Forget about getting your knee replaced. You can suffer along a little longer, thanks to outgoing lame-duck Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker and his team.

See reminder below. Note, hundreds of nurses were let go from local hospitals for refusing to be medically raped (forced chemicals into their body – experimental “vaccine” which has caused thousands of deaths, deafness, miscarriages, heart attacks, and heart issues, along with many other issues, according to the CDC’s own data). Now, Republican-In-Name-Only Liberal Leftist not-your-body-not-your-choice Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker is providing more National Guard members to act as backup workers for fired nurses and staff)


Daily Advances – Monday, Dec. 27, 2021

State House News Service Hospitals with less than 15 percent of their staffed medical-surgical and intensive care unit bed capacity available must postpone or cancel non-essential, non-urgent scheduled procedures likely to result in inpatient admission to comply with a new Department of Public Health order.

The forced reduction aims to preserve health care bandwidth amid a COVID-19 surge fueled by the omicron variant and amid a staffing shortage that the Baker administration says has contributed to a reduction of about 500 available beds since the start of the year.

Across the state, hospitals are operating at more than 90 percent of their inpatient capacity even after previous steps to reduce the strain, according to DPH Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality Director Elizabeth Kelley. Individual specialty hospitals will be exempt from the order…..

EDITOR’S NOTE: Taxpayer funded abortions are not affected by any Baker actions. Killing of the unborn, or soon-to-be-born by their would-be moths is prioritized by the Baker administration.


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