See How They Run (Democrat Extremist Presidential Candidates)


See How They Run (Democrat Extremist Presidential Candidates)

by Warren P. Russo
Special to The Boston Broadside

Only two U.S. presidents have ever run unopposed: the first, George Washington, and the fifth, James Monroe. Since none of the current crop of Democratic candidates — given their platforms, pandering and platitudes — appear to have much knowledge of America’s history, purpose and role in the world, perhaps an unopposed election might again be appropriate.

The self-delusional narcissists currently competing for the highest office have somehow convinced themselves of their ability to manage the world’s most complex country. Rather than focusing on enhancing the American experience for all citizens, they pander to splinter groups, advocate wide-open borders and oppose voter registration in their quest for votes from any quarter.

Since the dozens of lightweight Democrats now competing for their party’s candidacy will likely never gain entry to the White House, except as tourists, would they not all better serve their party — and the country — by staying home?

As the party of Jim Crow, the Klan, slavery and segregation, Democratic politicians always need an underclass to justify their party’s existence and generate votes from those who mistakenly equate the party with democracy. In truth, it is pure Soviet-style socialism, with those in office enjoying the highest of the chauffeur-driven, walled-mansion, private-security, solid-gold healthcare high life, while their constituents scrabble for crumbs.

With welfare programs that encourage unwed motherhood and absentee fatherhood, Democratic politicians have kept some Americans trapped at the bottom of society for generations, voting for salvation that never comes.

The Democrats’ latest and most improbable scheme for obtaining the votes of the lowest tier is the prospect of reparations for slavery, which of course ended more than 150 years ago.

Yet, incredibly, some believe they will actually receive compensation for the toils of their ancestors, and may well
riot when they are denied, with the blame likely laid to the Republicans. Is there no end to the black condition? Probably not, so long as they keep voting for Democrats.

Instead of promoting fanciful platforms, the plethora of Democratic candidates can better demonstrate their qualification for higher office by paying full attention to their current positions, instead of spending their entire terms in one office campaigning for another.

Given the booming economy, ever-present international crises and the generally unstable condition of the world, permitting the current president to run unopposed, as Washington and Monroe were allowed to do, is probably the finest contribution any of these would-be successors could ever hope to make.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these unbridled egotists:

– Joe Biden is a lawyer who never practiced law, never held a real job, never served in the military and never joined a union. He personifies the ilk the Founding Fathers warned us about — the professional politician who is nothing and knows nothing, but will do or say anything to win an election.

It was embarrassing to watch him look left and right as he hesitantly raised his hand in favor of full benefits for illegal aliens during the recent television debate, if you can call it that.

After 49 years in public office, Biden’s biggest accomplishment was scamming a Ukrainian gas company out of billions of dollars while he was vice-president.

– Bernie Sanders (D-VT), the Democrats’ favorite socialist, is in the presidential race again at 77, with free tuition, open borders, student debt cancellation and free health care — all paid for by big tax increases. Despite his age, Bernie remains energetic, having lived off girlfriends and wives until getting his first job as mayor of Burlington, Vt., when he was almost 40.

– Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a 70-year old Oklahoma transplant whose legal career skyrocketed when she started checking the Native American box. Despite a net worth between $4 million and $11 million, and a $430,000 salary for teaching one class at Harvard, she masquerades as the champion of the hammered middle class.

Warren is an embarrassment, repeatedly citing dinner-table tales of Native American ancestry as justification for listing her race as “American Indian” on her Texas State Bar Association application and elsewhere when she was 37 years old and knew better.

– Pete Buttigieg, the LGBTQ mayor of South Bend, Indiana, would be the first gay president, perhaps making his male wife the first gay male first lady. The Secret Service would have a field day with code names for them.

How an openly gay president would deal with Islamist countries, where they fling homosexual Muslims from the roof tops, is of course, an open question.

– Seth Moulton (D-MA) parlayed four tours in Iraq into a seat in Congress, where he keeps his head down, and is perhaps asleep. Moulton might better spend his time accomplishing something instead of campaigning for president and criticizing the current one.

All of the lackluster candidates for the 2020 election might better serve everyone by following the example of Monroe’s opponents. Let them abandon their fruitless campaigns and work instead on things of value for the country.

Of course, the situation could always be worse. Thankfully, John Kerry has not yet reported for duty. ♦

Warren P. Russo is a veteran newspaperman who writes on politics from Plum Island. Reach him via


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  1. Good article. Warren has abandoned Massachusetts and is spreading her half-truths and pandering throughout the U.S. in her presidential primary efforts. Scott Brown had that Senate seat, but was too busy posing for photos and ignoring the voters who elected him, and opening the door for Fakehontas. Now the news reports are saying that Joey Kennedy may run against Markey for the U.S. Senate. Markey has been elected for close to half a century to political office. He is arrogant and out of touch. Joey Kennedy’s first real job is being a Congressman. His father was perhaps the most uncaring and ineffective congressman in modern state history. Now little Joey may want to be a U.S. Senator just because he comes from a scandal ridden family that thinks it has a right to the seat. In recent years we have read about historical statues being removed and people being shunned for being politically un-correct. Yet, over 60 million tax dollars was used to build an Edward Kennedy Museum at Columbia Point. A memorial to the man who left a woman to drown in an Oldsmobile 50 years back. Hypocrites dominate in the political scene of today where double standards are the norm.

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