Cape Cod: Beaty Announces Program Advocating Parental Rights in Education

Beaty Announces Proposal for New Barnstable County Sponsored Program

Advocating Parental Rights in Education

 April 5, 2022 – CAPE COD, MA: Republican Barnstable County Commissioner Candidate Ron Beaty announced his proposal today to establish a robust County sponsored program to vigorously support, promote, expand, and advocate for parental rights in education on Cape Cod.

Beaty said, “When elected County Commissioner on Cape Cod, I will immediately set to work with setting up the necessary structure for a County service aimed at assisting parents in all fifteen towns and local school districts to learn about and facilitate exercise of their parental rights relative to the education of their children.”

Beaty continued, “We need to advocate for parental rights in education because parents know what is best for their children. When it comes to protecting the children of Cape Cod, parental rights are the first line of defense.”

County Commissioner Candidate Ron Beaty explained, “I strongly believe that parents are the central and most vital educators in a kid’s life. A mom and dad possess the distinctive capacity to mold their child’s character and views, however, they face numerous challenges and options these days. Current public education is very different from a generation ago, with some professional educators and their unions trying to replace parents as the principal mentors.”

Ron Beaty propounded, “It is crucial that parents adopt an active role in their children’s education. They need to start by deciding between public, private or home schooling, and continue with attendance at school board meetings, holding conferences with teachers to talk about lesson plans and basically through sustaining a dialogue with their offspring concerning what they’re learning and hearing about in school.”

Beaty went on, “At a policy level, I strongly endorse the reinstatement of decision-making authority over school policy and fiscal matters to parents, locally elected school boards and taxpayers. Furthermore, current parental notification laws need to be robustly enhanced and improved. By this, I mean that the process needs to be changed to an ‘opt-in’ law which would direct schools to enable parents to opt their kids into any class, official gathering, or other school event where questionable content would be discussed.”

Beaty finally said, “Updates and more definitive details of my proposal for a County sponsored program dedicated to supporting and advocating for parental rights in education will be provided during the weeks ahead at my website at: as well as by periodic social media postings by me.”

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