Our 113th Monthly Printed Edition

Some of the items in our 113th Monthly Printed Edition:

  1. Kathy Lynch State Committeewoman Re-election Campaign
  2. Solar Panels for Everyone – Sham Exposed – by Ted Tripp
  3. Retired U.S. Army Capt. Bruce Chester
    Announces Campaign for Mass. State Senate
  4. State Committeewoman Orlando Endorses
    Ashley Sullivan – 1st Essex Middlesex
  5. Tell Healey Her Sex Ed Gets a Flunking Grade by Tom Joyce,
  6. GUN TALK: Brace Yourself, You’re About to Become a Felon by Colin McWay
  7. GUN TALK: Summertime Concealed Carry by Paul Young
  9. GUN TALK: An Act Against the Rights and Liberty of Men and Woman by Art O’Leary
  10. Boston Mayor Wu tells WCVB 5, ‘I Don’t Keep Lists’ by Beth Guidry Hoff man
  11. Boston Mayor Wu’s Enemies List by Antonio Molle
  12. Barnastable Broadside: Teens Rally Against Gender Mutilation – by Kristen Brissette
  13. Barnastable Broadside: Chloe Cole Exposes Truth About Teen Mutilation by Diane Splitz
  14. NH Broadside: Who is Belknap County Names After? by Hal Shurtleff,
  15. NH Broadside: The Deranged Left and Their Manufactured Crimes Against Trump – by Di Lothrop
  16. NH Broadside: Leading House Republican Reacts to  Unprecedented Border Breach in New Hampshire
  17. NH Broadside: Legislative Golf Classic raises over $20,000 for N.H.’s Liberty House
  18. NH Broadside: Bi•ol•o•gy (bī-ŏl′ę-jē) The Science of Life and Living Organisms – by Mark Alliegro, Former New Hampshire State Representative, GR-7
  19. NH Broadside: Stop Freedom of Speech Suicide by Democrats! – by Atty. Robert Snider
  20. MAINE BROADSIDE: ‘In Committee’ by Representative Edward J. Polewarczyk
  21. MAINE BROADSIDE: Maine Now Has the Worst Abortion Laws in American, and Who Voted for Them – by Mary Lou Daxland
  22. Reprinted for Our Many New Readers on the 78th Anniversary Japan Surrenders to Allied Powers Victory in Japan Day: August 15, 1945
  23. THE CROSS: Insanity at Marquette University – by Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
  24. THE CROSS:  Seeds Take Root and Blossom into the Cape Cod Pro Life Alliance – by Steve Minninger
  25. THE CROSS: Worcester Sinks Ordinance to Close Crisis Pregnancy Centers –  by Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
  26. THE STAR ADVOCATE: Route 60 – The Biblical Highway In Theaters September 18 and 19
  27. THE STAR ADVOCATE: Marshall Sterman
  28. THE STAR ADVOCATE: Israel Heritage Foundation Awards Trump ‘Crown of Jerusalem’ – by David Swindle and Menachem Wecker
  29. THE STAR ADVOCATE: ‘Ukraine Votes for Anti-Israel Resolutions in 90% of Cases’
  30. THE STAR ADVOCATE: And NO, Your Body Does Not Belong to You – by Rabbi Yosef Y. Polter
  31. THE STAR ADVOCATE: Yom Kippur Fifty Years Ago by Stephen Brennan
  32. THE STAR ADVOCATE: The War on Merit by Len Abram
  33. These States are NOT a Democracy, Tucker. – by D.M. Zuniga, Founder, Tactical Civics
  34. 19th Amendment – Votes for Women; A Great Idea – Or Not? – by Catherine White,
  35. Don’t Call the Cops – Free the Law – by Gregory A. Hession J.D.
  36. ‘How to Fix the FBI’ – by Ted Tripp, Sr. Political Reporter
  37. Meet Rasheed Walters  – by Ginny Gardner
  38. Massachusetts Health Policy Commission: No Mother, No Father, and Gender is What You Say You Are – by Lonnie Brennan
  39. THE LIST – Mass. Governor Healey Puts 1,200+ Illegal Families in Motels/Hotels at Taxpayer Expense – by Lonnie Brennan (Update: The number now exceeds 5,000 families and growing)
  40. WAR of the SEXES  – by Warren P. Russo
  41. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: Fading Colors: With Fewer American Flags Seen  Flying, is Patriotism on the Decline? – by Lynne Santangelo
  42. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: Carver Sand Wars:
  43. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: Election Integrity – You are the Eyes of We the People – by Tom Johnson – Technology Consultant, Data Security Analyst
  44. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: A Tale of Two Americas – by Lloyd F. Thompson
  45. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: Pembroke Rising – by Don Bryant, retired pastor
  46. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: BOOK REVIEW – Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, and the Mark of the Beast Book Author: Pastor Billy Crone – by Maureen McInerney
  47. SOUTH SHORE BROADSIDE: Celebrate the Begining of Capitalism
    The Jenney Museum Plymouth, Mass.
  48. EDITORIAL: Rep. Day ‘Stripper’ (of Gun Rights)
  49. EDITORIAL: The Gang Clayton vs. The MassGOP
  50. EDITORIAL: Pro-Baker, Anti-Diehl MassGOP Leader Running New ‘Young Republicans’ Group Out of Diehl-Hating Needham Radio Suite?
  51. LETTER: Durant has a Duty to Know How Taxpayer Money Spent, by Don Schwarz, Stoughton, Mass.
  52. LETTER: ‘Juneteenth’ is NOT a Proper Holiday! – by Douglass Knight, Salem, New Hampshire
  53. LETTER: Biden, the Bomb, and ‘The Black Briefcase’ – by Charles Bradley Laconia, New Hampshire
  54. LETTER: God’s Children are NOT for Sale – by Brenda McFeeters
    Beverly, Massachusetts
  55. Welcome: Lois’ Corner –  There is Hope for Man – by Louis Mann
  56. Interdependence Bicentennial Betrayal – by Russ Payne
    Merrimack, New Hampshire
  57. The Seeds of Genocide, by Dr. Maria Pia Perez- Lynn, Mass.
  58. TALK OF THE TOWN TALK RADIO: Jim Politio “Creepy Joe Biden
  59. TALK OF THE TOWN TALK RADIO: Ed Lambert “The Unwritten Unholy Rule”
  60. TALK OF THE TOWN TALK RADIO: Jeff Kuhner “The Greatest Threat”
  61. TALK OF THE TOWN TALK RADIO:Stephen Dane & Grace Vuoto “They Try to Censor You. Don’t Le Them.”






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