreach due to our lack of knowledge about the power that we the free people possess.

We have been bestowed with an extraordinary system of self-governance that is unparalleled in global history. However, rather than cherishing this gift and actively participating in our own education regarding the operation of the system, we have allowed our servants to dictate to us its workings.

Is it any surprise that the inmates (public servants) have convinced the guards (the people) that they are in command? Are they hoping that we will remain ignorant as they continue to violate the restrictions the Constitution has placed upon them? Or, worse yet, we will release them entirely from the responsibilities and obligations to which they are bound by their oath of office?

Requiring our servants to strictly adhere to the fundamental principles is the only way to put them back into Pandora’s Box. Their actions must be contained to the boundaries of the box built to protect us from their tyranny. This is not only our right, but also our obligation. It is our duty.

The Massachusetts Constitution, written by John Adams, was the first to be drafted following the signing of the Declaration of Independence and served as the template for the United States Constitution. It states in, Part the First, Article XVIII,

“A frequent recurrence to the fundamental principles of the constitution, and a constant adherence to those of piety, justice, moderation, temperance, industry, and frugality, are absolutely necessary to preserve the advantages of liberty and to maintain a free government. The people ought, consequently, to have a particular attention to all those principles, in the choice of their officers and representatives: and they have a right to require of their lawgivers and magistrates, an exact and constant observance of them, in the formation and execution of the laws necessary for the good administration of the commonwealth.” ~John Adams

Where can one locate these fundamental principles, you might ask? They exist as maxims of law written by an extensive roster of philosophers and available in compilations and are used in tandem with the principles laid down and declared in bills and declarations of unalienable rights before the establishment of our frame of government. Due to their widespread acceptance and admission as accurate declarations of law and their agreement with natural reason, these established fundamental principles of law are of the highest and chiefess dignity, and their authority is the most certain. Stated differently, they are self-evident truths and indisputable.

Don’t let them confuse you, we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. You alone have the right to impose government whenever it becomes necessary for your safety and well-being since, under our Republican system of governance, the people themselves possess all political power. This includes the authority to lawfully direct public officials to advocate for your right to resolve and make amends for your grievances. Notices and affidavits are an effective mechanism for this purpose.

Thousands of notices to persons in government have been sent out around the country to address the conduct of public servants. Thousands of victories have come from these efforts, and the power is shifting back where it belongs to, we the people, as more and more educate themselves on exercising their natural, indefeasible, inherent and unalienable rights.

When someone in a position of trust transgresses the conditions of their trust indenture, we have the authority to hold them responsible for their acts. They must pay attention, but if they refuse to, they lose their positions, and we are free to select new defenders of our liberties.  By applying these principles to methodically eradicate the corrupt, you not only restore the republic, but you help to secure it. Let all the bad actors know that the public is watching, thus protecting the children in the process.

Learn how to instruct the government and make them work for you: Secure this republic for generations to come visit Operation Secured Republic @


Ron Bouchard is a Freedom Strategist, Certified Strategic Interventionist, and Co-Founder of He is an expert on human behavior and an authority on the fundamental principles of law that formed the foundation of our country. He provides nonviolent solutions to the current problems plaguing our nation and educates people about their unalienable rights, how to take a lawful stand against tyranny, and their responsibilities within our nation’s foundational self-governance structure.




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