Democrat Voter Fraud near Cape Cod in the Plymouth-Barnstable Senate Race? –

Was there rampant voter fraud and fraudulent ‘Mail-in-Ballots’ in the May 2020 State Senate Race near Cape Cod – in the Plymouth-Barnstable race?

How do we know mail in ballots will be a disaster for Massachusetts?

Well, that appears to be just one of MANY irregularities now leaking about the the recent Senate Race near Cape Cod.

Here’s one of apparently several notices of how people received absentee ballot requests which they did not request.



AS AN EXAMPLE: Here’s a related posting from a residence in Las Vegas, NV:

How did this happen?  How do multiple ballots not requested show up at a home? 

60% of the poll workers were newbies – first-timers, and not properly trained according to the town clerk, due to lack of time, when so many of long-time regulars declined to participate this year, due to fears of Covid virus.

We have received a note of an eye-witness to “ballot stuffing” and await details and if others will go on the record, and file charges. Failing same, if such stuffing took place, well, the stuffer got away with it.

Many have asked why the Plymouth Town Clerk abruptly resign – announce his retirement from the position – the day after the election? Well, our editor spoke directly with him, extensively, regarding the difficulties of running an election in the Covid environment, and what the clerk felt, and how, after 28 years, he was ready to just give it an end….more details later.

What can you share?

Contact us: by e-mail or 833-800-NEWS or 978-352-6800.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Stay tuned for more information about what some have termed “the stealing of the McMahon victory.”

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