Part 1: Living the Good Life Off of ‘Campaign Donations’ Democrat Rep. Spent $44,653 in Campaign Funds with No Opponent

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Part 1:

Living the Good Life Off of ‘Campaign Donations’

Democrat Rep. Spent $44,653
in Campaign Funds with No Opponent


by Lonnie Brennan

BRISTOL COUNTY –  It’s amazing on the face of it. How can a sitting state representative spend more than $44,653 in campaign funds when she had no opponents, no race in the 2016 election cycle? Well, for Democrat State Rep. Patricia Haddad, spending so-called campaign funds is just one of those things she does. A few examples of living the good life:

Venus De Milo, Swansea: Jan. 7 – Meeting with Senate members: $101.25

Peace Island Institute: Feb. 2 –
International Conference – business econ and social science            travel: $1,100.00

Emirates Airlines, Dubai, UA: Feb 25 – Airfare for trade mission to Emirates: $909.76

Venus De Milo, Swansea: Feb 29 – Discussion with commissioner: $73.48

Scollay Square Restaurant, Boston: March 8 – Discuss Uber issue with six state reps: $172.62

Ruth Chris Steak House: April 28 – Meeting with reps after budget meeting: $591.08

Omni Parker Hotel, Boston – April 28 – Legislative meeting – budget week accommodations: $1,010.73

Sam’s Bakery, Fall River: April 20 – Budget week meat pies for reps: $475.00

Emmet’s Pub, Boston: May 4: Meal late night meeting with reps and staff: $173.00

Venus De Milo, Swansea: May 5 – Lunch meeting with Somerset development open house: $228.08

Scollay Square Restaurant, Boston: July 30 – Energy conference strategy meeting: $172.62 (yup, reported same exact number as the March 8th expenditure)

Airfare on Southwest Airlines: July 19: To attend a conference in Chicago: $455.96

Hyatt Regency, Chicago, Il: July 26: NCIS Legislative Summit: $833.91

Those are just a few of the expenditures in 2016. It was a good year for Haddad. Yes, we typically see expenditures for mailings, postage, fundraising, newspaper subscriptions, Web sites, and other such items from most of the elected officials, but when you’re playing with big money, certain elected officials seem to spend almost as much from their campaign accounts on life’s little luxuries than some people make in a year.

Oh, in addition to the above, we noticed multiple expenditures at the Boston Park Plaza and other venues. She did make sizeable donations to Democrat clubs, food for fundraisers, and she did make a $50 donation to the 1st Christian Congregational Church in Swansea. She gave money to the Dighton Middle School ($150), and the Dighton Fire Association ($100), and Naral Pro-Choice Mass. ($150).

On the income side of the table, Haddad raked it in from a host of lobbyists, political action committees, unions, and of course, government employees, and executives from Vineyard Power.

After spending $44,653 in 2016, Haddad ended the year with $101,915 in her campaign account. The Democrat was elected in 2001, now in her 17th year, living the good life. ¨

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