Liberal Legislators Showcase


by Lonnie Brennan
SEA ISLAND, GEORGIA – Sneaky money and sneaky meetings — just another week in the political life of Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.
Baker, who took in $10+ million in donations from national Republicans to narrowly win his gubernatorial seat, slipped out of town last month to meet with some of his benefactors at a meeting designed to put an end to the Trump presidency.
Baker pulled a disappearing act shortly after the State Committee elections, taking a trip out of state along with a paid State Police protection detail, giving no notice to local pols and no announcement in his “official” calendar. The meeting: a gathering of elite liberals and RINOs (Republican In Name Only – liberal Republicans) at a meeting the national media eventually exposed as focused on undermining Republican front-runner Donald Trump.
In short, the establishment Republicans – the RINO cabal – gathered to stop Trump at any cost. And Baker and other governors are key to ensuring that as many “establishment” delegates as possible attend the upcoming Republican National Convention, where they aim to steal the vote away from Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and substitute a candidate of their own choosing.
To fulfill his part of the process to nulify the votes of millions who voted for Cruz or Trump, Charlie “Left of Obama on the social Issues” Baker needs to get as many RINOs as possible sent to the Republican National Convention to join Carl Rove and other party elites in a plan to instigate a “brokered” convention. (Brokered is the current term for “stolen” election.)
Baker collected and then dispensed up to $1.2 million in shadow money from unknown donors earlier this year in an attempt to consolidate his control of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee. The committee is an 80-member board that determines policy for Republican elections and determines who will get precious support and resources – and who will be denied. A firm grip on that committee appears necessary for Baker to complete his next goal: stop Cruz, stop Trump.
By funneling money into races designed to consolidate his power, Baker appears ready and able to fulfill his apparent commitment to the RINO cabal and deliver RINO delegates to the RNC, at any cost. If you don’t like the party elite stealing your votes away, you’ll need to attend up to a two-hour caucus on Sat. April 30th, and vote for a non-establishment candidate. Or, go and support Baker. Your choice. See articles in this edition for details.

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