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April Edition Notes – Other Papers Don’t Care, or Don’t Dare to Print YOUR Stories…

Our April edition began distribution on April 1st.

It’s 28 pages chocked full of articles and columns from a number of writers, including:


Distribution of our April edition began in earnest on Monday.
We hope you like this edition –
our 60th printed edition!
The cover is below:
A few of the stories/columns:
  • Do Your Job!
School Committee Refuses to Investigate
Islamic-Funded Curriculum
  • The Tragic End of Marvin Siegel’s Life
Isolated, Medicated, Liquidated
Guardians Drained Millions from Estate –
Daughters Left to Beg for Basic Information
  • How Many Times Do the People Need to Dump Tea into the Harbor – by Holly Robichaud
  • GUN TALK: Executive Director of Gun Owner’s Action League Jim Wallace Calls Out WBUR and Liberal Politicians for Propaganda Broadcast
And we have columns and stories by:
Ted Tripp
Michelle Malkin
Walter E. Williams
Focus on the Family
Betsy McCaughey
Matt O’Brien
John Stosse
Pat Buchanan
Rabbi Yosef Polter
Sal Giarratani
Gregory A. Hession, J.D.
Atty. Robert Snider
Selectwoman Caroline Colarusso
Ann Coulter
Brittany Jennings
and many others
And, we have great radio quotes from some of the area’s giants and soon-to-be:
Jeff Kuhner
Ed Lambert
Jim Polito
Gary S. Goldman
Don McKeag
Liz Gabert
Mark Alliegro
Howard Lawrence Carr
Joe Mangiacotti
and several national figures, including:
Sean Hannity
Mark Steyn
Rush Limbaugh
Mark Levin
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Yes, we print topics when others don’t care, or don’t dare: Birthday Abortions, Gun Rights, Religion, Anti-Semitism, Border Security, President Trump, Fictional Climate Change, Stupid Legislators, Spending, and so much more, in each edition.




Our upcoming APRIL 1st. edition will feature columns and news from:

·    Walter E. Williams

·    Betsey McCaughey

·    Jeffrey T. Kuhner

·    Mary Lou Daxland

·    Charles Jacobs

·    Holly Robichaud

·    Robert Snider

·    Don Ewing

·    Gregory Hession

·    Paul Young

·    Matt O’Brien

·    Karen Testerman

·    Ted Tripp

·    Julie Rabinowitz – Maine People Before Politics

·    Jim Daly – Focus on the Family

·    Sal Giarratani

·    Caroline Colarusso

·    Di Lothrop

·    Ilya Feoktistov

·    Howard Brown

·    Rabbi Yosef Polter

·    Patrick Buchanan

·    Michelle Malkin

·    Ann Coulter

·    Brian Kennedy

and so many more….and your letters, and more photos and local and national commentary that other papers don’t care to print, or mostly, just don’t dare to print….

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