MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons Statement on Mass. Democratic State Rep. Liz Miranda

MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons Statement on Democratic State Rep. Liz Miranda

WOBURN — Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said Wednesday he’s “sadly unsurprised” regarding the news media’s disinterest in a prominent Dorchester Democrat’s offensive social media posts amid growing evidence alleging she has misused her office.

On Monday morning, state Representative Liz Miranda wiped out her office’s official Twitter account after the local blog TB Daily News uncovered a series of racially-charged posts she made denigrating Blacks.


Earlier this month, the same blog produced evidence (text messages) indicating Miranda misrepresented herself via what she described in texts as a government-issued cell phone as a member of the State Bar of Michigan in order to intimidate a then-pregnant Detroit woman whose fiancé, a convicted murderer, had been involved in an ongoing affair with Miranda, even at one point allegedly violating his parole requirement to remain in Michigan in order to meet with Miranda in New Jersey.

Coincidentally, Miranda is the lead sponsor on legislation seeking to end life sentences without parole in Massachusetts.

“The mainstream press remains uninterested in reporting not only Rep. Miranda’s offensive posts, but also these other troubling allegations, for which there is an overwhelming amount of evidence,” Lyons said. “Here you have the Massachusetts State House press corps and everyone else in the news media willfully turning a blind eye to all of this, because they don’t want to harm a prominent progressive Democrat.

“What’s overwhelmingly clear to me is that if not for double standards, our news media would have no standards at all.”

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  1. The worst Boston news media is WBZ radio in the past few years. This morning on the 7 am news, rather than reporting on serious stories, WBZ Radio News highlighted spotted hyenas in the Denver zoo, mountain climbing and a Saturday Night show. Rep. Miranda gets a free pass for her bigotry. The Boston Herald’s Jeff Robbins last week had a column that Boston is greatly improved now that the Catholic ethnics who ran Boston for decades are not going to be mayor. Then on WCVB’s News last Tuesday there was a quote from a League of Women Voters leader saying as to how she is happy that the election of Wu will mean no Irish-American is mayor of Boston. Then she tried to justify her bigoted statement by saying she she is Irish too. Certain ethnic slurs towards certain ethnic groups said by certain people are acceptable with the modern media. If someone who has a differing opinion than the media then any imagined slight is magnified.

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