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Say Goodnight, Irene… Time to Call It Quits, Mary Pat Flynn? Takes Full Pay – Chronically Misses Meetings

Another item from our printed JUNE 2018 Edition

– by Lonnie Brennan


Say Goodnight, Irene…

Time to Call It Quits, Mary Pat Flynn?

Takes Full Pay – Chronically Misses Meetings

Facts are stubborn things. As the local papers have repeatedly noted, something is not well with popular, long-term Cape politician Mary Pat Flynn.

Flynn began her political career as a selectwoman back in 1992. Today, the 84-year-old Democrat politician’s name is so well known she can top the ticket anytime she runs, but at some point, taxpayers have to ask: “With so much chronic absenteeism, is it time to call it quits?”

How bad? Well, as an elected Barnstable County Commissioner, one of the three custodians responsible for millions of dollars of spending, each member is expected to perform certain roles: do their homework, show up at meetings, and attend meetings of the various committees they hold seats at to represent the commission. In Ms. Flynn’s case, the local press has repeatedly noted how she has failed to show up for work nearly half the time last year. (She was expected at 88 various meetings, but showed up for only 45 of them. Her best attendance occurs when there are cameras around: for example, the weekly videotaped/broadcast board meetings.)

Apparently, things don’t look much better so far this year.

Ms. Flynn gets $14,150 tax dollars given to her each year, plus a very healthy benefits package which is said to leave one not wanting for anything. Sure, it’s not earth-shattering pay, but a great supplement to one’s retirement income. The point is: if you’re going to take full pay and only show up half the time, are you crossing the line? Specifically, what would happen if it wasn’t government money? If the employer were a painting company, a landscape company, or a hospital?

It’s hard to criticize a long-term public servant. It’s even harder when the person has done so much in the past, but seems, well, off these past few years. And it’s darn near impossible when the person is, well, liked. Because of these reasons and more, Ms. Flynn has a virtual get-out-of-jail free card to miss meetings, take home full pay, and enjoy her benefits – all provided by the taxpayers.

But at some point – just like when one looks at the State Police officers who took home pay for work they did not perform – one has to ask: where is the Democrat’s shame?

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