“Millis, MA Town Clerk CONFIRMS ‘GLITCH’ in Voting Software”

Project Veritas Released Today a Video featuring Millis, Mass. Town Clerk CONFIRMING ‘GLITCH’ That Sent Mail-In-Ballots To Voters That Didn’t Request Them!


NOV. 25, 2020: Project Veritas released a new video today of a town clerk in Millis, Massachusetts, Lisa Jane Hardin, who confirmed that a glitch resulted in hundreds of mail-in ballots being sent to voters that didn’t request them.
Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:
• Lisa Jane Hardin, Millis Town Clerk: “It was something in the computer program that entered them as having applied for the November ballot.”
• Hardin: “Well, it was some programming error…”
• Hardin: “So, theoretically they shouldn’t have been in there [computer system] at all as wanting to have something mailed to them.”
• Hardin: “We weren’t supposed to just mail out ballots to people unless they ask for it.”
This video is yet another example of the government failing to uphold Voter Integrity.
How can Americans trust that our voting system is secure when government officials admit to these sorts of failures?
Project Veritas will continue to investigate voting irregularities since the Mainstream Media refuses to do the job.
In Truth,
James O’Keefe


4 Replies to ““Millis, MA Town Clerk CONFIRMS ‘GLITCH’ in Voting Software”

  1. This is disgusting. The whole thing is a fraud and is not going to give the people who voted, their rights. It’s just horrible and especially with judges dismissing the cases! I’ll never trust in our voting system again if it’s not fixed!

  2. I’m with you Debbie. If Biden’s butt is sitting in the oval in January, I’ll never vote again. Democrats, once again, get away with blatant corruption. There’s surveillance everywhere we go today, but none at the polls?

    1. BY saying you will never vote again, you are giving in to the cheaters. Put anger in action by volunteering as a poll watcher next time. Don’t give up. Keep the faith!

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