Keri MacRae: Mass. Rep. Muratore No Friend to Gun Owners – Friend to Democrats and Anti-Second Amendment



MacRae says: “If Matt Muratore goes to the Senate, he will vote with the Democrats on gun control –

I always will vote with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights”


BOURNE, MA – Kari MacRae, the 2022 Republican nominee for State Senate in the Plymouth and Barnstable District and candidate for the open Senate seat in 2024, today criticized the State Senate for passage of sweeping gun control legislation on last Thursday and pointed out 2nd Amendment advocates should reject Rep. Matt Muratore, her challenger for the GOP Senate nomination in the open Plymouth and Barnstable District, because of his pro-gun control voting record in the House of Representatives.


“Without as much as a committee hearing, the gun control zealots in the State Senate voted 37-3 to trample our constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment rights,” said MacRae.  “Apparently, the constitutional scholars in the Senate think they understand our Bill of Rights better than the U.S. Supreme Court.  This attack on the 2nd Amendment runs smack into last year’s Bruen decision.  It will never withstand a challenge at the Supreme Court.”


“Three of the four Republicans in the State Senate stood up for the Constitution when they voted against Senator Creem’s gun control bill,” said MacRae.  “When I join them in the Senate next year, the 2nd Amendment will have another defender at the State House.  If Matt Muratore goes to the Senate, he will vote with the Democrats on gun control – I always will vote with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”


MacRae said, “The current gun control bill expands Massachusetts’ Red Flag law, an unconstitutional attack on due process rights.  In 2018, Rep. Muratore had an opportunity to stand up for the Constitution and vote against H-4670 but, as he does all too often, he voted on June 28, 2018 with the Democrats to seize firearms without due process.  Every Republican primary voter needs to know, before they cast their ballot in the Senate primary in September, that Matt Muratore loves unconstitutional Red Flag laws.  Matt Muratore is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment.”


“This year, voters in the Plymouth and Barnstable Senate District are looking for a choice not an echo of the woke extreme progressive nonsense that comes from the Democrats on Beacon Hill,” said MacRae.  “On gun control, illegal immigration and government reform, Muratore is a fellow traveler on the Democrats’ road to oblivion.  I offer an alternative and a difference.  Too many people at the State House, like Matt Muratore, go along to get along.  I plan on shaking things up in the Senate.  I’ll always fight for the people of the South Shore and the Cape – and the Constitutional rights of every citizen.”


On April 25, 2018, Muratore voted with Democrats to kill an amendment to withhold state funding from localities (“sanctuary cities”) that failed to cooperate with federal immigration authorities (H-4400).  On April 25, 2019, Muratore voted with Democrats for extravagant pay raises for the House Speaker and legislative leaders (H-3800).

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