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Gov. Baker Plots to Screw Voters? – STEAL TRUMP DELEGATES?


The race is on, and liberal (“Left of Obama on the social Issues” – his words) Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is estimated thus far to have served as the “funnel” of soft-money into the obscure Republican State Committee Race. The total: estimated at $1.2 million and growing. (You’ve probably received one of the 5-6 glossy mailings into your district, a letter or two, and then there are the “Social Media” ads, the robocalls, etc.)

Newspapers and talk show columnists have recently exposed Charlie’s push to PURGE CONSERVATIVES from the Massachusetts Republican Party’s governing board. But now, talk that perhaps there’s more behind this PURGE:  Charlie’s money is coming from many sources, and may point back to a CRITICAL vote he lost last Fall.

The MassGOP took a vote to ELIMINATE the grassroots caucus process of selecting delegates to the Republican National Convention. Charlie had his guard down?: he thought the vote was an easy win, but too many of his lazy fat-cat boys didn’t show up in time to vote, or worse, blew off the meeting!  The Conservatives fought back for the Grassroots.

If that vote had prevailed, the PARTY ELITE would be able to pick their OWN delegates to the RNC.  In short, they apparently could “Pull a Hillary” and steal the vote (just as the Democrat Party delivered a N.H. victory of delegate counts, despite being TROUNCED by Bernie Sanders by more than 22%!).

The fall vote is now expected to be RE-VOTED at the end of March, when Baker’s boys belly up to the bar.


In short, is the real motivation behind the documented Conservative Purge an attempt by Gov. Baker Plots to Screw Voters – and STEAL TRUMP DELEGATES.?

Read more about the horrendous voting records against the grassroots, the voters, at www.VoteCoreValues.org.