READER ALERT!  If you are a Republican and have voted for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, your vote could most likely be stolen from you. The Mass. Republican Party will meet in caucuses around the state (one in each of the nine congressional districts) on April 30th to select some of the delegates who will represent Massachusetts at the Republican National Convention. If you don’t attend a caucus, party elites (backed by Gov. Charlie “I’m left of Obama on the social issues” Baker) can stack the deck and grab all the votes.

by Jim Morose
Special to The Broadside
Everything you need to know about the delegate counts, requirements, and the magic delegate number of 1,237 can be found at The total delegates of the fifty states and six territories is 2,472. The magic number 1237 is 50% of 2,472 plus 1. Massachusetts has 42 delegates to send to the RNC National Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 17, 2016. (Convention info is at
You can be one of the 42 Mass. delegates or you can go to the MassGOP delegate caucus elections and vote for delegates with “True Grit.” All the info you need is posted at [but information changes, so check frequently]. All nine caucuses, one for each congressional district, will be held Saturday, April 30, at 10:00 a.m. They will be run by Mass. Republican State Committee members. This is a “CALL TO ACTION.”  Freedom requires participation. Can we meet the challenge? Attend these caucuses. Don’t settle for the establishment’s next-in-line, closed selection process. It is time to vote for grassroots conservatism. It is time to end the establishment’s top-down, rubber stamping.
What is it going to take to achieve grassroots unity, tenacity, and momentum? The movement just needs you, your family and friends. We need to come, unite and have a revolution at the ballot box, starting at delegate selection and voting. Next stop is at the RNC National Presidential Convention in Cleveland. I’d like to see conservatives sing in perfect harmony. I’d like to give them all a vote to return to solvency.
Please check out the pointers and all the convention info you can. Then be part of the change. The “establishment” has been operating as authoritarian tyrants and orders from the top down. This is contrary to grassroots activism from the bottom up. In fact, the establishment has ignored the grassroots to such an extent and for so long that it is a national spectacle.
Now that the Democrats have fully adopted the socialist /communist platform, the Republican establishment has adopted the Liberal Democrat platform. In effect, there is no Republican Party left. The only thing left is brute force from the top down. We need our grassroots to send a loud & clear message to the Republican establishment to return to constitutional, conservative principles. We need grassroots delegates at the convention, not establishment drones who will continue the gutting of Republican and constitutional principles. Let’s rally at the delegate selection caucuses, April 30, 2016.
Jim Morose, Danvers, MA
More info at
Tea Party Alliance

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