Boston Broadside Announces Major Expansion of Paper Distribution

Boston Broadside Will  Sell Paper in ‘At Least’ 29 Additional
Cities/Towns on North Shore and Southern NH

JULY 4, 2021 – The Boston Broadside will add ‘at least’ 29 additional cities/towns to its paid distribution area, the paper’s publisher announced today. As part of a major expansion, the paper will add cities/towns on the North Shore as well as Southern, N.H. to its paid distribution routes. The paper will transition from limited free distribution to paid distribution in 9 of these cities/towns. Prior to the announced expansion, the Massachusetts-based Broadside has been made available for sale in more than 85 cities/towns, mostly outside of Rte. 495. The paper is also mailed to subscribers throughout the state of Massachusetts, as well as New Hampshire, and has limited subscribers in 31 other states.

“This was unexpected at this time, but certainly something we have been working and hoping to achieve at some point,” Broadside Publisher Lonnie Brennan  explained. “We’re so appreciative to all the volunteers who have helped bring the paper to this point of visibility and demand. It’s been a patriotic dedication that has enabled the Broadside to grow in both distribution, subscriptions, and most importantly, content. It’s truly an honor to be able to publish the articles and columns of so many patriotic Americans”

The paper’s expansion will enable the monthly print publication it to be sold alongside weekly and daily newspapers, including The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Lynn Item, Gloucester Times, The Eagle Tribune, the Manchester Union Leader, and many other weekly and daily newspapers, from Lynn, Mass. up through Hampton, N.H.

“This will sweep the entire North Shore, and we’re not sure at this point – as details are being worked out – exactly how everything will land, but it’s huge for us,” Brennan said. He added that while he’s not sure where the future will lead, he is “daily surprised” by the number of new subscribers, and the increase in store sales and distribution demands, and the tremendous “army” of dedicated volunteers that has made the Broadside print publication grow. The paper routinely fills 24-36 printed pages, giving voice to conservative pundits and columnists, and presents news “without the liberal spin.”

Prior to the expansion, the Broadside has been slowly growing it’s footprint of for-sale locations, mostly outside of Rte. 495, as well as into southern N.H. The paper explained that those store sales have helped to offset the costs of providing limited free distributions in other areas of Massachusetts and New Hampshire where distribution links are thin or presently non-existent for the paper. The paper has been touted as the only “Mass-distributed non-liberal newspaper in New England.” The front page showcases “The People’s Paper” and “Fighting Corruption and Lies.”

Previously, the paper used the tagline “New England politics and beyond, without the liberal spin,” but due to the nationwide appeal and continuing increases in content, changed that to simply “NEWS, without the liberal spin.”

Prior to this announcement, the paper has been offered for-sale and has been made available in limited free distribution sites which encompassed an estimated more than 600 distribution points.

“It’s great and it’s sad in some ways,” Brennan added, as he explained the transition from limited free distribution in certain areas on the North Shore. “We would go there each month, sometimes chat with store owners, place papers in our street boxes … now, some of that will change.”

Brennan singled out Ken Novack who he said created a team of so many folks on the North Shore “that we were able to somehow get so many papers out each month, for many years. Ken himself typically distributes more than 1,100 copies in the Salem/Peabody/Lynn areas. It’s just huge. Add to that our growing paid subscription base, and, well, we just can’t believe the demand the paper has seen for expansion.”

Brennan said he’s only had a chance to speak with a few of the many volunteers personally the past two days of this holiday weekend, and that they all seem encouraged by the growth, and will continue to help get the paper out in select areas and to select locations, especially senior centers and in towns where paid distribution is not yet available.

“We will continue to support the many volunteers and others both north and south of Boston who share the paper, with the limited free copies we are able to supply,” Brennan detailed. “Due to extensive advertiser and supporter-based donations, and the hard work of “too many people to mention, including Julie Cummings, Charlie Chase Jr, Cheryl Anderson, ‘the Warehouse Guys’ and so many more, we’ve been able to have a tremendous, grassroots network to get the paper out in the Brockton areas, and in areas off-Cape, as well seeing some growth on the lower Cape, including adding distribution in areas of Barnstable County,” Brennan added.

The paper has an extensive presence in Fall River, which Brennan attributed to the hard work of Chase, who also plays the dual role of advertising account manager. “One of our best, he’s really delivered customers to our advertisers, and I have to say, we really should showcase these folks. The ‘Broadside extended family’ is what I call them,” Brennan said. “I’m thrilled when I hear of a reader who has traveled miles to support one of our advertisers. It’s amazing. I do the same thing. If someone is supporting the Broadside, I want them to be successful, and that’s where I try to steer our business there too – supporting the good folks.”

Brennan said that more details will be released in the next addition of the monthly print publication, as they work with their distributor and “iron out things.” He also said he’ll share some of the great response they have been receiving about the Broadside’s new publication: The Star and The Cross which the paper launched last month, covering Jewish and Christian news. <>

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