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The West Wakes Up

The West Wakes Up
by Ted Busiek
Candidate, State Senate
Middlesex & Worcester District
“I heard a crowd chanting ‘Deutschland den Deutschen’ in Dresden 10 days ago,” wrote British historian Niall Ferguson this past June. “I fear Brexit’s unintended consequences.”
Where Ferguson says “unintended,” I would substitute “eagerly awaited.”
The West’s intellectual classes long ago reached consensus on the conclusion that the greatest lesson of the Second World War was a repudiation of nationalism. It is for this reason that, since the removal of our great common enemy at the collapse of the Soviet Union, the West has endured a hectic cultural and political tailspin that’s brought us such lunacies as the United States’ exportation of it’s war-winningly gigantic industrial base to the third world, or our entering a sectarian war between Muslims and Christians in support of the Muslim faction. Perhaps the most alarming lunacy of all has been the great and culturally disruptive demographic shifts the West’s leaders have permitted and even championed. Any visitor to Lawrence or Chelsea can see the devastating effects this has had here in Massachusetts, but the demographic troubles of the United States pale in comparison to those of Western Europe, whose mass invasion by foreign savages has ironically been principally facilitated by Germany herself.
None of these or many other symptoms of the West’s slow suicide could have been possible without the triumph of globalism over nationalism as our dominant political ethos.
How long could this possibly go on? Hopeful signs say “not much longer.” Brexit was a thrilling victory for the Brits, and Nigel Farage is a hero, but he isn’t the only nationalist avatar in Europe. Keep an eye on France’s Marion Le Pen, who’s probably more intelligent, and certainly more beautiful, than any other European politician today, and on the Netherlands’ brilliant and fearless Geert Wilders. These and other nationalist rising stars are playing ever more prominent roles in European politics. Of course, the most glorious exemplar of the West’s overdue rejection of globalism is our own Donald Trump.
The trajectory of history is rapidly turning, and those rootless and rarified elites, so long unburdened by any loyalty to their own folk, who brought us the catastrophes of the past two decades, may soon find themselves squirming under the scrutiny of the great peoples they’ve disinherited. This should be no less true here in Massachusetts, a commonwealth whose effete solons have bled away our once mighty manufacturing base, encouraged the demographic destruction of once great towns and cities, and subverted our once healthy and resilient Yankee culture with selfishness and degeneracy, than it is throughout the rest of the Western world.
Ted Busiek is the Republican candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate’s Middlesex & Worcester District. He holds an associate’s degree in Arabic from the Defense Language Institute, and served in the United States Air Force as an Arabic linguist. www.TedBusiek.com

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