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Christmas for Mary Frank and Beverly Finnegan – Hostages of Jewish Family and Children Services, and the Mass. Probate Court


Christmas for Mary Frank, confined to a nursing home in Marlborough, sharing a hospital-sized room with two other patients, deprived of her rights, her dignity, her possessions, and her freedom, does not diminish the spirit of the woman who fights relentlessly to get her story told, and to attempt a David vs. Goliath score against  money-rich, and lawyer-steeped elder services which she says falsely ripped her from her home.

We urge readers to review Mary Frank’s story on this website, and contribute $10, $25, $50, $100, $1,000, today to the Mary Frank Legal Defense Fund (please see the story). Picture yourself in Mary’s room. Her clothes, dresses, makeup, wig, electric wheelchair – all missing – all items says were taken by her court-appointed guardian. A Sudbury Police Department supplemental narrative for police officer Paul T. Wigmore – Ref. 17SUD-25632-OF confirms that Mary police report she filed on 10/13/2017, and that officer Wigmore went to Sudbury Pines Nursing Home to speak with management. He noted in his report that he was “advised that they would look again and make sure that they do not have any of Mary’s belongings in storage.” Officer Wigmore was told by management that all of Marys possessions were given to her government appointed guardian –  Pamela DeColo of Jewish Famiy and Children Services.

Despite our phone call guardian Pamela DeColo, the items have, as of today, never been returned to Mary. (Please see the story.)

Mary says she escaped from one nursing home, where she was locked in a dementia unit for 2 1/2 years, only because she contracted scabies. Yes, it still exists. She’s embarrassed to have us print her photograph. When she contracted the infection (mites burrowing into her skin), she was transported to a hospital for an extended stay. Upon release, it was clear she was not suited to return to the dementia unit at Sudbury Pines, but now finds herself in another nursing home. A partial photograph we took of her during one of our visits is shown below.

Mary has no money. She cannot hire a lawyer. She cannot defend herself. She has reached out repeatedly to many to try go get assistance and we are now trying to help this desperate woman. Please see the story.


Mary’s photo prior to the final taking:




Meanwhile, widow Mrs. Beverly Finnegan suffers an even worse fate: clinging onto life, aided by a breathing tube, as lawyers for Jewish Family and Children Services, Springwell Inc, and Metrowest Hospital repeatedly argue in court that they should be allowed to end her life.

Mrs. Finnegan was ripped from her Newton condominium by police officers and agents of Jewish Family and Children Services and Springwell. She put up a hell of a fight, including throwing a vase at one of the government abductors who had broken down her door, cracking the door frame. According to court documents, they termed her over-aggressive in her response.

Who was involved in the taking and detainment of Mrs. Finnegan? The list is long, but includes:

Pamela DeColo – Supervisor, and Marissa Levenson, Jewish Family and Children Services, Inc., 1430 Main Street, Waltham, ass, 02451 (781) 647-5327;

Attorney Lawrence K. Glick, 200 Highland Avenue, Suite 302, Needham, Mass., 02494 (781) 247-4260, attorney for Springwell, Inc., 307 Waverly Oaks Road, Suite 305, Waltham, Mass. 02452 (617) 926-4100

Wendy K. Crawshaw, 494 Union Avenue, Framingham, Mass., 01702-5817 – attorney for Marissa Levenson of Jewish Family and Children Services, Inc.

Augusta G. Dickson, 55 Middlesex St., Unit 213, N. Chelmsford, Mass., 01863 – court appointed counsel for Mrs. Finnegan who appeared before that court in that capacity, and apparently promoted death by removal of breathing tube, repeatedly. It’s unclear who she truly respresents, certainly not the wishes of Mrs. Finnegan nor her sister Janet Pidge;

Mrs. Finnegan, who as sharing her condo with her sister Janet Pidge, found herself transported to the hospital, then warehoused in a nursing home. She begged and pleaded to be let free. Her sister visited her every day for months on end, and accosted every lawyer and politician within at least the greater Boston area that she could, to try to find relief for her sister. Under the care of court appointed guardian Marrissa Levenson of Jewish Family and Children Services, Mrs. Finnegan contracted to a mere 61 pounds before suffering a heart attack on 30 Nov. 2017.

According to a court document filed on Docket No. MI17P0937GD and presented before Judge Maureen Monks on Friday, 23 Dec. 2017, the parties who took legal “guardianship” of Mrs. Finnegan, and by extension, control of all her assets, and all decision making:

  • Admit that she was severely malnourished prior to having the cardiac arrest.
  • Admit that she was under the guardianship of Jewish Family and Children Services (Pamela DeColo – Supervisor, and Marissa Levenson)
  • Admit that she was under the direction of Springwell, etc.

By extension, they admit that Beverly suffered severe malnutrition for a period of 7+ months while she was under their direct control.

But it gets worse for Mrs. Finnegan: she was treated by an intern in ICU, who presented himself as a doctor, wrote an affidavit sworn statement  (mostly fill-in-the-blank generic order) that there was no hope of recovery, and recommended they provide hospice care for her, only. (Note to readers, that means, remove the breathing tube. And, once the breathing tube is removed, her stay in hospice care is expected to be less than an hour, before transport to the mortuary…).

In court, the lawyer for Janet and Beverly, questioned why, on the very day the new lawyer took on the case, the doctor was changed. Gary Zalkin (Zalkin Law Firm, PC, 8 Pleasant Street South, Suite C, South Natick, Massachusetts  01760 508.650.0501 508.650.0505 (fax) represented Metrowest hospital (and their Framingham Union Hospital) and along with others states that doctors change all the time in ICU, on rotations. It wasn’t until a second court appearance on the last business day before Christmas, essentially Christmas Eve for the working folks, that it was exposed that the intern’s affidavit and limited medical license (apparently just since April) and for “training” at Framingham Unition Hospital has exposed some issues. (We’ll write more of this in future editions of our printed newspaper).

Today, Janet will brave the winter storm and take a train from Newton to Framingham, to again sit by her sister’s bedside in the ICU, as she has done every day (with the exception of leaving the ICU the Friday before Christmas to rush into a Cambridge court to plead with Judge Maureen Monks to provide her sister with proper, recommended care). Janet  arrived at the courthouse as the judge was at lunch and stayed all afternoon. A court clerk explained that the judge would not see Janet, as opposing counsel from Jewish Family and Children Services, Springwell, and Metrowest had gone home.

Janet’s new lawyer, Lisa Siegel Belanger had secured a medical expert who made multiple finding upon review of Metrowest’s doctors medical records, including detailing how Mrs. Finnegan was being denied sufficient medicine to reduce swelling of the brain. (Metrowest was providing her with only 100 mg/day, when the expert recommended 100 mg every six hours for three days, then a series of tests on various thyroid chemical levels. (To do less was likened to giving a dehydrated dessert survivor a thimble full of water, instead of a glass of water.)

Mary Frank and Beverly Finnegan: two women who could have benefited from some assistance from government, perhaps, but instead had their lives ripped away, their assets taken away from them, warehoused in nursing homes, isolated, medicated, and liquidated. We’ll post updates on Mary Frank and Beverly Finnegan in our January edition.

6 Replies to “Christmas for Mary Frank and Beverly Finnegan – Hostages of Jewish Family and Children Services, and the Mass. Probate Court

  1. A similar horror is happening to my mother 89 year old Alice P. Julian barred from all communication and visits with exception of the petitioners and their adult children.
    Jewish Family Service and Central Boston Legal Services Counsel Mary Kate Connolly in control. Connolly taken over as petitioner. Judge Megan Christopher denied mother a hearing, a conservator, no neutral gal, biased guardians… Files missing not available for review. Mom’s attorney is harrased threatened.
    Appellate appeal in progress. Fundraising began. Mom’s funds gone. 282 thousand dollars vanished in less than a year. No accounting by siblings the petitioners. Complaint to Governor ignored.

  2. An appalling series of events purported by what, and politically speaking, seems to be a telling trait of the left. I have quite often likened these type of actions directly to a sick social disease called….”Munchhausen Syndrome.” Simply put….”they break it, then step in to announce they have a fix for it. Which the end result is “self-adulation,” and aggrandisement from their peers. The blatant actions taken by the Jewish Family and Children Services, of jerking Ms. Finnegan from her home, the Newton Police that were there to assist in the abduction, and subsequent nourishment Beverley suffered at the hands of nursing homes goes beyond belief.

    I am a new Case Manager with the Belanger Law Firm, and find myself becoming literally sick at what I am seeing. If these, and I am certain there are many more across MA that we not know about, doesn’t rise the ire of the general population,I am not sure what will. Every family that has living parents, and grandparents should be wary of these so very unfortunate folks that are going thru pure hell on earth because of a few greedy supposedly law abiding people that claim they have the peoples best interest at heart. Go figure………….!

  3. OMG my heart goes out to these families!!! My mother as well went to the Faulkner hospital for one thing and was not treated for it, but in fact kept at Faulkner hospital which is a revolving door for geriatrics and the judicial system to force these elderly people into nursing homes against their will, deplete any funds, if any and leave them there till the die. From dismissing proxy’s to not recognizing DPOAs, the stealing of clothing and anything left for my mom at the nursing home, giving incorrect meds, or meds that cause the patient to be disoriented, the doctor at the nursing home not physically examining these patients and copying same info form previous certificates and signing and sending to court. Court does not look into the validity of these certs. The hospitals, their attorneys, the GUARDIAN and the CONVSERVATOR as well as judges are all in these type cases together. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE these people so deserve. No one deserves to be ripped from their family and placed in a nursing home prison where they are treated worse than any convicted felon.

  4. This is pathetic reporting! Also, I had to laugh at the complaint that an intern presented himself as a doctor. Interns are medical doctors who have graduated medical school. Please educate yourselves!

    1. Ah Jim, wait until this one goes to court, and more is revealed…

      Mrs. Finnegan died last Friday.

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