What I Learned – A Letter From One of Our Readers

“I was never really into politics. The only thing I knew was that I did NOT want Hillary to become President in 2016. I saw evil in her eyes. So, I was ecstatic when Trump won and became our president. In just 4 short years, he did so much for America. He really did make America great again.

Like many, the year 2020 was quite an eye opener for me. I learned so many things about America, but unfortunately most of it was unbelievable, disgusting and sad.

I learned how corruption in our government goes way back in history.

I learned how the individuals that represent us care more about the almighty dollar.
I learned of the rampant pedophilia that goes on in Hollywood, in the elite class, and those in politics. I learned of the helpless children that are sexually abused and some even killed.
I learned how the CIA and FBI are corrupt and serve to cover things up or to eliminate certain individuals.
I learned of the Deep State aka The Swamp and of the pathetic people in it, some of whom shocked me.
I learned of fraudulent elections.
I learned of foreign interference.
I learned of a virus that was man made.
I learned the truth about JFK, 9-11, Judge Scalia, and John McCain and what really took place.
I learned of all the cheating ways of the Democrats.
I learned of hate groups like BLM and Antifa.
I learned of the future plans of the Democrats for communism and new world order.
I learned that many people hated Trump more than they loved their own country.

But I also learned other things.

I learned how much Trump loves America and Americans.
I learned how tenacious he is.
I learned how brilliant he is.
I learned of Trump’s amazing foresight.
I learned how he is trying to save the children.
I learned many Americans believe in him and his plans for our great country.
I learned that I loved a man not so much for who he was , but instead what he was fighting for. DO NOT give up on Trump. He has never given up on us! Continue to have faith because with faith we have a chance, without it, we have nothing. Trust in military. Trust in the brave men and women who give their life for our country. Trust in Trump. Trust in the plan. And pray for the precious children. But above all, trust in God almighty. He will not allow his “We the People” and his “One Nation Under God” that gives hope to the rest of the world, to succumb to evil.” Veronica H.

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