Steinhof vs. Fiola – Round 3!

FALL RIVER – While few have the courage to stand up and oppose the ultra-liberal extremist Democrats in this state, one man, Republican Dr. David Steinhof,
deserves praise and attention for doing so not just once, but now, his third try to unseat a Democrat machine in the name of Carole Fiola.
Steinhof lost his first attempt by a mere 344 votes in 2013.
Over the years, Fiola has entrenched herself in partisan politics and has been readily accused of slanted, one-sided, liberal extremism. She sports a 0% rating (that’s right – the big goose egg) from MassFiscal Alliance and a similar grade from Citizens for Limited Taxation for her repeated votes in favor of illegal aliens, higher taxes, and attempts to cloak State House actions in secrecy.
Some specifics: On Roll Call #45 she voted to allow EBT card holders to continue to use their cards in Orlando, Florida (Disney) and Las Vegas, and other venues. On Roll Call #44 she insisted that EBT cards can be used to purchase marijuana. But wait, it gets worse, with Roll Call #43 she placed illegals above veterans for public housing! Add to that her refusal to restore the sales tax to 5% and a host of other votes…
The very affable Fiola harvested more than $46,000 in campaign contributions in 2017. She entered 2018 with $93,371 in her campaign account. ♦

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