One Reply to “President Donald J. Trump’s Video Statement on Election and Capitol Violence – Those Who Broke the Law, You Will Pay

  1. My last comments on this subject. Nancy, the power hungry, octogenarian never wanted impeachment proceedings against Mr. Obama when he incited division. His statements during the Ferguson, MO crisis and Zimmerman trial incited rioting and division. Nancy has a fascist like appetite for power and submission for those who question her. It’s 2021. Baby boomers are elderly now. Yet we have pre-baby boomer “leadership” in the House and White House. Nancy doesn’t care about the 80 million people who voted for Trump. She is just an elderly, arrogant loudmouth who wants to show us how “tough” she is. She hates the man who gave us the best economy in 50 years and prevented war with N.Korea.. Election fraud and corruption are normal to her.

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