Chris Doughty Voted for Hillary Clinton Over Donald J. Trump


Chris Doughty Voted for Hillary Clinton Over Donald J. Trump

by Lonnie Brennan

Just a reminder, the Mormon Mittens Romney wanna-be Chris Doughty who is slinging mud and trying to buy the Mass. Gov. seat just as Romney and Baker did (Doughty has placed greater than two million of his own money into his race), voted for Hillary Clinton.

Let that sink in.

Hillary Doughty, I mean, Chris Doughty, thought Hillary Clinton would make a better president than Donald J. Trump.

Did YOU ever vote for Hillary Clinton?

Will YOU ever vote for Hillary Doughty?

When no one would do anything against AUTOMATIC GAS TAX INCREASES, Geoff Diehl stood up, went AGAINST HIS PARTY and helped to lead rallies and a grassroots petition to overturn the tax increases. Without Diehl, gas taxes would have automatically increased every year.

For Diehl’s efforts, GOP Tammy-Hall-Like Boss Brad ‘Tweed’ Jones threw Diehl off the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, where Diehl would routinely expose waste and corruption.

When the Democrats were gearing up for more pork spending, and the local senate race was on, Diehl stepped forward to challenge and expose one of the worst. It was an impossible run, but Diehl did it anyway, to expose the Democrat and help awaken more to the brazen pork-spending at the State House. For his efforts (opposing a Democrat), Diehl was shunned by his fellow RINO Republicans including RINO Republican Senator Bruce Tarr who did everything he could to ensure the Democrat took the seat.

When not one Republican would step forward against crazy fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, who ran for congress to use it as a stepping stone to run for President of the United States, Diehl stepped forward and with no money, used his campaign to expose the fake Indian. Diehl’s efforts popped Warren’s balloon. She got trounced in the New Hampshire primaries, just as she got trounced everywhere Diehl spread the word heavily against the fake Indian. Eventually, Warren’s campaign crashed and burned. Thank you Geoff!

Doughty: never involved in politics, ever, has been magically embraced by the RINO establishment Baker donors.

Yes, not every person who has donated to Baker has donated to Doughty, yet, but almost every Doughty donor was a Baker donor. Hmm, pretty easy to connect those dots and figure out where Doughty magically came from.

If you loved Mittens Romney, and you loved Charlie Baker, you’re going to love another snarky useless Hillary-Clinton mindset voting governor if you support Hillary, I mean, Chris Doughty.



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One Reply to “Chris Doughty Voted for Hillary Clinton Over Donald J. Trump

  1. And if you loved Charlie Baker you’re also probably going to love the MA-9th’s Jesse Brown. This is a race we should all be following more closely. The 9th Congressional district comprising the South Shore, South Coast, Cape Cod, and the islands, is the only contested Republican primary in Massachusetts this election cycle. Jesse Brown, a Charlie Baker protégé, is running against a deep-thinking common-sense conservative and registered nurse, Dan Sullivan. If you want to learn more about them before you vote, just go to their campaign websites before September 6th and see for yourselves. Their sites speak volumes about these two candidates and their passion, or lack thereof, and how they address the issues that affect all of us. Brown offers very little content other than a professionally produced promotional video, and the other, Nurse Dan Sullivan, offers rich content about the issues that matter. What the 9th needs serving their interests in Washington, are fewer self-promoters like Charlie Baker and Jesse Brown, and more straight shooters and deep-thinkers, like Bob May, Dean Tran, and Nurse Dan Sullivan.

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