Geoff Diehl: Solid in Debate – Opponents Mealy-Mouth Feathers of Obfuscation

Geoff Diehl: Solid in Debate  – Opponents Mealy-Mouth Feathers of Obfuscation

by Lonnie Brennan

I could write a long detailed report, or even a transcript of today’s Herald Radio streaming debate between Geoff Diehl, John Kingston, and Beth Lindstrom (and that will come later on in this week of lazy-hazy summer), but for now, it makes more sense to just post a few bullet points:

  1. John Kingston wouldn’t say if he would vote for Donald Trump for president in 2020 (presumably because Trump hasn’t announced he’s a candidate yet).

    Please remember readers: Kingston ran an anti-Trump group and financed a fringe candidate in an attempt to kill the Trump election and toss the election to Hillary Clinton. Kingston is spending millions of his own money on his campaign in an attempt to purchase the Senate seat. Think Romney with bad hair – talks a lot. Says little. We need know no more of Richie Rich Kingston, the anti-Trumper. (Oh, have you seen his glossy postcards? I’ve got eight of them now. Big money. And you can’t go online without seeing a paid-ad by the anti-Trumpet.)

  2. Beth Lindstrom had dropped her (apparently polling poorly) ‘vote-for-me because I’m a woman with woman body parts’ line (ah, it didn’t work for Hillary, what in heck made Beth think it would work for her?). Instead, she now touts that she’s an outsider (despite being a creature of government for decades – never elected, rather, always getting big 6-figure government jobs, including a key position where she helped Romney raise more than 300 “fees” for everything from getting a plumber’s license to skating at your local ice skating rink. Beth attempted to take pot shots at opponent Geoff Diehl, but she’s got as much sting as a fruit fly.
  3. Geoff Diehl was solid: Trump supporter with a track record (defeating automatic gas tax increases) of fighting the good fight for legal citizens (taxpayers) of Massachusetts. There were no surprises from Diehl in the debate: he never ducked, he never avoided, he was never afraid to use common language to explain his positions. Class act.

    Again, we’ll post excerpts from the more pointed questions later this week. In the meantime, two things are clear:
    – Kingston has money, has money, has money, and wants to buy the seat, and spout all the nice lines that never elected anyone.
    – Lindstrom is deflecting, hiding, obfuscating her positions and past role as a fee-raiser. Really not much to see here folks…


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