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The Establishment’s War on Trump

by Jeffrey T. Kuhner
It’s official: Donald Trump is America’s Hitler. This is now the relentless drumbeat of the mainstream media, along with the Democratic and GOP establishment. The Republican front-runner is being smeared and demonized in a way not seen since Ronald Reagan.
Back then, liberals and Beltway Republicans—including George H.W. Bush—attacked Reagan for being an economic know-nothing, an “extremist,” a “militarist” and according to The New York Times, a “fascist.” For the ruling elites, Reagan was the new “Hitler.”
That was then; this is now. It is Trump’s turn to be libeled as a menacing potential dictator, who will transform the country into a Nazi-style police state. The attacks are coming from both the progressive Left and the phony Right. Hillary Clinton claims Trump is “dangerous” and a “demagogue.” Sen. Bernie Sanders accuses the GOP presumptive nominee of being a “racist, bigot and xenophobe.”
Conservative columnist George F. Will says the billionaire is an “anti-constitutional authoritarian.” National Review magazine calls Trump “grotesque” and a “vulgarian” who has “strongman overtones.” The Weekly Standard, led by its editor Bill Kristol, charges that Trump poses a “threat” to American democracy itself. Former GOP presidential candidates, such as former Gov. Jeb Bush and Sens. Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham argue that Trump is so “extreme” and “divisive” they will not support him—even if he is the eventual Republican nominee.
The RINO elites are desperate to stop him. In fact, they are actively plotting to steal the nomination from Trump at the GOP convention this summer.
Recently, a secret meeting took place at Sea Island, Georgia. Many members of the donor class—the billionaires and opinion leaders who dominate the Beltway establishment—were present. Apple’s Tim Cook, Napster’s Sean Parker, Google’s Larry Page, FOX News analyst and Bush family guru, Karl Rove, the publisher of The New York Times, Arthur Sulzberger, Rich Lowry of National Review, The Weekly Standard’s own Bill Kristol, as well as House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (among many others) attended the annual World Forum. Their goal: To prevent Trump from winning the presidency at all costs.
Rove laid out power point presentations and slides, showing how the populist billionaire could be denied the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the Republican nomination. Then, the strategy is to have a “brokered” convention whereby an acceptable RINO candidate—Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Ryan, even Mitt Romney—would be imposed upon the Republican rank-and-file. In other words, the GOP establishment is willing to disenfranchise Trump’s supporters and negate millions of votes—outright steal an election—in order to maintain power and control. Such a move would not only be brazenly anti-democratic, but immoral and reckless. It would tear the Republican Party apart, guaranteeing a Clinton victory.
Yet, the hatred for Trump is so deep and visceral Beltway Republicans (in collusion with GOP journalists, FOX News and RINO governors, such as Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Scott Walker of Wisconsin) are willing—even eager—to sacrifice the country to preserve their grip on the GOP. The question is: Why? What is it about Trump that so frightens them?
The answer is a simple one: He is a patriot. Trump’s America-First nationalism poses a mortal threat to the globalists of the ruling class. The vast power and wealth of our venal, corrupt and incompetent establishment is based upon corporate plutocracy and statism. This is why liberal Democrats and big government Republicans peddle the same policies—open borders, amnesty, free trade, military interventionism, massive public spending, ever-increasing entitlements, high taxes, endless bailouts and crushing deficits. They serve their transnational corporate masters and numerous special interests and lobbyists, while using taxpayer funding to buy off key segments of the population—all the while gorging on the public trough. It’s no coincidence that the counties around Washington are some of the richest in the country.
Middle America, however, is being bled white. Our country is slowly dying. We are going down the ruinous road of the Roman Empire.
Our debt is at $19 trillion, crippling our economic future. We are now the most indebted nation in history. For the past 15 years, the United States has been bogged down in endless Middle Eastern wars. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya—nation-building has cost precious American blood and treasure while only fueling the dark forces of radical Islam.
Free trade deals—from NAFTA to the WTO to PNTR with China—has led to the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs, record trade deficits and the closing of nearly 60,000 U.S. factories. Our southern border is an open sore. Illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and criminal gangs are overrunning our country. Islamic State Jihadists have been allowed to enter. The FBI admits that ISIS militants are now in all 50 states, and that the bureau is currently conducting over 900 active terrorist investigations.
Our ruling elites have run America into the ground. The Trump insurgency is more than just a populist rebellion. It is a moral reckoning with our political and media class, who long ago betrayed their country in favor of economic globalization, multiculturalism and open borders—a New World Order where national sovereignty, popular self-government and patriotism are reactionary relics of an ancient past. To them, Trump is crude, vulgar and dangerous because he is everything they are not: a patriot, a nationalist and ultimately, an American, who wants to put his country first.
His agenda—on trade, immigration and foreign policy—is directly opposed to the establishment. Trump pledges to build a giant wall along the Mexican border and stop the invasion of illegal immigrants. He calls for an end to the disastrous free-trade deals, vowing a new era of economic nationalism that will bring countless good-paying blue-collar jobs, manufacturing and factories back. He rightly says it’s time to stop our reckless military interventionism in the Middle East. Trump seeks to decisively defeat the Islamic State—with the help of Putin’s Russia and other regional powers—and then bring our troops home. We cannot—and should not—be the policeman of the world. In short, Trump wants to restore America’s sovereignty.
This is why the establishment is in panic. They are in full hysteria. Recently, Rep. Seth Moulton, Massachusetts Democrat, seriously compared Trump to Hitler. Moulton told The Boston Globe that people “need to read their history.” In particular, he said, “How an educated and advanced nation like Germany” could come under the control of a Nazi dictator. His implication was clear: Trump is the second coming of Hitler. Moulton’s comments were not only shockingly ignorant and morally obscene. They were grossly irresponsible.
He should be ashamed of himself. Hitler’s genocidal racialism—the drive for a world empire, the extermination of the Jews, the subjugation of the Slavs, the death camps, the establishment of a totalitarian police state, the desire to constantly wage wars of aggression and annihilate millions of people—has no parallel whatsoever—absolutely none—here in the United States. To even suggest such a thing reveals either Moulton’s utter stupidity or craven cynicism. It also shows how desperate the opponents of Trump are becoming.
Like with Reagan, they cannot defeat Trump using real arguments and facts. Instead, all they have is fear mongering and demagoguery. It didn’t work against Reagan. And ultimately, it will not work against Trump.
-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Boston Broadside and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 12-3 pm EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

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