“Plymouth County Commission Chairperson Sandra Wright  Endorses Ron Beaty for Barnstable County Commissioner”


“Plymouth County Commission Chairperson Sandra Wright  Endorses Ron Beaty for Barnstable County Commissioner”


Plymouth, MA, November 2, 2022- My name is Sandra Wright , and I am Chairperson of the Plymouth County Commissioners. Today I am formally announcing my  endorsement of Ronald Beaty as a Republican Candidate for County Commissioner on Cape Cod.


I firmly believe that Ron is by far the more dynamic and qualified candidate in the upcoming 2022 Election for Barnstable County Commissioner. He prizes his powerful commitment to conservative values like limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and adherence to the Massachusetts and U. S. Constitutions.


Ronald Beaty is a long-time Open Meeting Law Advocate, and Cape area community and political activist relating to a range of issues such as county government fiscal matters, restructuring, county-level recall election provision issues, the Cape Cod Commission and its land use planning activities, wastewater and water quality policy, housing and zoning legislation, as well as illegal immigration to name but a few of the important issues he has confronted.


A native-born lifelong Cape Cod resident, Ron Beaty possesses the requisite graduate level education, professional real estate experience, along with the invaluable traits of tenacity and persistence to represent the residents of the Cape Cod at the County level in a profoundly effective manner.


If elected, Ron will work hard to reduce taxes at all levels, and help remove the regulatory burden of  government. He is a loyal ally of Massachusetts taxpayers, staunchly defends our free enterprise system, and will actively seek to create a positive and friendly business environment within the fifteen towns of the Cape.


Pursuing a sensible approach to economic development on Cape Cod will be one of Ron’s top priorities because that is the key to halting the continuing outflow of the Cape’s younger generation.


It is with resolute confidence that I strongly urge the voters of Cape Cod to come out in force on Election Day and support Ronald Beaty, Republican Candidate for Barnstable County Commissioner.

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