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Combating Fake News from the MassGOP – Baker & Hughes


Combating Fake News from the MassGOP –  Baker & Hughes

by Mary Lou Daxland

Last month Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP chair, put out a news bulletin that recapped the results of the Party convention on April 28th. Everyone knows that Kirsten is a puppet of the Baker/Polito administration. She will support whatever policy that they want her to. Even if it makes her look like a dumb blond.

Perhaps Kirsten has taken the term “dumb blond” to a new level. The recap of the convention did not mention that Scott Lively won over delegates that took him well over the 15% needed to be on the ballot, resulting in a primary challenger for Governor Baker. Lively won over 27% of the delegates and there was no mention of this in the convention recap.

The MassGOP is sending out a newsletter without giving correct information. Sounds like the “fake news” that President Trump is always talking about. But that should not be a surprise to anyone as the Baker/Polito team did not support candidate Trump and now that he is President Trump, they continue not to support him.

The news bulletin continued to sing the praises of the strong slate of candidates for secretary of state, auditor, and treasurer. The truth be known they will be given NO support from the Baker/Polito team or the MassGOP. The MassGOP has operated under the guidelines for decades that you spend all of your time and money on the governor’s race and everyone down ticket is on their own.

There was mention of Jay McMahon winning the endorsement for attorney general, but still has to face Dan Shores on the primary ballot. Dan is the MassGOP candidate that was put up to take out the conservative and it backfired at the convention. Jay won over the delegates and I am sure Kirsten and Co. are not happy about that.

The U.S. Senate race was mentioned as well. Again, here the MassGOP did not succeed in taking out Rep. Geoff Diehl. Rep. Diehl won over the delegates, giving him the endorsement and again giving heartburn to the MassGOP.

The date of the primary is not mentioned in the news bulletin. Is there a reason for that? You will have to ask Kirsten the reason she left out an important date like the primary date. Is it because their candidates for U.S. Senate and attorney general did not get the endorsement? And let’s not forget that Governor Baker now has a primary challenger. Which is not mentioned.

The final paragraph of this news bulletin really tells it all. Anyone who has run for office as a Republican, especially a conservative Republican, knows this is a false statement:

“The MassGOP is ready to help Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

Through our MassVictory program, we will provide candidates with a robust field and data effort, enabling them to connect with voters across the Commonwealth and spread our party’s message.”

The MassGOP does not recruit or help any down-ticket candidate unless they fit their mold of being a Democrat with an “R” next to their name. There are seats, election cycle after election cycle, that never have anyone running against the Democrat. A conservative candidate that comes to the table never is given any help. And in most cases the MassGOP will make sure that they have a primary challenger. The candidate will be told that they have to be a moderate to win in Mass. The Party’s message is to be a liberal Republican and not stand for the principles that the Republican Party defends. And in this election cycle, if you are candidate and a President Trump supporter, you will have a target on your back for sure.

The best way you can help these primary candidates – Scott Lively, Jay McMahon or Rep. Geoff Diehl – is to donate your time and money to their campaigns. Do not send any money to the MassGOP; they are in the business of getting Democrats elected.  ♦

Mary Lou Daxland is president of the Mass.
Republican Assembly. For more information about
the nationally-chartered Assembly, visit

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