The October edition of the Boston Broadside’s printed edition consists of 36 packed pages of news, commentary, advertisements (from folks our readers loyally support!), and so much more.

Some of the content:

Census Bureau Sept. 15, 2020 data release: Incomes Hit a Record High and Poverty Reached a Record Low in 2019

CHIP FORD, CLT Executive Director: 40 Years Later – Proposition 2/12 is Under Assault, Again

GRACE VUOTO: The Trump Revolution: Taking Back the Courts

Holly Robichaud – Fifty Percent of This Year’s Election Battle will be Voter Integrity?

Jonathan S. Tobin Editor-in-Chief of Jewish News Syndicate– Arab Allies Should Mean More to Israelis than Airplanes

Caroline Glick – A Tale of Two White House Signing Ceremonies

Adam Lange – Trump’s Support Increases as the Left Fuels Riots

Kevin Hall – Psychiatric Drug Masking of School Children

ELECTION DASHBOARD: Baker’s Republican challenge only 17% of House Members, only 11% of Senators

NEWTON-to-BOSTON Pro-Trump Car Parade Gets Lots of Smiles, Support

Patrick J. Buchanan – Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court

Ralph Wilbur – It is Important that a Constitutionalist Candidate be Confirmed

Ted Tripp – When America Was Great: One Person Can Make a Difference – Tommy Hitchcock

Blossom Stiefel – Freedom is on the Ballot

CANDIDATES: Robert May, Ingrid Centurion, Steve Tougas, Jay McMahon

Frank Mancini – Police Accountability and Body-Worn Cameras

Paul Young – GUN TALK: Clearing a Failure to Feed

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Ann Coulter – Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter (No right to defend yourself with arms)

Catherine White – Constitutional Snippets – Article VI: Judges are (Supposed to Be) Bound by the Constitution

Dennis Galvin – Know They Enemy – Coming to Terms with a Marxist Insurrection

Betsy McCaughey – The Folly of Biden’s COVID-19 Advisers

Walter E. Williams – Today and Yesterday (THE BEST COLUMN IN THE PAPER)

Lisa DeFelice – Pay it Forward – One Kind Act at a Time

Ted Tripp – How Badly Did Governor Charlie Baker Tank the Massachusetts Economy? Worse Than You Thought …

Erine Leone – ASK ERIN: Advice for Conservative Students

Sal Giarratani – Democrats and Their Media Lackeys Keep Stroking Anger from Their Base

Update on lawsuit against Broadside

Diane Splitz – How the Mass. Legislature Kills (Another) Parental Rights Bill

Beth Guidry Hoffman – Vaccine Mandates Verses Our Civil Liberties

Jim Daly – The End of Racism Begins at Home

John C. Irish – President Trump Flourishes Despite Mainstream Media

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