Mass. Democrat Party Chair Agrees: Amy ‘Digital Fingerprints’ Carnevale is the Best Choice to Lead Republicans

From: Gus Bickford <>
Date: February 1, 2023 at         PM EST
Subject: Hey! Let’s talk about Something We can Agree Upon


On Tuesday night, the Mass GOP State Committee members elected a new chair, Amy Carnevale.

We’re finally saying goodbye to Jim Lyons and his pro-Trump agenda after two years. We’re hoping that this new Chair will bring a return to some level of civility and humanity to their Party. As has been said, we can disagree without being disagreeable.

But right now, you can help us continue to come out on top against the Mass GOP and their backwards agenda by donating to our cause. The Massachusetts Democratic Party has been focused on enhancing our infrastructure and putting the resources in place to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, resulting in historic wins at all levels — which we can’t do without your support.

Together, we can continue to make our Commonwealth a better place.

If you can chip in anything to power our cause against the Mass GOP, we’d appreciate it. No donation is too small to make a difference.

Thank you,

Gus Bickford
Chair, Massachusetts Democratic Party

Paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee

Massachusetts Democratic Party
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2 Replies to “Mass. Democrat Party Chair Agrees: Amy ‘Digital Fingerprints’ Carnevale is the Best Choice to Lead Republicans

  1. Of course they are happy. They want a continuation of Bakerism. Bakerism gave us a brokeen MBTA, the most scandal ridden state police agency in the nation, a broken Registry of Motor Vehicles and a disgraceful Children’s Services Dept.
    RINOS and modern day Democrats want to keep the ugly ball rolling of ignoring the working class and catering to illegal aliens and the wealthy elites. They hope that the moderate to conservative voters stay home on election day too.

  2. This Democrat, while a disgrace for attempting to fund his totalitarian party on the backs of Republicans is, however, employing tactics that are effective: get the RINO’s to continue to destroy themselves and real conservatives in the process.

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