March for Medical Freedom SUNDAY IN BOSTON – DJ’s Plight: Taken Off Heart Transplant List for Not Being ‘Vaccinated’


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David B Ferguson, Jr. (DJ) is the father of two young children soon to be three, feels forced to play Russian Roulette with his life at Brigham & Womens’s Hospital in Boston where he has been hospitalized for weeks. After complications from Afib and deteriorating heart failure he has been left with no choice but to have a heart transplant. He was placed on the Transplant List only to be informed that he could no receive the lifesaving procedure unless he got the Covid Vaccine. The 31 year old has had a short history of Afib, which puts him at high risk for adverse reaction and even death. Each day there are more and more reports of men in his age range who are severely debilitated or worse, dying of heart attacks after receiving the shot.

Why deliberately put a high risk patient in harm’s way with an unproven shot? DJ’s choice to refuse the COVID Vax is a protective measure allowing his own immune system to work for him, rather than taking the risks associated with a manufactured vaccine that has yet to be shown effective with a patient in his critical state.

B&W Hospital has made it clear that they put public policy over the patients at their hospital, clearly in violation of their own mission statement, even going so far as to state that they would most likely reject the heart of an unvaccinated donor. The head cardiologist figuratively held a heart over DJ’s head, saying that if he got the shot today, he could have a new heart by Monday. This is coercive and discriminatory medical apartheid has now reached beyond the grave.

Their premise for insisting on the vaccine is to prevent rejection, infection and virus. It would then follow that patients would would need a vaccine against any and all viruses. Furthermore, COVID is a virus that DJ believes he has already h ad and he has requested that the hospital test him for the antibodies. If he has them, then he is at least, if not more protected naturally than as he would be with a manufactured vax.

Please help DJ and his family with the mounting costs they are incurring as they deal with this devastating, life threatening ordeal. Prayers, Shares and contributions are all helpful and welcome.

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