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The Boston Broadside Newspaper Endorses Donald Trump for President

The Boston Broadside Newspaper, founded in May of 2014 with the motto “No Fear, No Favoritism” has published 29 monthly issues, each taking to task both Democrat and Republican politicians for their actions against taxpayers.

Today, we formally endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States.

Nothing that Donald Trump can say can in any way be any worse than what Hillary Clinton and her sex-crazed so-called “husband” has done.  The list is long, from foreign policy disasters to the infamous blue dress. But what really matters is that Hillary Clinton represents more of Obama, perhaps worse. In addition to cherry-picking which portions of The Constitution she endorses (for example, she’s anti-2nd Amendment), it’s clear that having her appoint 3-4 supreme court justices will lead to multiple generations of increased government control over the everyday lives of Americans.

That, coupled with her desire to bring in millions of immigrants, as well as her misrepresentation of herself in many ways (think “two-faced”), brings many to want to vote against her.

Clearly, the only way Clinton can win is to steal the vote or smear the vote. Steal or smear.  She has nothing else to offer which Obama has not already inflicted upon the nation:  nearly $20 trillion debt, unbalanced trade, incredible racial divisions, a weakened military and a weakened stature amongst other nations.

We’re not doing any better now than we were doing 8 years ago when Obama took the reigns, and with Clinton, we’ll do more of the same.  More than 94 million Americans now out of the work force, and illegal immigrants on nearly every city street corner.

A welfare nation is what Obama and the current disgraced Democrat Party has brought us. More concerned with which bathroom males use – than the fleeing of jobs out of the U.S. – it’s time we realize we tried Obama, it didn’t work. We don’t need more of his extremism.

It’s time we focus on America. It’s time we vote for Donald Trump, a rumbled, flawed, re-incarnation of Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and John Ford.  It’s time we made America great again.


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