DOUG CONDON: Decisions Decisions – Reasons for my personal decision concerning the COVID 19 shots

Decisions Decisions – Reasons for my personal decision concerning the COVID 19 shots

Comprised May through December of 2021

 by Doug Condon


One of the biggest topics of discussion today is the recently available COVID 19 shot. And right along with it are two questions that seem to be picking up speed as they make their rounds throughout our social media circles, our water coolers, cookouts, and “yes”, even our Churches. These two big questions are: “Have you got your ‘vaccine’ yet”? And if not, “why not”?

Very seldom a day goes by without either hearing something about it on the radio, the internet, or engaging in an actual conversation with someone about this matter. Unfortunately, too often the dialog becomes a bit heated at times and causes unnecessary tension between some folks.

This is why I’ve taken the time to put my conclusions in written form. If I can help avoid unwelcomed conflict between family, friends, and other acquaintances it may have been well worth the effort to put a handful of explanatory pages together, and use them as a hand out.

I’ve been gathering many thoughts, as well as exposing myself to a healthy dose of information from multiple sources over the last year to help prepare me for this discussion that I figured at some point would be taking center stage. I’ve discovered that it is very beneficial to take a look at things from as many angles as possible, as well as taking into consideration all points of view when it comes to taking big steps that concern our well-being.

Let me say right at the outset that the purpose for this is not an attempt to sway anyone’s choices one way or another. We all must be very careful in our decision making, and then act according to what we believe is best for us and those to whom we’re responsible for, especially when it comes to our health. After all, each of us will ultimately be affected in one way or another by the outcome of every choice that we make in life. Now I don’t claim to be the captain of anybody else’s ship by doing this. It’s enough of a challenge navigating my own.

With that being said, I would like to make two points before moving on:

  • I respectfully support the choices that people make for themselves concerning the COVID 19 shot, or any other important issue for that matter. My goal is not to be the judge of what is a good decision for them by saying that they should, or shouldn’t take
  • I’ve made it my determination never to bring this issue up during a conversation with If the other person introduces it into the conversation, I won’t run from it, but it will never be me who starts it. So far I’ve kept that, and plan to continue on that trend.

So, at this point, I will express a number of reasons why I will not be taking any of the shots. Again, this is intended to answer the question that many seem to be asking; “Why Not?” Hopefully it will help answer that question as to why I personally stand where I do on the issue.

The contents of every section in this article are the results of my own conclusive convictions. It will be written strictly as a commentary, and not intended as an imposition.

I imagine that other folks obviously may have just as many, or maybe even more reasons why they are intending to take the shot. I can only speak for my own views. Here they are:

No Thanks, Not for Me

The first reason is that I am currently anti-pharma. This hadn’t always been the case with me, nor did it happen overnight. Let me first say that as a Bible believing Christian, I do not believe that medicine is somehow bad or evil. Scripture gives no indication that God is against any form of medicine. In fact, New Testament Gospel writer Luke himself was a physician. There was never a call for him to turn from his practice, nor is any form of the medical field ever

condemned anywhere else in either the Old, or the New Testaments. I also believe that the original intention of vaccination science was based on good moral principles even though personally, I now hold to the idea that; the introduction of any artificial substance disrupts the natural function of the human body. This idea is actually fairly recent in my thinking. Up until around five years ago, I could care less about my health. I wouldn’t think twice about putting away three Big Macs, a couple of Kit Kats, and washing it down with a quart of sugar water that I called iced tea. The ingredients in anything that I consumed were completely irrelevant. I was overweight, my blood pressure stayed through the roof, I was eating Tums as if they were candy, and my blood sugars were borderline diabetic. My wife tried to keep me healthy, but I didn’t contribute much, if any at all to the cause. One day she told me that she was looking into the ketogenic clean eating program. I told her that I would try it. I never looked back. I lost 35 pounds, got completely off of my blood pressure medicine, and hadn’t had a case of heartburn since. I’ve recently gotten into intermittent fasting, and other natural remedies as well. The long and short of it is that my wife and I have put a tremendous amount of effort into staying healthy. It demands an extra helping of determination, self-control, expense, and sacrifice. There was a time in my life when I actually made fun of people who were keeping the same kinds of health practices that we are now doing on a committed consistent basis.

Aside from my evolving from a junk food junkie into a nature boy, the biggest problem that I have with any modern medicine is that it has been tainted with too much corruption over the last hundred years or so (particularly in recent times). That is to say; the moral intent that it had started out with has become that of greed. If Big Pharma is only concerned with their stock and bottom line, then my health takes a back seat. In fact, right up until last summer, I was still up to date with tetanus shots, and a few others I think. What had pushed me over the edge was the grief that the federal DOT was putting my brother through regarding CBD oil for his pain

management. I know from my own experience that CBD oil (which also has healing properties) is one thing that is effective against my pain as well. Yet still the federal government refuses to recognize natural, or holistic remedies as real medicine, and only approves substances produced by these pharmaceutical giants for pain management in order to pass a CDL drug test. None of their products had ever worked for me. Aside from their failure in my case, they have also caused me very unpleasant adverse reactions, making it more tolerable to bear the actual body pain itself rather than the side effects of what’s waiting for me at the local pharmacy.

It was at that point that I had decided that I wanted nothing that was produced by any pharmaceutical company, including their future COVID 19 shot. That is when I became 100% anti pharma (including any vaccines as well). Yes, I am one of those real live “Anti vaccers”. I suppose my reasoning here may carry more of a personal issue with our government and big pharma, but that’s just me. For somebody else, some of these medicines may be a God send. And if so, I would encourage anyone to continue to do what works for them.

What’s In It?

Another reason that would make me really hesitant about going forward with this idea is the fact that nobody seems to have a straight answer as to what these vials actually contain. Very little is made known about the contents that make them up. I just recently saw for myself however the ingredients list for one of the shots and noticed that it had contained ethanol. The first thing that immediately came to my mind was; Why would the same substance that makes up 10% of the gasoline that I deliver to service stations need to be part of a “vaccine” cocktail?

Question: When was the last time you went down a grocery store aisle searching for a healthy treat for the family, and brought home something that was either a package chock full of chemicals, or even worse; something that just flat didn’t list the ingredients at all?

Again, That would have been me a number of years ago. I would have grabbed anything that looked good. The ingredients would have been the last thing that I would have paid attention to.

Now, not so much. As I had mentioned in the last section, my wife and I are both very cautious about what we consume. If I took a peek at a so-called “health conscience snack”, turned it over and discovered that this amazing “pick me up” contained 87 grams of sugar per serving, it would boomerang its way back to the shelf in short order. The simple question is: What’s the difference in whether you ingest, or inject a harmful, or an unknown substance into your body? As I see it, there isn’t any.

A Double Standard

Up until this point, you may have noticed that I refuse to call any of these shots vaccines. I’ve identified them as “shots” because; for all intents and purposes, that’s basically all they are. As far as I know, these injections which have been pawned off as vaccines are nothing more than Experimental Biological Agents. So far none of these substances have been approved by the FDA. They have been authorized for emergency use only. The first puzzling question that shortly came to mind was obviously; with a 99.8 plus % survival rate from COVID 19, where’s the emergency? With me personally however, it’s the double standard that’s the bigger problem.

The federal government can go ahead and impose a medical experiment on an entire society because there is a slight risk of a tiny portion being extremely affected by an unknown virus, but a driver that holds a CDL license in order to make a living bouncing around in a truck cab for 50 plus hours a week is not allowed to manage pain with a natural remedy that has been around for eons, has no side effects, and has never been proven to be harmful or addictive in any way, simply because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA (and with no intention that I’m aware of, of ever approving it, I might add). And now I’m supposed to just believe what they are telling people concerning the overall purpose, and better yet; the safety of these non-FDA approved experimental injections, and then have them stick one of them into my arm? “Guess again”.

These substances may very well run their course, somehow get through a few years of time-tested use with minimal problems, (or more likely; un-reported ones). They may even buy their approval from the FDA and be considered “vaccines” before I finish this article. Even so, again; for personal reasons as well as trust issues, l will still have no interest in taking anything that the government and Big Pharma has to offer. Not now. Not ever.

Does one size really fit all?

How silly would it be to hit the shoe department of a local Walmart, and check out with 5 pairs of size 7 sneakers for you, your spouse, and your three kids ranging from ages six to fourteen? It doesn’t seem too long ago that when we went to visit the doctor, or checked into a hospital for surgery, that there wasn’t a barrage of medical questions. Think about it; They wanted to know your blood pressure, blood type, height, weight, allergies, are you a diabetic? prior surgeries, reactions to different foods or medicines etc., or in this case; “Have you already had the virus”?

Am I the only one that finds it strange that there is such a mad rush to plunge one of these needles into every single arm there is? Every age, every size, every blood type, every health condition, no medical questions, no medical history, no concern about adverse reactions, no questions about allergies, no questions about being on different medications, it makes no difference. Everyone is somehow in need of this shot no matter who, no matter what. I find that a little odd to say the least. Something just doesn’t smell right to me with the whole thing.

What are we so afraid of?

I think most of us have a fear of one or more things as we go through life whether we admit it or not. As for me for example, I’m claustrophobic. I also have a healthy fear of God. For others, it might be heights, thunder, or a number of other scary things. No two of us are exactly alike. I think I can see why so many people have become afraid of this virus. The fear of catching this thing has become so inflated that it has been equated with having stage four cancer.

Here’s the short version; It all depends on what you’re afraid of. From day one I have had no fear whatsoever of this virus. If I get it, most likely my immune system which I have chosen to take better care of will fight it off naturally like it would any other illness. If not, I’m not afraid to go.

I am however afraid of an unknown substance being injected into my arm with the knowledge that there have been multiple thousands who have suffered bazaar reactions to it. But again; that’s just me. I will gamble on fighting off illnesses by keeping myself as healthy as I can. It seems to be working very well for me. I don’t get sick very often, and I have every intention of keeping it that way. I’ve always liked that old school adage; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Just an added note; With tens of thousands of unchecked migrants flooding our southern border, the current administration that is in place doesn’t seem to be afraid of the virus either.

Again, I can only speak for myself. Our planet is now playing host to some 7.7 billion people, and I am only one out of that number. Just because I trust my God given immune system to protect my body against potential illnesses doesn’t mean that everybody else should. Many can die from just a small infection because their Immune system has been compromised in one way or another. This is once again where individually, we all need to carefully weigh out every possible factor in our decision making and do what we believe is best for our own situation from the information we have available. At the end of the day, the extra effort could prove to be a good investment of time researching what it is that we trust in the interest of our health concerns.



In the last three or four months, I’ve heard every promotion from free donuts to sports tickets for taking these shots. It’s like that dealer that keeps trying to sell you a car that you don’t want.

We’ve been bombarded by TV and radio commercials, billboards, electronic highway notices, phone texts, voice mails, and every other kind of advertisement there is, in a massive attempt to entice everybody to buy into this. Frankly, I see their desperation more on the disturbing side rather than making it attractive. And furthermore: If this thing is as good as they are pumping it up to be, how is it that when people tell me that they have been vaccinated, and that I should get mine, they’re talking to me through a face mask? One would assume that if they are already protected, first, obviously why the mask? Secondly, why would I need a shot if those who have been inoculated have no risk of infection? My understanding has always been that the purpose of any vaccine is to prevent people from both being infected by, as well as spreading the virus that it is supposedly protecting them from. There is so much more that could be said about this, but hopefully what I’ve put down here will be enough to drive home the main point.

Bottom line: Coercion is very seldom a good idea. None of us like to feel like we’ve been somehow taken. The sad reality is that many regrets have plagued a good number of well

meaning folks who have successfully convinced someone to act against their will only to have the results turn out badly. I cannot stress this enough; If you disregard anything that I’ve pointed out so far, please heed this; I’ve made it my intention not to play God in others’ conclusions concerning this. The risk of being responsible for somebody’s unknown outcome solely because I think that they should do what I believe is right for me is just too much for me to bear.

And the cost of having everyone think like me has a price tag that I’m not willing to pay. It’s just not worth it. I think I made my points here, so I’ll go ahead and end this section with something to consider. Personally, the last thing that I would want to live with is using every trick in the book to (for example) convince a friend to not take the shot, only to discover that they just so happen to turn out being one of those few that contract the virus and end up dying from it. That one question; “Would that shot have saved them”? would torture me for the rest of my life. I’ll not be that guy. I can’t speak for anybody else but let me create another scenario; It has been reported by some sources that there have been multiple cases of tremendous suffering due to severe adverse reactions linked to these shots, some have even died. I have no reason to discount these findings given that we are referring to substances that haven’t had near enough time to be properly tested. I also feel secure that out of those numbers, there must be at least a handful of situations where someone went ahead and took the shot against their will because somebody that they had trusted relentlessly pushed it until they finally gave in. Please don’t be that person.

My suggestion would be to gather as much information as you can and do what you believe is best for you. I’ve also found that it is safer to avoid starting conversations about controversies that create unnecessary hostility like this has. If anyone asks you questions, of course by all means try to be helpful. I would share what works best for you but make it clear that they should come to their own conclusions, and leave it at that. My effort in helping anyone come to this kind of a decision would extend to sharing my reasons for my decision, and to encourage them to do their own research. Far too often in our effort to look out for one another, we push just a little bit too hard without first thinking it through, only to have disappointing and regretful results.


“Hey, what’s that you’re hiding behind your back”?

Out of all the reasons that I have for not taking part in the COVID 19 shot, this might be the most disturbing to me, though not the most problematic (I’ll save that reason for last).

Nobody needs to be a Bible Scholar in order to be familiar with the story of David and Bathsheba in 2nd Samuel 11 and 12. I think everybody would agree that a man after God’s own heart abusing his power to obtain the wife of a soldier who was out on the battlefield protecting him and his kingdom, in order to satisfy his own lusts was an atrocious sin. As heinous as this sin was, however, that’s not what God used to bring David to his knees, drive him to remorseful repentance, and ultimately restore his fellowship with The All Mighty. It was the attempted cover up that brought the king down. David tried every conniving move he could think of to hide this filthy act of iniquity with another man’s wife that resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.

If he had quickly sought forgiveness from God and his fellow man, he could have in time, put it behind him and moved on. Instead, he made it worse by prolonging the inevitable and trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug. All of his efforts proved disastrous. They resulted in the murder of a soldier, the forfeiture of God’s blessings within his household, and the death of his illegitimate child created through his act of wickedness in the first place. In the end, it was the story about a rich man who possessed thousands of animals that he had at his disposal, but chose to seize a little pet lamb from a poor man in order to slaughter and feed a traveler that brought an end to David’s hiding place for his great sin. When Nathan the prophet put his boney little finger in David’s face and told him “You’re that man”!!, it made him realize that he was not hiding anything from God, and that his sin was all to be brought to light. The cover up was over.

Where is this going? I remember not too long ago in America, that issues were actually debatable. Everyone has heard the old saying, “You know, there are two sides to every story”. Well, it doesn’t seem so any longer I’m sorry to say. Let me use a simple illustration to help explain what I’m talking about; Let’s say I’m standing in a circle with Tim and Tom. Both of them have information for me about an important issue. Tim happens to be the bigger and more intimidating of the two, so he has a much more control of what is being said. Tim continues to ramble on expressing all of his points. Meanwhile, Tom is breaking blood vessels trying to get a word in, but can’t because Tim has his big brawny hand over Tom’s mouth, and won’t let him speak. Guess what? I’m going to suddenly become much more interested in what Tom is trying to say, and Tim’s chatter evolves into just a bunch of noise in the background. When I further question why Tom isn’t allowed to speak, Tim tells me that everything that Tom has to say is “misinformation”. It’s not going to take a genius to conclude how I would assess that interaction. A handful of questions would start to develop in my thought process, like; “What are you trying to cover up”? What is it that you don’t want me to know about”? “Why such determination to block information from another source of interest”? And of course, the most obvious; “What’s the motive in suppressing these other views”? This has never been the manner in which we handle our disputes in a civilized society. I’m seeing more and more of this kind of activity the further we get into this thing, and it has become one of the bigger issues with me. Frankly, I find it to be a bit insulting as well. It implies that the average person is somehow incapable of determining fact from fiction on their own out of what’s available in the grab bag of information resources.

Just because some folks have obtained enough power to silence those who hold different views on issues, it does not make them the determiners of what should be considered “misinformation”. Power of any sort does not enable anybody to decide what the truth is.


Sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. Truth is a non-negotiable entity that either “is”, or “isn’t”. It’s as simple as that. It isn’t something that is just made up, and its discovery isn’t purchased at some cheap auction block by the highest bidder. Any truth must be sought after by those with a genuine interest in finding it. The seeker then must be willing to go through the process of mining it out of every available source of credible evidence and testimony. This takes time, persistence, and a willingness to accept all of the facts that are uncovered. The Coronavirus debacle has been with us for the better part of a year and a half now. It seems that everybody has given

some kind of input on it. I have no problem with too much information. In fact, If given the choice between either not enough, or too much information, I wouldn’t think twice about choosing the latter every time. I have no problem discerning for myself what proves to be wholesome and useful, and what ends up being exposed as just junk. It is my understanding that there are some 75,000 medical professionals who have come to a variety of conclusions concerning the COVID 19 crisis that differ with what is being imposed on the majority of the public through much of our information system. I’ve obtained a healthy dose of some very interesting views from sources that I believe are credible. America’s Frontline Doctors are the first ones that come to mind (for example). Along with them, are a host of others who have been very helpful in providing things to consider. We have no shortage of good professional insight. It’s getting to it that seems to be the biggest obstacle. And again; the covering up, or the suppression of information sources

remains to be one of my bigger issues. The fact is, the more challenging it becomes for me to get a hold of someone’s post before it gets taken down from some platform, or having its author written off as a wacco, the more credible, and valuable it becomes to me as a useful guide. Again, my question is; What are they trying to cover up? I don’t feel like I’m alone in concluding that any trust and credibility of those who attempt to shut down the insights of others will quickly evaporate. In addition to what I’ve looked up, I have printed out well documented studies from what I see as once again; very reliable sources like for example; a 13 page hypothesis from Stanford University going into great detail on why face masks are not only completely ineffective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, but how they are also very harmful health wise when worn on a continual basis. Or how about a ⅛” thick research study on the potential adverse reactions of the COVID19 shots. Now am I saying that every single conclusion in these studies are 100% accurate, and everything written in them should be taken as if it came from the Burning Bush? or that anything coming from these parties of interest should be revered as absolutely accurate? “No”, Certainly not. I wouldn’t expect anyone else to reach that conclusion either. Any rational thinking would wisely reject such a notion. So, in light of that thought; Why would I treat information from only one party of interest that way? And what’s more; Why would I discount any information that could be a potential benefit to me in any way?

I mean; Am I supposed to see these ideas, and insights as some sort of mind poison that steers my thinking into incorrect conclusions solely because it doesn’t line up with a certain preconceived agenda ? The point I’m trying to make here is this; It’s not the information itself favoring one or another point of view that is my problem. It’s having to jump through hoops in order to obtain ideas and conclusions from every available source that has something to offer on it. Since when did politicians, popular news anchors, big tech giants, or social media platforms become our appointed master minds in sorting out the good, the bad, and the ugly for us?

Speaking for myself, I can say for certain that they do not qualify as the lamps that light my pathway leading to any of my choices (particularly the important ones). Nor in this case; has any of them earned a position as my health care proxy.

“I get it”; It seems overwhelming sometimes when we realize just how much information there is available not only on this, but on just about everything there is under the sun. No one can argue that sorting through all of it in pursuit of our wisest move is an endless task. And it has always been endless, because we are always learning. Who among us has it all put together?

Even the experts we depend on are only human and are plenty capable of flipping the wrong switch once in a while. In reality, the information superhighway that we now have at our fingertips is only a few decades old. Even in its youth, it has quickly absorbed a troubling

amount of impurity that accompanies its great benefit, no doubt about it. But we have to take the good with the bad right? Will it improve? I don’t see it. Will bullying tactics ever let up, and make way for the return of honest open debate? It doesn’t look too promising from where I’m sitting.

You could paper enough words to wipe out a forest expressing other views, and I don’t believe it would have much of an impact if any at all, I’m sorry to say. These are dark days, and they have given birth to a society that is becoming more and more attracted to this kind of behavior.

So where does one go from here? As for me, I’ll continue to base my decisions on what I learn along the way. Keep in mind; Knowledge is only useful if it is sought after by those with concern for its value. With that being said, The suppression of information seems to be a bigger stumbling block for me personally, but I will continue to seek everything people have to say about this current situation, so I can stay informed about where it ends up going as it evolves.

I would encourage others to do the same. Yes, it will become more and more of a challenge to obtain good info as things get more limited, but how important is it? And is the effort worth it?

“It’s Supernatural”

I think that the biggest challenge in writing this section will be keeping it condensed.

There is a lot to be said here, and I don’t want to lose anyone along the way. I understand that not everybody will relate to some of the terminology used in this part. I do believe that God has introduced a taste of Biblical Eschatology to our secular society during the last 50 years or so through resources like; Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth”, and “The Left Behind Series” put together by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins, along with a number of other books and movies. These works have done fairly well in illustrating a taste of what the “Premillennial” view of the end times could actually be like to the average person. From what I’ve drawn out of the Scriptures over the years, I personally do hold the premillennial view of what is to come as well.

I also understand that by God’s design, every church age generation for the last 2000 plus years (including ours) has believed that theirs could very well be the one to experience the transition from Satan’s world system to the kingdom of Christ through a series of events.

I will therefore not be so foolish as to say that I have everything all figured out no matter how many things look like they are in place, and it seems like this couldn’t possibly be anything but.

Also, This section must be written because it will not only be my most important reason for refusing the COVID 19 shot, but as a believer in Jesus Christ, it will stand alone as being the only one that would ultimately matter in my overall decision making for various reasons.

Up to this point, all of my reasoning has been based on natural, biological, or personal circumstances. As good as I still believe that they are, I do realize that this old body is only temporary and all efforts in preserving it pale in comparison to the future of my eternal soul.

One of my advantages may be that I’ve become such a critic in my overall ingestion of what people say, for a lot of those reasons that I had previously mentioned. Maybe it’s not always such a bad thing to keep a somewhat critical outlook, especially when it comes to how things relate to what is seen forecasted in the Scriptures. I also realize of course that I need to be careful to not become unloving in my being a critic, but If I had to choose, I’d rather be too cautious than too passive. In this case, I have been hit with more than my share of thoughts pertaining to what is currently going on, and how it might be lining up with prophetic events.

So, in light of all of this, I will try to convey some ideas about why In my view, I believe these shots have a significant spiritual application, and why I’m concerned about them in this context;

The Mark: Even though there are many portions of scripture that mention end time events, the most popular place that people first think about is obviously Revelation 13. This of course is the famous “Mark of the Beast” section that most folks are familiar with, so let’s start there. In reference to our spiritual interests, without a doubt the $64,000 question that is gaining popularity among many is: “Are these shots the actual “mark of the beast” that is mentioned in Revelation 13?” “Well, are they or are they not?” Here’s what I do know; Nobody can say for sure whether or not they are the actual “mark” because The Apostle John doesn’t give us enough detail on what this mark will actually look like as far as its physical appearance on (or in this case “in”) the human body, so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to just go ahead and make one up. He only gives us a reference as to what or who’s identification it will represent.

He does however give us an idea of how it will be installed. The Greek word for “mark” in the KJV is “charagma”. This word has multiple uses, some of which give the idea of a “scratch”, or “etching”, a “stamp”, “to sharpen to a point; skin”, “the idea of scratching”. Is this a shot or a needle? It could be, but I don’t know, and I don’t think anybody else does. The fact that the mark mentioned in Revelation 13 could be in the form of a shot makes it at least a possible method of installation does it not? I find it a little difficult to dismiss the parallel between the ancient writings of Revelation 13, and the modern blueprint of biometric identification technology. This is no longer just science fiction. It has made its way out the exit doors of labs such as MIT right straight into our government think tanks and has now become a potential reality. Even though there is no clear language in the scripture concerning how much of the tribulation period “set up” (if you will) that the Church will actually experience before being raptured out, I think at the very least a good argument could be made that these shots could fit fairly well as being the method of installing the “mark” mentioned in Revelation 13. Now, as interesting as this potential installation process is, I believe that we must see it as just that; “Very interesting” because anything without 100% scriptural clarity needs to be taken in that light, otherwise we can be easily tempted to impose our own ideology on the scripture rather than drawing truth from the scripture in order to produce wholesome conclusions that it gives us. The Implementation of the mark however will carry a tad more weight concerning the actual language of Revelation 13 because of the spiritual loyalty application that is attached to it. There’s been a lot of chatter about vaccine passports, and I will be paying attention to how much control they can win in the coming near future. So far, it’s just been about air travel privileges, access to sporting events, silly little enticements like; free donuts, lottery tickets, raffle drawings, fast food, basically nothing of necessity.

If it doesn’t mature beyond that type of a coercive pattern, then it has no relevance to the scripture, and would have little (if any) effect on most devout people of faith. It’s when it starts spilling over into life sustaining commerce that prophetic antennas should start to rise a little higher. The Greek words that are used in Revelation 13:17 for “Buy or Sell” are “Agorazo” (which means to “go to market”, to “purchase or redeem”) and “Pelomai” (which means “to be busy, “to trade”, or “barter”). The Implementation concept that is in the potential planning stages regarding these passports almost takes this ancient passage right out of the bible and presents it in living color two millenniums into its future, and here we are. Let me try to explain it this way; In the last dozen or so months, I’ve seen just about every state, federal, and International law, every constitutional amendment, every executive order, as well as every other piece of legislation you can dig up, basically steam rolled as if they were just divots in the road, and with absolute zero repercussions. This tells me a few things, but keeping it related to the topic at hand, I’ll say this; It tells me that they have the ability to go door to door, drag every man, woman, and child down to an injection facility, strap them to a chair, and force a needle into every living arm. The fact that they would stop short of using that available power and use a survival type of coercion as an alternative means to impose these shots would be a word for word description of Revelation 13:17 referring to the mark of the antichrist. [And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name]. Now as for the concoction that any of these shots are made up of, I’m not sure just how much relevance they have as far as how the human body may be affected in some way. There has been some talk about an artificial intelligence type of recipe that they are fooling around with in order to produce a kind of controlled manipulation in normal human behavior. The only potential connection that I can see having any kind of biblical significance would be back in Genesis 6 where God judged the sin of a subhuman race produced by the interaction between demons and the daughters of men, who of course were eventually wiped out in the flood a little further along in the chapter. I think this is a bit of a stretch, and there may very well end up being something to it, but it is not my conviction at this time as far as the shots are concerned. From what I can see; the word construction of verses 16 and 17 seems to be illustrating the idea; that a biological identification system of some sort is to be implanted “in”, or just “beneath” the skin surface.

So, this is where I stand on Revelation 13; I make no claim regarding whether or not these shots are the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13 because I don’t know. I do know that; If this is the Revelation 13 mark, it is not the mark “right nowsimply because it has not yet reached the full maturity of its prophetic purpose. I would also add that; Any conclusions which suggest that; “Whoever has currently taken the shot, has received the mark”, is unfair, unloving, erroneous and irresponsible. And again; It’s too premature. The idea of such a notion doesn’t square with the timeline chronology of Revelation 13. Not even close. Therefore, The shots couldn’t possibly be the mark of the beast at this current time. So please don’t go there. To shed a little light on what I’m talking about, hopefully a further explanation will be additionally helpful.

According to the premillennial view of biblical eschatology (which I personally embrace as a strong probability), a number of situations have to be in place before the implementation of the Revelation 13 mark of the beast goes forth as the actual enforced decree that is mentioned in the text. Simply put; We need to be existing in the “Real time” of Revelation 13 before we see Revelation 13 events take place. Unless I missed something, we’re still living in the church age of Revelation 2 and 3. The tribulation period doesn’t actually begin until Revelation 6.

The seal judgements, and the introduction of the antichrist himself will then be prevalent. Consider a few of these scenarios, and then question whether or not they are presently in place.

The redeemed church (worldwide) has to be taken physically off of the planet. (This is known as the “Rapture of the church,”and nobody knows exactly who, or how many people are actually authentic saints of the true church, and will be taken). No independent nation will exist on its own. All sovereign governments will be dissolved and absorbed into one global dictatorship led by one man. The mark will somehow represent allegiance to that world leader. The scripture doesn’t give any details describing actual worship behavioral patterns in verses 16 and 17, as it does in verse 15 referring to the image of the beast. Only the Identification mandate is mentioned in verses 16 and 17, so we can’t be clear about how the mark will be connected to worshiping the antichrist. Nonetheless, whatever the mark is, it will have to be connected to him somehow for it to be the mark that is mentioned in Revelation 13. Whoever receives the mark will be given a choice between access to the necessities of life or perishing without them. If Physical force is ever used to implement these shots, or anything else for that matter, then they would not fit the criteria of Revelation 13, and therefore cannot be the mark. This was mentioned in more detail in the previous section. These are just a handful of easily identifiable landmarks out of a number of other situations to look for in identifying how one would know whether or not something is the actual Revelation 13 mark of the antichrist. This is also only applicable to genuine Christians. Without going too deep into the theology of it, the rest of the world will have no concern for such a thing. Places like; 2 Thessalonians: 2, Romans: 1, and a few others, they will be given over to believing what is false and follow the antichrist with no conviction. In other words; They won’t even care. The most popular view that I hear coming from some of my well-meaning pastor friends, as well as other brothers and sisters of the faith, is something along the lines of; “Well, it’s just kind of a precursor to the mark, you see”. Like a “practice run” (if you will) seems to be their way of putting it. In other words; It doesn’t really matter. As much as I do agree that there may be some probability that this “practice run” theory could very well play a part in a societal conditioning process that would need to take place before the antichrist takes his throne, I see a small problem with taking all of this that lightly with their idea being applied to a Revelation 13 type setting. If we conclude that this is a practice run for what life would be like to exist during the tribulation period under antichrist rule, then the question needs to be asked; “What should we as Christians be practicing”? “Should we practice resistance to an evil procedure that is based on lies and lawlessness, knowing that it would likely invite hardship, suffering and persecution brought on by the antichrist system?, or should we practice playing it safe, by warming up to world conformity in order to prevent any disruption in our comfort and security”? All I’m saying with that is; I think as Christians, the attitude that we take regarding our conclusive beliefs on this thing (whatever they may be), will ultimately guide the actions that we take in dealing with it. My intention is to be among the helpful, rather than the judgmental. I find myself in a place where I need to be very cautious not to write things onto the pages of scripture that aren’t there just because they seem so fitting, therefore they must be absolute. At the same time, I’m trying to stay mindful of the fact that we can’t just wish away the adversities that God has foreordained in His overall sovereign plan just because we don’t happen to like them.

Speaking only for myself regarding these shots; The language of Revelation 13 makes it a just a little bit too difficult for me to ignore the dynamics of the whole thing, and there are too many parallels that continue to steer me away from taking part in any of it.

Divide and Conquer; If I was asked to name the number one active ingredient that proved to be most effective in any offensive action, it would without a doubt be; Division. The age-old strategy has been used in countless conquests by most of our world’s dominating entities as the silver bullet that seldom fails in its mission. Think about it; Historically, it has been one of the preferred military maneuvers that is deployed as a battle plan given to soldiers for as far back as you want to go, and it still stands strong today. By nature, this tactic has even been built into part of the animal kingdom. What is the natural plan of attack that a pack of wolves (for example) will more often than not use to seize their prey? They pursue their potential morsel of meat at a

moment when it is isolated from the rest of its clan. The poor critter then becomes unprotected, helpless, and can easily be overcome. Why has this practice so often become the proverbial “Go To” method of defeating one’s opponent in any particular situation? This rules because it requires minimal effort, and it works. How many times have you heard it said; “Work smart, not hard”? As much value as I believe good old fashioned hard work has, I must say that there is some truth to this concept. I can remember the weapon of choice that our second grade teacher would wield against that one kid who just wouldn’t shut up and behave. It wasn’t a wooden paddle, or even the threat of going to the principal’s office. The rest of the class was used as the piercing arrow to the heart. It was effortless, and it seldom failed. Those simple words spoken in a very calm monotone voice to that one rebel; “Ok, since you won’t be quiet and behave, the entire class will be joining you for detention this afternoon” would get the old job done every time almost without exception. Every friend had suddenly become a foe to this unfortunate little perpetrator, and it would take a tremendous amount of time and persistence in attempting to win any of them back. This “Judo” style technique works so well because it uses the enemy’s own strength as a weapon against himself with minimal effort by the aggressor. It’s the set up that will determine how effective the strike will be. In other words; a good imagination is the best tool in the box. Only two things need to be put in place in order to gain a successful outcome in this endeavor; The creation of an argument needs to be introduced to the opposing party of interest. And then finding, or manufacturing a good narrative that will super inflate its relevance. That’s it.

In our natural world, we have witnessed every conceivable situation where the art of division has earned its place through many success stories. Unfortunately, this article of artillery is also very popular in the supernatural realm as well, and has been around as long as our ultimate enemy (namely “satan” himself). He made his grand entrance back in the third chapter of Genesis, he faces his final exodus into permanent judgment during the last chapter of Revelation, and he has been interfering with the affairs of mankind on every recorded page of scripture in between. His divisive influence over man remains very much alive and well today.

We don’t have to travel too far in order to find a real time illustration of demonic intervention that has caused massive destructive division among a common interest. It’s right here at home. Take a look at the two major parties that basically make up most of our nation’s political structure. Instead of looking after our well-being, and drawing God’s blessing, both the

Democrats, and the Republicans have each brought more than their share of reproach to the country and have invited God’s judgment upon our land through gross violations against Him.

The Democrats have spent decades attempting to pervert virtually every sacred ordinance that God has set forth to the nations as a moral compass. The nuclear family, the marriage bed, sexual orientation, human behavior, national economics, law & order, and impartial justice have all been completely flipped upside down. It seems there is very little that is still intact.


Just recently, they have gained enough power to push through just about every inconceivable piece of legislation that wouldn’t carry a trace of acceptability to a nation whose origin was founded on Biblical principles, and all done overnight with little or no opposition, or resistance.

Even though it may not appear as obvious on the surface, the Republican party has played its part in drawing negative attention from The Almighty as well. They continue to wave their banner of Truth, Justice, and the American way. They have always been well known for being the defenders of God’s moral standards that have prevailed between our shores from birth, and rightly so. There is of course something to be said for that, and nothing should be taken away from keeping that desire. The “God and Country” image that they have earned however, becomes ineffective when the “God” part is excluded, and only the “Country” remains.

Leaving God out and attempting to do things in our own strength never goes anywhere good. I’ve heard endless talk about invincible political figures, 80 million strong, third parties, upcoming elections, supreme court justices, hot shot attorneys, constitutional rights, the list goes on. Not a whisper about prayer, crying out for mercy, seeking forgiveness for national iniquity, not a call for Holy spirit guidance, nothing that resembles leaning on God for strength has reached my ears.

Moralizing a nation doesn’t fix the problem. It doesn’t work that way. People’s hearts have to be changed from the inside with the gospel, and then the outward behavior will reflect the inward conversion that takes place. Morality without God is a sham. By itself, it’s nothing, but pride, arrogance, and self-righteousness, and it doesn’t set real well with God. He’ll crush it fast!!

The tragedy is that; most people have been so blindsided by the whole thing, that nobody is paying attention to the real problem here, which is a divided nation that is filled with hatred and animosity toward one another. The real destruction isn’t coming from the individual parties themselves, per say, it’s all of the hostile infighting that is keeping the hand of doom well fed.

That’s why in this case, I believe that a demonic force is influencing the nation’s behavioral patterns and creating great division like I mentioned earlier. The reason that I hold that notion is because there are just too many variables that would never have taken place otherwise.

First, take a look at how many laws pertaining to our election system were basically mowed down and ignored as if they didn’t exist, in order to rapidly and recklessly move things through. The fact that there has been almost no cooperative attempt to dissolve the national dispute over its outcome by normal time-tested practices is not only disturbing, it’s just plain weird.

Another strange phenomenon that has crashed the party is the return of racial tensions. As troubling as this is to have buzzing around in a culture that is already filled to capacity with negative drama, the issue itself isn’t what’s the bigger problem. What’s puzzling to so many of us is how this dark shadow of our past had made its way back in as a poison to the present.

From the 1860’s up until around the mid 1980’s or so, the soil of our land was saturated with the ugly stain of racism. For nearly a century and a quarter, the bloodshed, the church burnings, the lynchings, and every other unimaginable act of hostility against a fellow human being has proven just how toxic this kind of mentality is to any nation that identifies itself as “United”.

In response, the tremendous efforts of those who chose to evict this unwelcomed occupant from the premises have made quite a statement in our history as well. Four or five decades worth of sacrificial endurances such as: Jailings, sporadic law enforcement bias, mob violence, name calling, and many other extreme hardships have revealed just how big of a deal this was, and how imperative it was to completely cleanse our country of this monster once and for all.

And for all intents and purposes, it worked. The cost of their quest has paid off well to say the least, and hailing them as heroes, I think would be fitting for every one of them. “Well Done”.

I know I have enjoyed the fruits of their labor for most of the 42 years of my adult life. I have reaped the benefits of the racist free utopia that they fought so hard to bring about. Dr. King’s dream had miraculously materialized into reality. The United States Airforce was the furnace that had fashioned my adulthood. In February of 1980, a young 19-year-old naive little boy was about to become a man. I was flown to San Antonio Texas for basic training, to become part of a tossed salad with 41 other naive little boys consisting of black, white, brown, yellow, red, and every other color on the spectrum who were just as petrified as I was. Not one racial problem.

Well, here I am today driving a truck. That career began shortly after my 4-year Military tour. I’ve set foot in most of our eastern states during my trucking experience, resided in 3 of them, and have never had a problem with race relations. A Lot of my closest relationships over the years have been with ethnicities other than my own. I guess I still suffer from “Color Blindness”. And I don’t think that I stand alone. Aside from a handful of remote areas where people still keep that little flame of hatred burning because it’s been ingrained in them from previous generations, as well as a few normal isolated incidents, very little racial tension seems to have plagued us.

As a whole, it seemed our nation had licked its wounds of racism, learned its lessons, and moved on. The results of healing are evident; We’ve achieved equality within our government, in our places of business, and our education system. it’s prevalent in our sports arenas, our entertainment industry, and our transportation sector. In fact, I can’t find a hint of discrimination that prevails against any of today’s ethnicities. I’d say that this country has come a long way forward through the efforts of those heroes in excommunicating this evil from our land.

Question: Why on earth would the dominant governing body of a free society, who possess both the historical knowledge about the real destructive capability of racism, as well as the full understanding as to the potential effect it would impose on their constituents, undo decades of progress by exhausting so much energy into the resurrection of this wicked sleeping giant?

Answer: They wouldn’t. No rational thinking leadership network would ever entertain the notion of such a thing. Especially all of its members simultaneously, and with no regard for the consequences that it would bring to the people in their sphere of responsibility. It’s beyond the realm of reason that it’s all just coincidental. From what I’ve observed take place over the last six or seven months, it’s difficult for me to believe that all of the recent strange governmental protocol is that of human work.

Connecting the dots from one scripture passage to another that clearly forecast what kind of situational happenings concerning prophetic events, the judgment of nations, and societal behavior patterns that are to take place to societies that they are describing, it makes a pretty interesting drawing of what things would actually look like in real time.

What took residence in our nation’s headquarters back in January of this year is nowhere close to the likes of anything that would represent a United States Government. It is apparent to me that a supernatural takeover could very well be at work by the installation of a satanically influenced world superpower that may have replaced our leaders. It’s not the capture of the United States of America by a foreign country as many suspect, but a global entity that will eventually absorb all independent sovereign nations. Even though nobody can say for sure when the inevitable will happen, at the appointed time God will give the current world system over to Satan in order to begin the process of its final destruction which will last seven years.

Make no mistake; Once this is set into motion, there’s no stopping it. What God has ordained in His prophetic word cannot and will not be prevented, altered, or derailed, in any way by the efforts of man. I would liken it to stringing a length of sewing thread between two trees across a set of railroad tracks, in an attempt to stop a downhill freight train. That’s just a simple analogy of the contrast between the power of the natural man vs. the supernatural. It could be that this procedure is already underway, and again; the plot of the enemy is to divide and conquer.

If I had to guess, I would lean toward the idea that this process is well under way in running its course. My theory is based on a number of places in the scriptures, but Romans chapter 1 seems to stand out in my thinking. The theme of verses 18 to the end of the chapter is focused around a series of sins and judgements between God and man that apply in a societal context. I also believe according to verses 20 and 21; it would be safe to say that the Apostle Paul was addressing the societies of every world culture, and in every era. He makes it clear that nobody is excused from God’s system of sowing and reaping, including the people of this generation.

The sins that are mentioned in Romans chapter 1 are; Suppression of truth, denial of God’s work in creation, denial of God’s Divine sovereignty, failure to give God honor, failure to give God credit, failure to give God gratitude, failure to acknowledge God as God, searching for man’s own purpose rather than God’s purpose for man, claiming self-appointed wisdom, replacing truth with lies, giving the glory that God deserves to man and animals, worshiping and serving God’s creation rather than God Himself, being filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, and malice. Being full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness, also; becoming gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventers of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, and ruthless. The passage also says that; they give hardy approval to everybody else who practices the same behavior. According to the scripture, this pattern will ultimately invite God’s judgment and wrath, rather than His blessings.

The type of judgment that God seems to use here is what is known as “Abandonment wrath”. Aside from natural disasters, sickness plagues, famine, and other inflictive methods of judgment that He has used against His perpetrators throughout Biblical history, this is where God sort of temporarily takes His influence out of man’s affairs, and allows their own evil nature to multiply from within. This of course causes a decimating implosion within the guilty society.

Let’s take a look at God’s punitive action, and imagine the obvious outcome of it; Their thinking became futile, their foolish hearts were darkened, they became fools, they were given over to their own lusts which lead to impurity and the dishonoring of their bodies, they were given over to a plague of homosexuality, and it’s due penalty (the scripture doesn’t say what that due penalty is. Some commentators speculate that it could be the AIDS epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s. Nobody can say for sure.), And finally; they were given over to a depraved mind (which in the Greek basically means useless or unable to function in a normal or productive fashion).

With everything that I see in Romans 1, it’s not easy for me to discount the all but word for word description of our own culture, but Romans 1 is only part of a bigger picture. What I find most interesting is; besides the Romans 1 parallel that has become an obvious reality to our nation, it’s how many of the other things that seem to also be rapidly developing simultaneously.

It’s sort of what I would describe as a number of situational events all meeting at a multi-road intersection (a scriptural crossroads if you will). There are a series of things that must take place before or during the 7-year tribulation period, and it is becoming more apparent to me that some developments could be well underway. A few of them have drawn my attention fairly recently.

I will use some space to highlight a few of those things I see that are possibly penetrating a lot of the barriers that once protected the sovereign super powers of today’s world.

The unification of global societies; When we think of the word “Unity”, most of us would tend to see it as always automatically producing a positive outcome, and assume that when everyone thinks alike, the only obvious result would be peace and harmony between all people. (Especially when it is used in a biblical context). The problem with that is that there is a difference between Unity and Conformity, and most folks will be led into conformity, thinking all the while that the development of a well purposed unity is what’s being implemented.

The most informative examples of unity in a biblical meaning are New Testament passages like Eph 4: 3-6, 1Cor 1: 10, or 1Peter 3: 8. Those teachings describe the idea of a “like minded thinking” among the saints who have been given the “Mind of Christ” through a supernatural spiritual transformation (known as Regeneration). It changes the will from desiring the things of the world into having a new desire toward things pertaining to God and His Righteousness.

Conformity can appear on the surface as if it is Unity, but a careful observation of our current circumstances will uncover the real agenda, and expose the work of the enemy which is to ultimately divide and conquer (in this case through a false “Unity”). Unlike Unity, Conformity demands a controlled behavior among any given group, and is based according to the ideas of a dominating force. It is achieved through fear, manipulation, coercion, and demonization.

In our case, the strategy was to create a crisis that would generate fear among the group. The fear then needed to continually be kept alive by repetitive messaging through whatever means was necessary, as well as silencing, and or slandering any opposing input that would threaten to derail the fear driven narrative in any way. The next step in the process was to introduce the artificial antidote to cure the crisis, and to direct the group’s trust in the antidote solely to the

dominating entity (namely the present governing body). As the fear grows, it produces desperation which leads to erratic and impulsive behavioral patterns among the people. As this process picks up speed in its progression, the continual state of panic creates a strong dependency on the dominating party, while draining the group’s confidence in making intelligent decisions of which had been previously made based on information, conscience, and morality.

At the same time, this process continues to generate more power to the dominating force. The end game is to ultimately reach a point where they gain almost unlimited influence on the group. They would then of course have the ability to steer the herd in any direction they choose.

The only real obstacle would obviously be the resistance (and there will be those who resist during any tyrannical movement for one reason or another almost without exception). The same pattern has historically been used over and over again because it works. Once the fear takes root, they can go to work. They first start with little enticements; a sort of “Carrot on the stick” (if you will) type of coercion to see how many they can catch in a cheap and easy fashion.

It then continues ramping up, making its way to their ultimate weapon of choice which is to Divide and Conquer and here we are. Again, stopping short of physical force, the final method of “demonizing the resistance” will win over most of the holdouts with (in most cases) only a small handful of reluctant exceptions. The art of demonization doesn’t take much to achieve success.

A good imagination accompanied with a healthy measure of persistence will get the old job done almost every time. The goal is to repeatedly portray the resistant ones as a mortal threat to the compliant ones until the mechanics of the technique itself begin to take over all of the heavy lifting (just like the example of the elementary school teacher that was previously mentioned).

As the process gains momentum, it becomes almost impossible for even the most well informed to inject any rationality at all into a simple discussion. Eventually it yields zero tolerance for debate. Just in case anyone believes that these shots have not caused division, I can personally testify that I have been experiencing my share of it. I’ve had negative reactions among family members. I’ve had a good relationship in the workplace turn sour because the person had developed the notion that it is somehow unfair if not everybody gets the shot. My wife and I had someone insinuate to us during a conversation some months ago the idea that; The ones refusing to take the shot are somehow holding everyone else up from getting back to normal. We’ve even encountered an unkind remark pop up in a local church, I’m sorry to say.

In my sixty years of life, I can not recall a greater instrument of destructive division that seems to have shattered so many relationships of both the secular, and the sacred by the sowing of its deadly seeds of discord than these Covid 19 shots. Now, it is true that Demonization has often been used to win over many groups of people to various kinds of conformity in different historical situations, but never has it been done globally with such a persuasive attraction toward a proposed response to an adverse situation among the majority of every world culture simultaneously. That’s what makes this so unique, and what makes it apocalyptic. According to the prophetic end time theme of the Bible, the whole world will be onboard with the same idea. The reality of what’s taking place right now and the effect that it has produced would have been unimaginable only a short time ago. As for how all of this will affect America, I have my own theory. This is how I see it possibly playing out; Our political structure is made up of two major parties, namely; the Democratic, and the Republican parties (as discussed earlier). It is evident to me that a universal world government has likely taken residence within our capital, and is now practicing an experimental preliminary tyrannical rule over the people of this nation just because her time may have come punitively and prophetically. I believe that God has wielded a sort of poetic justice by using both parties to play a part in ushering in the final antichrist system of government according to their continual sinful practices. I think because the Democrats have been the party of perversion, God has used them as a doorway for our government to become “possessed” (if you will) by the coming satanic rule. This is why just about every pillar of our constitutionally protected safeguards have been completely flipped on their head, basically becoming null and void, making way for some of the most unimaginable perverse regulations and mandates superseding our sacred laws. Keep in mind; To pervert simply means to reverse.

I also see the Republicans as being far from exempt in playing a major role in God’s hand of judgment as well, for the many reasons that were mentioned earlier in this section. Because the republicans have repeatedly sought every conceivable avenue in protecting our way of life by the power of man, I believe that God has in a sense stepped back, and let them experience the reality of sowing and reaping. I’ll say it again; “Morality without God is a sham”. To their credit; Protecting Judeo Christian principles has always been on the forefront of the republican agenda.

Now, on the surface, this seems like a noble cause, and for all intents and purposes, it has been. Protecting the principals however isn’t the issue, and it has never been the real problem.

The trouble shows up in how they’re now going about it. Historically, Our founding fathers had developed a great dependence on God, and taught that He alone was the source of strength in all of life’s functions. They believed that He was the source of all our needs as well.

They also taught that the laws God had set forth to the nations were to be observed and obeyed by all members of the society, particularly those of our own.


This idea had been handed down through many generations, and the practice of it had stood strong for a little over two centuries. And thus is the time tested foundation of the GOP. That is up until the last four or five decades anyway. There has been an ongoing deterioration of “God’s worth” (if you will) in the functioning body of the republican party, and I have been paying attention to it recently. I’ve been seeing a sort of self reliant smug attitude that has been growing through the ranks, and rather quickly I might add. I’ve lived long enough to experience the little by little shifting from what was a somewhat God fearing, moral conscience society that still had somewhat of a flavor of the original republican’s influence upon it, become what it is today.

A compromise here, a compromise there, Replace God here, replace Him there, and here we are. Now it seems like their play book calls for an all out assault on seeking God’s counsel or assistance in any of their efforts. This is flat out Idolatry, and it’s stench has reached His nostrils

Yes; I see God saying to the republicans something like; “So you don’t need Me? You got this one, have ya”? Yall are going to take on Satan in your own strength, Are ya? “OK, have a party”.

Unchallenged stolen elections, rampant perversion, wide spread censorship, a false information system, unanswered lawlessness, a lopsided social justice criteria, civil unrest, massive destruction of property, utter economic collapse, resource deprivation, an unresolved health pandemic, an out of control homicide crisis, the unwelcome return of large scale racism, a plague of slothfulness in the industrial sector, an unreliable supreme court, an eroding morality, a watered down constitution, a military that has been defanged and declawed, and a system of law enforcement that has been stripped of its effective tools are just a taste of the harvest that is produced by a house divided. And this is just the beginning of sorrows. The tribulation will make the diabolical dynamics of what we are now experiencing seem like a day at six flags in comparison. It’s like I can almost hear the roar of a great voice thundering down out of the heavens; “DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION”? How’s all your self effort working out for ya”?

I keep hearing the same question asked over and over; “Where are the republicans”? I believe the answer is that they have abandoned their only source of strength, and have proven to be void of any functioning ability without God on their side. “News Flash”; All the efforts of mere man are no match for the supernatural realm, especially in these times of increasing

demonic activity. My theory is that God has abandoned the republicans. This is their due penalty for their idolatry against Him. God has left them useless against the takeover of the democrats by the antichrist government. I believe this is why the republicans are not doing anything about the corruption that has invaded our land. It has become a matter of inability. It’s not because they won’t do anything about the democratic corruption, it’s simply because they can’t.

The dissolving of world superpowers; Another road meeting at our scriptural intersection is that all independent sovereign nations will need to be dissolved into one universal dominating entity, no exemptions, no exceptions. This of course, will make way for the antichrist to move forward with his agenda. Go back to January 2020 and try to imagine somebody forecasting a detailed description of our current world situation, with a two year timeline of implementation attached to it. I don’t think there would have been ten people (including myself) that could have been convinced in the likelihood of such a thing taking place within that timeline, yet here we are.

The reality of what we are currently experiencing not only puts on display the overwhelming power of God, as He providentially carries out His plan, but just how quickly it can interrupt, and completely take over man’s agenda. God’s program is unstoppable, and will take its set place.

This particular phenomenon poses a question that many people have asked; Where does America fit into all of this? What’s most interesting is that; The bible doesn’t seem to make a place for her in its prophetic writings pertaining to the events of the end time tribulation period.

Lots of well meaning folks have presented some creative arguments in an effort to graft the United States into the eschatological picture. Dressing her up as Revelation 18’s Babylon The Great seems to be the most popular attempt. Although there are some undeniable parallels between the makeup of modern day America, and chapter eighteen’s description of Babylon the Great, it’s kind of a stretch with too many other missing factors. I lean toward the idea of the ancient Genesis 11 city of Babylon being resurrected (which is actually now modern day Iraq).

Personally I believe that in His appointed time, God had ordained the birth of America. He had built her up in strong economic prosperity, rich resource abundance, and fierce military might in order to use her as a minister of justice, righteousness, and agricultural blessing around the world. I imagine that the spreading of the gospel has proven to be a very fulfilling purpose for America in God’s hand as well, with her army of missionaries. It seems to me that there has been two things that kept America in God’s favor; One being that the Judeo Christian foundation of her government had drawn His blessing by lining up with the criteria that He had set forth for the nations. Biblical references such as Jeremiah chapter 1 for example mention this.

The other thing that I strongly believe has kept The U.S. in God’s favor is her stand with Israel. This goes back to the Abrahamic blessing and cursing covenant mandated to the nations in Genesis 12, and could also very likely be the bigger part of God’s purpose for America, which has been to protect Israel (up until now that is). This leads us to another intersecting crossroad;

The world wide abandonment of Israel; Scripture makes it clear that; during the time of the tribulation period, Israel will be standing alone before God finally vindicates her from the antichrist toward the end of the 7 years. Zechariah chapters 12, and 14 specifically state that; “All nations will be gathered against Jerusalem”. The setting of these passages take place during the tribulation period, but don’t necessarily give a timeline on when the nations will actually turn against Israel. It’s possible that the nations could have already been set against Jerusalem before the time the tribulation period is underway, we don’t know. What we do know is that; Israel is God’s prophetic time clock and she will be a major player in the end time events.

To say that the Geopolitical Landscape has been extremely erratic, and has had abrupt changes to its structure over the last half year would be an understatement. Think about it; Israel became a nation again on May the 14th 1948. During the 6 day war, they re-occupied the city of Jerusalem for the first time in one thousand, eight hundred, and ninety seven years.

Keep in mind that the United States was one of Israel’s last supportive allies. In the last year, we showed the door to the most “Pro-Israel” president in U.S. history, while rolling out the red carpet to one of the most anti Semitic regimes ever to occupy our White House. The implications of this are almost incomprehensible. We’ve not only armed the enemies of Israel with some of our most sophisticated armament by that foolish Afghanistan debacle last summer, but we’ve put our own selves in harm’s way as well. America has turned herself against Israel.

Where do I see America in the tribulation? “I don’t”. If anything, she may exist for a while as a third world entity at best. My guess is that God has used America to bring Israel to her prophetic place in eschatological history, and now her purpose is at an end. The United States of America has never been a covenant nation. God owes us nothing. Our time may have come, and if it has, that would mean that God has given

America is likely under judgment for the sins of Romans 1, may also be experiencing the preliminary stages of the Genesis 12 repercussions for turning against Israel, and finally just simply being eliminated as an independent superpower nation to make way for the antichrist.

Now, in light of the fact that division has been an effective tool used by evil forces for eons, the question needs to be asked; Are you being used by an evil entity as an instrument of division?

Human nature causes folks to retaliate when hostility is railed against them. It’s to be expected. We all have been born with a fallen nature that is bent toward hatred and vengeance.

If you’re a proclaimed Christian reading this, I think that it would be a good idea to examine the kind of actions that you’ve been taking throughout this whole ordeal, and see if they square with what the scriptures have to say regarding our reactions as followers of Christ. If you’ve been truly transformed by Jesus Christ, the Bible teaches that your old nature has been replaced by a new one. Your old nature was constantly being given over to evil desires. If you have been truly converted, your old nature should not exist. Your new nature should be drawing you towards the desire for gentleness, kindness, and forgiveness. If you’ve been involved in blame casting, evil speaking, name calling, and cursing, you need to know that you’ve been involved in sin, and you need to repent of it. I implore you to seek The Lord for forgiveness and restoration.

If you claim to be a representative of Jesus Christ, please keep in mind that; His reputation is the one that is on display, not yours. No where in the teachings of the Gospels, the acts of the apostles, the epistles, or anywhere else in the new testament are we instructed to wield hatred or aggression toward our fellow man. Our response as Christians according to what the bible teaches us is one that shows love, patience, kindness and mercy in any situation. Titus 3: 1-7 is a good reminder of where we came from, how we got to where we are now, and why we shouldn’t look down on those who are where we once were. I too need to be reminded of that.

“That’s right”, I struggle with the temptation of responding in a non loving way just like the next guy. We were never promised that following Christ would be easy, but we must be diligent as Christians to pursue righteousness in the way we do things. “I’m working on that”. Ephesians 6: 12 reminds us that; Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against evil forces in the heavenly places. In other words; Our fellow man is not our enemy. To those of us who name the name of Christ, our issue is with the supernatural. If we continue in the pursuit of destructive behavior against the natural man, we’re doing nothing but destroying our testimony, bringing shame to the name of Jesus Christ, and if we’re not careful; we will end up turning our mission field into the enemy, thus neutralizing the sole purpose of our very existence on this side of eternity as a body of believers, namely; The Great Commission of Matthew 28: 19 and 20 .

Taking part in the offensive aggression of any kind against other human beings in a foul, or belittling way is nothing short of participating in the dividing work of our supernatural enemy (namely Satan and his demonic cohorts). You are therefore fighting to further strengthen the enemy’s cause rather than taking the Lord’s side which is to build up His kingdom through love.

The Lie; And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: [2 Thessalonians 2: 11] KJV. The setting context, as well as the punitive context of the verse that I’ve chosen to introduce this section is, in most commentators’ conclusions; a judgment to those who have heard about, yet had procrastinated in receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior during the church age to the point where it was forever too late. They have therefore missed the rapture of the church, and have found themselves in the tribulation period with no hope of ever believing what’s true, but being supernaturally plagued by deception.


That’s the short version of their commentary, and I can get onboard with most of it except for a few theological snags that stand in the way of me buying into their entire thesis. The tribulation period is the contextual setting for this verse as it takes its place in the narrative of the chapter, and could have somewhat of a relevance to our current crisis depending on where we are on God’s prophetic calendar. That’s not what was so intriguing to me however when choosing this verse as a connection to today’s diabolical climate. This is one of those sections of scripture that has always left me with a puzzled imagination. I was never able to completely wrap my mind around what the actual dynamics would look like in making some of these prophecies even possible to play out as they are described on the pages of the scriptures.

What’s been drawing more of my attention lately is the effective mind manipulating power that seems to be materializing among many of us. This prophecy, when taken in an action type context could very well be showing us through this situation, a real live demonstration of how it will come to pass in its time, by seeing what the “would be” result of such a thing that appears to be actually taking place right here in our midst. Think about it; What would it really look like if the majority of the world’s population took everything they were told by the governing authorities through the mainstream information system, and just believed all of it without question? The passage implies just that. I have little doubt that the same judgment that is portrayed in the prophecy pertaining to the tribulation is being implemented at this time. It’s amazing what a little bit of prayer for The Holy Spirit’s revelation and guidance, along with some good topical biblical research, and word study will do for us in our effort to sort out the “Who, How, Why, When, and Where” application in any portion of scripture. Hastily reading things over on the surface out of a favorite English translation of the bible generally produces the same shotty conclusive results.

The bible is an ancient document containing over 4200 years of diverse recorded information. It demands a careful in depth examination pertaining to its historical, cultural, and linguistic settings that would need to be considered when attempting to interpret an accurate application to our present era. With that, this is why I believe this portion of scripture has relevance to our day.

The first consideration is that The bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 14:33 that God is not the author of confusion. (akatastasia in the Greek, which means; instability, disorder, commotion, tumult). The question then needs to be asked: Why would God orchestrate a state of delusion over most of the world if He himself is not the source of anything that would cause confusion? The answer is that; He doesn’t need to play a “hands-on” role in any of His work, and I find that He seldom does. It’s apparent that God’s method of carrying things out is usually done in

more of an indirect way by working through the different kinds of His created entities. We know this because there are a fair amount of examples throughout scripture that clearly point this out.

Speaking through Balaam’s donkey in Numbers 22, or using a whale to get Jonah’s attention are a couple familiar examples of God using animals that would immediately come to mind .

Naturally there are obviously countless people that He uses to speak and act through as well. And of course He uses angels more often than not to make many of His moves. And yes, He uses the entire angelic realm including Satan himself along with the third of angles that have become his demonic cohorts. Do a study on how many times in the bible that God uses Satan and his demons to serve His purposes, and you’ll run into plenty of them. The thorn in the flesh of 2 Corinthians 12 would be a good place to go for starters. Contrary to what most people are led to believe, fallen angels (including Satan) are not exempt from being under the control of God, (as if they are able to “sneak one in on Him” once in a while), it just doesn’t work that way.


They are subject to His sovereign rule as much as the Holy angels are. There’s God, and then there’s everything else, and God is in control of the “everything else” that was created by Him.

The bottom line is that God is absolutely sovereign, and therefore completely in charge of His entire creation with nothing getting by, or taking Him by surprise. There is no battle between God and Satan for supreme power. Satan and demons cannot run around willfully doing whatever they want to whomever they choose. They never have, they aren’t now, and they never will.

The scriptures reveal to us quite a number of characteristics that make up Satan. A few that would apply to the here and now are found in places like John 8: 43-44 for instance, telling us that; “There is no truth found in him, and that he is the father of lies”. We also see an encounter in Acts 5: 3 of Peter confronting Ananias that Satan had caused him to lie to The Holy Spirit. The bible also identifies him as the great deceiver. His interaction with mankind began back in Genesis 3 with Eve in the garden, and he has remained extremely effective even well into the prophetic future, where; during the tribulation period, Revelation 12: 9 calls him “The deceiver of the whole world”. Today’s climate would show plenty of evidence that he is alive and well.

Combining these biblical realties with a brief word study on the verse yields an interesting scenario in its application possibilities. The three different Greek words for “Send”, “Strong”, and “Delusion” are [“pempo”] (meaning; to dispatch), [“energeia”] (From which we get our word; “Energy”) (meaning; Active, Effective, Powerful, Strong, Effectual, Working), and [“planay”]

(meaning; Fraudulence, A straying from orthodoxy or piety, Deceit, To deceive, Delusion, Error)

Applying both the facts taken from our biblical research study, and the word study to the process of reaching an interpretation of the verse, I think we can glean a fairly accurate meaning of it. We know that God doesn’t directly cause confusion. We know that God uses whatever, and whomever He wants to orchestrate His plan. We know that Satan ranks second to none in causing lies, and deception. Quoting this verse in its original Greek language, along with considering these truths, it would give the idea of; God dispatching the master deceiver to supernaturally carry out a powerful irresistible influence on a reprobate world society. This would simultaneously fulfill different judgmental aspects of His sovereign plan, including giving the unbelieving world over to a spirit of gullibility. We know that at an appointed time; the world is destined to be ruled by an antichrist who will be possessed by Satan for the purpose of running the tribulation period through its course. I don’t know if we have reached that point yet, and I don’t think anybody else does. If I had to guess, I would say that we are at the very least, right on the brink of entering into the tribulation. I can’t see things ever going back the other way.

And frankly; why would any Christian want it to? I mean; What If all of these events that we have been experiencing are indeed the introduction to the tribulation period with its antichrist rule? Then how close is the rapture of the church? Just sayn’. I say “Come quickly Lord Jesus”!

But for now, as far as the shots are concerned, from everything I’ve seen, heard, and experienced over the last year or so, I cannot conclude anything other than the reality that; these shots have been built up on a pack of lies. They were produced on lies right out of the gate by being called “Vaccines” before their time, and continue to be sold as such to this day. They are continually being promoted on lies by suppressing, manipulating, and silencing every avenue of challenging information that would offer an opposing argument to their cause. And they are continually being aggressively pushed by people who practice lies. I cannot, and will not with good conscience take part in any program of which its whole structure has been produced, promoted, and sustained solely on a lie, but that’s my own conviction….




If you have reached this point, thanks for taking the time to read over my personal conclusions. I’m making no claim of being any kind of a literary expert. There are likely countless grammatical and punctuational errors, along with plenty of poorly constructed sentences and paragraphs. It will not get the help of a professional editor. I have chosen to run it just the way it is. I’m confident that when I put this in print, I will likely come up with another 23 pages of things that I wanted to say, but enough is enough, and I must conclude that I have

made my case to whomever it may concern. The reason this took so long in its production was because I had little opportunity to carve out small chunks of time to sit in front of it with a busy life schedule. That is actually a good thing, because it will show just how much has progressed since I took this on last spring. I purposely did not go back and update earlier sections for that very reason. To get an idea of just how many circumstantial changes had taken place since last May, I made a list (not necessarily in order) off the top of my head of things I saw as interesting;

The Pfizer jab had won FDA approval over the summer, the J&J had been temporarily shut down and restored for blood clots, Mandates and passports were implemented in entertainment venues, and different sectors of the workplace. People were let go from their jobs due to expired mandated deadlines, an attempt was made to federalize the mandates, The federal appeals court had shot down the proposed mandates. The supreme court is due to take the case on January 7th, Anthony Fauci was on record lying to congress about gain of function research, and is currently maintaining his position, the claim of 2 more variants have been made globally public, mask mandates had been loosened, and have recently made a comeback, independent free sovereign nations have exercised militant enforcement on mandates and lockdowns, a

major airline had shut down for lack of staff due to mandates, and then rescinded them, a nationwide supply chain crisis had developed due to a diminishing workforce, a growing number of booster shots are being imposed on the public at the same time an explosion of breakthrough cases soar into the tens of thousands, the push has been on to stick the needle into children as young as 5 years old, proven treatments have been demonized and / or banned. I could go on.

Another point of interest that I had taken note of along the way was how many people had taken the shots for reasons other than Covid 19. I will close with a small “top of my head” list; “My wife drives a school bus”, “I’ll get fired if I don’t”, “My son won’t allow me to attend his

wedding without it”, “I need to get into the nursing home to visit my mother”, “I feel like an outcast”, “I’m being told that I’m at fault for the outbreaks”, “I don’t want to get discharged from the military”, “I thought it was going to keep me from having to wear a mask”, “It’s my patriotic duty”, “I figured they wouldn’t bug me anymore if I got it”, “I won’t be able to go back to school unless I get it”, “ I couldn’t travel without one”, “So & So wouldn’t let up, they kept on beating it into the ground, so I finally gave in and got mine hoping they’d shut up about it”!! Funny but sad.

Well, we’re back to where we started. Everyone has to decide for themselves. A lot has happened over the last 7 months, but nothing has changed with me. I just finished filling 23 pages with my own convictions. I expect things to get tighter, and more difficult as time marches on, but I plan to pray for strength as I stand on my convictions. Peace in Christ; Doug



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  1. Last week, The Boston Globe had an editorial urging its readers to “take a stand against” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.and his efforts against forced mandates. Most of RFK’s kids are self absorbed jokers. Congressman Joe Kennedy and his son Joey showed that. However, RFK, Jr. is a bright spot in that family of phonies. His book on the vaccine is scientifically backed up. He tells the truth about the adverse effects of the vaccine. He also highlights the ineffectiveness of the vaccine. He calls Fauci and the current administration as clueless. That upsets John Henry’s Globe. Henry was so upset that the Yawkey name be on a street. Yet every major hospital in the area has a Yawkey center. Many health clinics are paid for by the Yawkey Foundation. Recently the Yawkey Foundation donated millions of dollars to build homes for the homeless. I see no John Henry hospitals or homeless shelters. Just overpriced Fenway Park and a biased newspaper.

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