Billions Spent on Coercion to Get Covid Vaccine

Billions Spent on Coercion to Get Covid Vaccine

by Beth Guidry Hoffman

Emails, voicemails, texts, road signs, and recordings while you wait on hold… coercion to get the Covid vaccine is hitting us from every angle. And now, it’s the VaxMillions Giveaway, a vaccination lottery announced by Governor Charlie Baker, starting July 1. But “if you’re not [fully] vaccinated, you can’t play,” Baker said.  

Flashing highway signs (meant for hazards and detours) say: “Protect your family and Friends. Get Vaccinated” and unsolicited voicemails (“It’s free for anyone 12 and up, and you don’t need an I.D.!”) are beginning to sound lame. Now it’s five $1 million prizes (to adults 18 and over) and five $300,000 scholarship grants to children 12 to 17–cash prizes–the most extreme kind of coercion. (

It is most egregious to be targeting children in this way. Especially considering the recent CDC announcement regarding younger vaccine recipients: “It does appear that mRNA vaccines may be a new trigger for myocarditis,” said Dr. Matthew Oster, MPH, CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force. (Fox News, 6/23/21) The conclusion was made by the CDC after mounting cases of hospitalizations and ER visits in young adults and teenagers with chest pains, shortness of breath and abnormal echocardiograms occurred after taking the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Safety data that looked at the 12 -15 age group, starting to receive the Pfizer vaccine in mid-May, shows “the most common adverse events reported to VAERS for this age group have been dizziness, syncope [fainting due to a temporary drop in the amount of blood that flows to the brain], nausea, pallor, loss of consciousness, headache, hyperhidrosis [abnormally increased sweating], vomiting, fatigue and falls. Add to this–“Pfizer has said it expects to request an EUA for ages 2 – 11, in September.” (

Why the push under these questionable health circumstances? 

An email from a school superintendent to parents soliciting a Covid vaccine clinic for students in Essex County, contained a parental consent form, required for age 17 and under.  The form included the following disclosure:  “There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19. However, the FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 12 years of age and older under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).”  Basically gibberish directed at parents who in turn sign away the health of their children. Unknowing parents– being coerced–believing they are doing something to keep their children safe.

Biden continues to work towards his goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans, spending 3 billion of your tax dollars to combat vaccine hesitancy.  (  Slogans of coercion: “Roll Up Your Sleeve,” “ Protect the Herd,” “It’s in our Hands. Play Your Part” –are conning people to believe that life will return to normal with the vaccine. 

With many colleges and universities already requiring the shot, there is growing concern that elementary and secondary schools will move in this direction. New health rights bills introduced in Massachusetts offer hope. Now in the Judiciary Committee, Bill S.1122, if passed, would protect our fundamental right to make decisions about our health. “These are rights already written in the constitution. We are not asking for anything that isn’t already our right,“ Julie Booras, health rights advocate, expressed.  “S1122 is a bill for the people and by the people,” she added. Go to to learn more about the bills and how you can take action steps to support them.

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