The February printed edition of The Boston Broadside began its way through the distribution stream at the end of last week (Feb. 1st).

First Class subscribers will receive their printed editions in a day or two. Bulk-rate will get theirs in a week or two.

Some of the content includes:

  • Knights of Columbus Donates 1,000th Ultrasound Machine: Every Child Deserves a Chance to Live
  • Governor Baker Likely to Force Drivers into Expensive Electric Cars to Combat (Imaginary) Climate Change – by Ted Tripp
  • Retired Naval Commander Harold D. Homefield, Ph.D., 1919-2019
  • JEFFERY T. KUHNER:  Trump Should Declare a National Emergency – It’s the only way the border wall will ever be built
  • HOLLY ROBICHAUD:  Massachusetts Politics: Time to End Empowering Democrats by Presenting No Opposition
  • MARY LOU DAXLAND: Gov. Baker – Throwing His Party Under the Bus, Now Faces Backlash
  • ATTY. ROBERT SNIDER: What Elizabeth Warren’s Legislative Program Tells Us About Her Grasp of Economics
  • SALLY C. PIPES:  Medicare for ALL is Not Warren’s Ticket to the Political Promised Land
  • HAL SHURTLEF: Don’t Ban Plastic Bags!
  • RABBI YOSEF Y. POLTER: The Lure and Allure of Socialism
  • GREG HESSION, J.D.: The Massachusetts Dept. of Children & Families is Literally Stalin
  • ANN COULTER: Break Ground, Not Promises (BUILD THE WALL)
  • DR. GRACE VUOTO: Impeachment Fever
  • PATRICK BUCHANAN: Democrat’s America: The Heart of Darkness
  • KEVIN HALL: Human Rights Activist Files Legislation Against Massachusetts – Psychiatric Involuntary Commitment After Being Institutionalized Twice for Filing Complaints
  • KAREN TESTERMAN: Is It for the Children? Is Sex Reassignment Surgery Beneficial to the Child?
  • TED TRIPP: Indivisible – A Festering, Oozing, Pustule on the Concepts of Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism, Free Markets, and Individdual Initiative
  • MICHELLE MALKIN: The Convington Rorschach Test
  • FRIAR ARMS:  Friar Arms Cerakoting
  • ALIANA BRODMANN E. von RICHTHOFEN: Inevitable Consequences of the #MeToo Mob Scene – Police Departments Less Likely to Close Rape Inestigations
  • JERI LEVASSEUR: Haverhill High Students Asked to Debate if President Trump is a Fascist
  • JOHN DiMASCIO: Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On – Commentary on Mass. Republican Party
  • LONNIE BRENNAN:  Marty Walsh: Using Your Kids to Get Your Guns
  • PAUL YOUNG:  Shotgun for Home Defense
  • EDITORIAL:  Do You Remember Anti-American Hampshire College in Western Mass.? What Goes Around, Comes Around
  • EDITORIAL:  Hidden Gas Tax Promoted by Gov. Charlie Baker Estimated to Extract $500 Million from Drivers
  • REPRINT:  Hampshire College Denies Speech on Female Empowerment and The Second Amendment
    – DI LOTHROP – Obstructionism in Nashua
    – A look back at some forgotten New Hampshire Bills from 2018
    –   Democrat Re. Judith Spang: If You Won’t Behave Well, Government Will Force You to – Ultra-Liberal Rep at it again…
    – New Hampshire Democrats Seeking to Streamline the Ability of Non-Residents to Vote in N.H. Elections?
    – Fighting Back Against Union Conscription of Funds for Democrat Elections
    – BOB GIUDA, N.H. STATE SENATOR: What Now, New Hampshire Republicans?
    – 2019 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, North Woodstock, N.H., Feb. 27th to Feature Greg Moore, State Director of Americans for Prosperity
    – Noting that 98% of Mass Shootings Take Place in Gun-Free Zones, Certain Republican Representatives Refuse to Be Disarmed
    – New Hampshire Anti-Sanctuary Act proposed
    – Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Lou Kafka Is at It Again: Promoting Death by Suicide
    – Assisted Suicide – Coming to a Bedroom Near You? (Maine petition underway)
    – Killing Babies in the Womb, and Bragging About It
    – Democrats – Killing Babies, Protecting Killers
    – Radical LGBTQ Activism in California: No More He or She, It’s ‘They’
    – Roman Catholic Democrat Governor of New York Gets Abortion Bill Passed, OK to Kill Baby Up to Moment of Birth
    – BUT, SOME GOOD NEWS:  US Senator Establishes Senate Pro-Life Caucus





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