Stand Up for America – OPPOSE Democrat Mass. Attorney General’s Gun Grab

by Mark Alliegro
Candidate for Congress
In a stunning abuse of power, one week ago the Massachusetts Attorney General arbitrarily reinterpreted what had been settled law for more than 18 years and declared illegal some of the most popular firearms sold in this state.
This outrageously infringes on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners in Massachusetts. It’s a political stunt dreamt up by AG Healey and has nothing to do with public safety or the laws currently on the books.
With no public hearing, due process, and with literally just minutes of warning, the AG declared tens of thousands of firearms in this state illegal, and potentially turned 400,000 gun-owning citizens into future felons. The provisions of this rogue action are so broad and so arbitrary that virtually all firearms could be banned in this state if the AG chose to do so.
How much notice will you have before the Attorney General comes after your firearms’ collection?
This cannot be allowed to stand. I’m urging everyone to take action today.
Keep the pressure up on the governor and the state Legislature. Call Governor Charlie Baker at 617-725-4005. Call the State House at 617-722-2000 and ask to speak to your state representative and state senator.
Consider supporting the NRA and the 2nd Amendment Foundation, and locally in Massachusetts, the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) and Commonwealth Second Amendment. The inevitable court challenge to this unconstitutional action will be expensive – a fact that the anti-gun lobby is counting on.
And finally, please contribute to our campaign for Congress. The current Massachusetts congressional delegation is virulently opposed to the 2nd Amendment. In Washington, I’ll be your only voice against the gun grabbers.
Maura Healey, Hillary Clinton and their ilk are after nothing less than the dismantling of the 2nd Amendment.
It’s time for all of us to remain vigilant to defend our rights.
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