Democracy on the Ropes – This is NOT the Party of JFK


by Warren P. Russo

Veterans of the Greatest Generation alive today must be wondering if this is the same America they fought for in World War II. Here in the home of the brave, few still call it the land of the free.

Steadily and inexorably we trade away our freedoms for the perceived security of government controls.

One by one, the freedoms that once described the idea that is America are disappearing in real time, as we watch in helpless agony.

Consider the bedrock freedom of speech now under attack from coast to coast and especially in the nation’s capitol. 

Supporters of President Trump who speak out in public are being identified via facial recognition imagery, hunted down, fired from their jobs, demeaned as white supremacists, arrested, fined and even imprisoned. Their firearms, and perhaps yours, may soon be confiscated.

Communist criminals masquerading as Democrats have seized the levers of power in the most blatant election fraud since Barack Obama’s reign of incompetence. 

Having spent the last four years impeaching Trump instead of performing the nation’s work, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the foreign agents in Congress have reopened their pipeline of cash from the sale of America’s favors and secrets.

These immoral members of Congress have no shame, yet their supporters, who proudly vote without thinking for anyone with a “D” after their name, repeatedly reelect them to positions of power and responsibility. 

Focused solely on self-enrichment, they are fulfilling Obama’s promise of a “fundamental transformation of America” into a communist country.

Who can blame them? Party leaders always prosper under communism, and they remain in power for decades by buying the votes of the poor with social programs that keep them poor. Meanwhile, everything is paid for by taxing the largest segment of the population — the hard-working middle class.

 Under the illegal Biden* administration, taxes and prices will rise, while freedom declines. New regulations will restrict our First Amendment rights, silencing all who dare oppose the tyranny of communism.

Communications are monitored and news is now censored to protect those in power. Even videos of the 9/11 attacks — history’s most-filmed terrorist event — will likely never again appear on national television, lest those responsible cease contributing to the Democrats’ cash pipeline.

Too many of America’s newspapers — once celebrated as the marketplace of public opinion — now routinely reject all opinions that conflict with their own positions on the events of the day. Presenting only one side of major issues is not informative and directly negates the most basic mission of a newspaper, which is to inform.

Thanks to interlocking directorates and large cash infusions, we do not know who, in many cases, actually controls the content of many of America’s leading newspapers. 

Facing failing finances, media outlets willingly accept payments from any quarter, thus surrendering their ability to print the truth. 

Major stories of international corruption, cash payoffs and child pornography involving Joe Biden and his entire criminal family have suddenly disappeared from the front page. Since Biden’s stolen government post pays just thousands, while China and Ukraine pay him millions, you can easily guess that his allegiance is not to the USA.

We once joked about official falsehoods appearing in the Soviet communist newspaper Pravda, which ironically means truth. Now the joke is on us, but our friends who depend upon us for profit and protection are not laughing.

Why is this happening and how did it start?

It is likely the result of our basic fear of the unknown, our hereditary aversion to risk and the desire for protection from all harm. Consequently, we now have so many laws, regulations, restrictions and rules that it is increasingly difficult to avoid running afoul of them, rendering the populace more like sheep than patriots.

Those with the courage to call things as they see them may well be the most oppressed, and the only minority without a government agency for defense. Speaking out against the new illegal administration or supporting the previous legitimate one now marks you as a domestic terrorist and an enemy of the state.

While the original purpose of our national government was to provide protection from foreign enemies, loyal Americans today need protection from their own government.

Consider the latest federal funding bill of 5,593 pages, which is nearly five times longer than the Bible and includes many expensive favors to foreign elements in return for filling the congressional pipeline with cash.

Happily spending our money instead of their own, today’s Democrats are an insult to the party of FDR and JFK, viciously demeaning and attacking President Trump and his supporters, while destroying the fabric of America.

Self-serving criminal incompetents solely interested in personal wealth, rather than the country’s enrichment, are unfortunately now in control. 

Without voter identification like every other civilized country on earth, a single Election Day and absentee ballots only for military members deployed overseas, we will never see another fair election. 

The absence of these elements, combined with the inherent evils of representation without term limits will ultimately draw America down into the living hell that is communism.

Through wars, famines and turbulent times, the right leaders have often come along just when they were most needed. Trump was the leader for our time. Biden is not. ♦

Warren P. Russo is a retired U.S. Navy Officer and veteran journalist who comments on the passing scene from Plum Island, Massachusetts. Reach him via

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  1. The Democratic Party in the 1960’s to the early 1990’s had many conservatives and moderates elected. It started to drift away from working class people in the early 1970’s. Its turn to a leftist, elitist party was accelerated when Clinton got elected. Then it turned its back on moderate working class people. Only the hypocritical elitists, leftists and self serving special interests matter to the modern day Democratic Party. The Democratic leaders now tell working class people that they don’t matter. To them only certain groups have problems, a cultural history and merit attention. Look at how the high rent progressives have turned Boston into an east cost San Francisco. For 130 years, moderate to conservative ethnic people dominated Boston’s City Council and mayor’s office. 2021’s Boston City Council and Mayoral election will be dominated by leftists and candidates who have lived in Boston for a short period of time. Like San Francisco, moderate working class longtime residents have been priced out of their city.

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