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Executive Director of Gun Owners’ Action LeagueJim Wallace Calls Out WBUR and Liberal Politicians for Propaganda Broadcast


Executive Director of Gun Owners’ Action League
Jim Wallace Calls Out WBUR and Liberal
Politicians for Propaganda Broadcast


In a rare message to members, Jim Wallace, the executive director of Gun Owners’ Action League, sent out a recorded video ripping the bark off the propaganda spewed unabatedly in a forum hosted by WBUR in mid-March.

“I just wanted to quickly bring to your attention something so egregious that took part through WBUR yesterday,” Wallace explained. “They held an event called ‘Tackling Gun Violence,’ and on their panel were people like Governor Charlie Baker, Attorney General Maura Healey, Speaker of the House Rob DeLeo, and John Rosenthal from Stop Handgun Violence. There was not one person on their panel that had working knowledge of Massachusetts gun laws, or the drastic effects they have had on lawful gun owners, and not reducing crime.”

“We’re going to show you just a really quick snippet of one of the comments from John Rosenthal on the panel, and the fact that no one called him on it,” Wallace said. “This is actually John suggesting that hunting humans is legal in the United States. You cannot go forward with misinformation like this and come up with rational, responsible policy. Watch this.”

John Rosenthal: “I have hunted, and I have a shotgun. And when I hunt, I got to get a license to hunt. And when I hunt deer, I’m limited to five rounds. When I hunt duck, three rounds, to protect the duck and deer. When you hunt humans, no limit. That is unconscionable public policy.”

Wallace continued, “Now, having just watched that 30 second clip from a two-hour episode sponsored by WBUR, you can imagine the lies that were perpetrated during that event. Not one person ever asked a question about all the lies that were spread.

“It is our job at Gun Owners’ Action League, and your job as a member, to make sure that our legislators and our fellow citizens know the truth, and know for a fact that what happened at WBUR was in fact a propaganda event.

“Now, I’ve never used that term in my entire career. It sounds a lot like tinfoil hat stuff, but you cannot call it anything else. What happened at WBUR last night in their Tackling Gun Violence event was pure propaganda. It did not represent the truth. It did not represent the failures of gun control laws in Massachusetts, and it will only further to make citizens lose their civil rights and make us more dangerous in the most violent state in the Northeastern United States.”

In December, GOAL had issued a detailed rebuke of the state’s laws and particularly called out Speaker DeLeo for his lies about the results of gun legislation. Thus far, despite sending a comprehensive report, complete with charts, details, and references to every media outlet (TV, print, and radio) in the state, the Boston Broadside has been the only paper to share the report with the public.


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