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This is strictly a commission job: you sell, you make great money.
We’ll provide you with leads and rate sheets and suggestions, but
you will work 99% of the time independently.

You will provide your own phone, your own pen, your own transportation, your own diet soda. We’ll provide a great newspaper that is nearly ready to make a “quantum leap” into the next level of distribution.  YOUR efforts will make this happen!


The Boston Broadside – Massachusetts Politics – without the liberal spin – has an immediate opening for commission-based sales representatives in any capacity (full-time, part-time, quasi-time, half-awake time, post-meridian time, whateva’).

What do you need?
The ideal candidates will be highly organized, creative, and driven by deadlines.
Ideally, you have a proven track interest in outside sales and revenue growth, but if you’re breathing, have good morals, look as though you could represent the newspaper (unlikely to show up on a sales call wearing muddy boots and cape), you might want to consider this position. Seriously, where else can you have fun and make money while putting your unique people skills and drive for success into what is virtually the start-up mode of a small company that has taken off in total defiance to current-day periodical experience. (In English: we’re expanding circulation, the others are in decline.)

If you believe you truly have the personal skills and truly believe you can dedicate some time and meet the above qualification, let us know:  978-352-6800 or info@BostonBroadside.com   Sell us on you, to let us know you can sell us to others.

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