guardians Horrors of Guardianship

HORRORS OF GUARDIANSHIP: Gov. Baker Turns a Blind Eye

Governor Baker’s Appointee to the
Supreme Judicial Court Nominating
Commission, Atty. Marsha V. Kazarosian
Attempts to Silence Whistleblower

90-Year Old Marvin Siegel Remains Under 24/7 House Guard
as High-Profile Lawyers Drain Millions from His Estate

by Broadside Staff

The Boston Broadside has previously detailed in a four-part series the systematic draining of the estate of 90-year-old Boxford resident Marvin Siegel by Governor Charlie Baker’s 2016 appointee, Attorney Marsha V. Kazarosian, and other lawyers.

During the past seven years, millions have been drained from the retiree’s estimated $9 million estate. He’s expected to be tapped out within a year.

Where has the money gone? To lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, elder service providers, and the like. Heck, the lawyers even charge one another to talk to each other and to send e-mails to one another, and then bill the estate. They also spend money on the daily care of Marvin, including their posted 24/7/365 “guards,” as Marvin’s daughter Lisa Siegel Belanger refers to his round-the-clock paid “caregivers,” whom she has detailed keep the senior isolated in his Boxford home. Lisa has also detailed how these “so-called medical providers have denied her dad his basic dignity: he can’t even use a cell phone to talk to his grandchildren!”

How did Marvin Siegel Get Grabbed?

The story is long and parts of it are detailed in the prior four-part series, but can be condensed to this: Marvin was transported to Beverly Hospital on a call from a senior home-visiting aide, then transported to a psychiatric facility where he signed over paperwork and control of his millions. The forced drugging of Marvin has also been detailed in copious court filings.

Fighting Back, Getting Betrayed

Marvin hired Atty. Kazarosian as private legal counsel in August of 2011 for the specific purpose of fending off a state “elder protective service” agency (Elder Services of Merrimack Valley) from unlawfully making him a ward of the state (assigning a guardian to him). He never envisioned that Atty. Kazarosian would quickly switch sides and work against the him, as has been charged by members of Marvin’s family.

In March of 2015, Marvin’s daughter, Attorney Lisa Siegel Belanger, filed an extensive federal civil action in which she claims that Atty. Kazarosian is part of a long-embedded insidious enterprise of corrupt lawyers and judges using the Massachusetts Probate & Family Court system to exploit elders—and any person of any age for that matter who happen to be vulnerably labeled as “incapacitated.” Lisa’s extensive, detailed complaint and accompanying exhibits can be viewed by the public free of charge at

Soon after Lisa filed her racketeering action with the U.S. District Court, she provided a copy to Governor Baker. In her complaints to the governor, Lisa revealed a systemic pattern of elder abuse, money laundering, and embezzlement. Governor Baker refused to reply to Lisa and in less than a year from the first complaint, appointed Atty. Kazarosian to the commission that nominates Massachusetts’ highest court judges—known as the Supreme Judicial Court Nominating Commission. (

On December 1, 2017, Lisa filed another formal complaint, this time directly to Governor Baker, Lt. Governor Karen Polito, counsel for the Governor, and the Executive Director of the Supreme Court Judicial Nominating Commission. In her complaint, Lisa extensively detailed what she termed the continuous, vicious exploitation of her elderly father and family by Atty. Kazarosian and her associates. As of press time, Governor Baker and the above-specified officials have not responded to Lisa’s complaint.

But it Gets Worse: Atty. Kazarosian Seeks to Disbar Lisa Belanger

Over the course of seven years, Lisa has fought to get her father released from what she terms the clutches of Atty. Kazarosian and associates. Lisa has filed numerous legal petitions, and has even received a court-ordered fine for speaking to her own father!

In response to her actions in defending her father, Lisa has informed The Boston Broadside that Atty. Kazarosian seeks to disbar her. Lisa claims this is to silence her from fighting for her father. She has detailed that now that Marvin’s plight has been publicized in The Boston Broadside, Atty. Kazarosian has “made it her personal mission and vendetta to maliciously and unlawfully thwart my continuous exposing of this long-embedded corruption in the Massachusetts Probate & Family Courts. At the behest of Marsha Kazarosian, on May 25, 2018, Adam LaFrance, Assistant Bar Counsel, filed formal charges against me,” Lisa shared.

As Lisa has summarized, “the Office of Bar Counsel documentation states that they are prosecuting me to silence my exposure of this corruption of epidemic proportions and for specifically having sought legal relief in the federal court. Conspicuously, LaFrance, fails to state how my substantiated allegations are in any manner false or dishonest as they charge. The Office of Bar Counsel seemingly forgets that truth is an absolute defense.”

Good for the Goose,
But not the Gander?

In sharp contrast, the Office of Bar Counsel has blatantly and flagrantly ignored Lisa’s filing of complaints against Marsha Kazarosian and other specified counsel since 2012. Repeatedly, from 2012 through 2014, the Office of Bar Counsel wrote to Lisa stating that no investigation would be conducted due to matters being actively “pending” in the Essex Probate & Family Court.

Yet, even though matters are still actively taking place in the Essex Probate & Family Court, in May of 2017 the Office of Bar Counsel opened an investigation against Lisa as a result of a complaint filed by Marsha Kazarosian—the very first complaint initiated against Lisa from the time this matter commenced in 2011. One year later, the Office of Bar Counsel began formal procedures against Lisa (May 25, 2018).

Self-admittedly, Marsha Kazarosian has close and substantial inner-workings with those presiding in the Massachusetts judiciary—all the way up to the state’s highest court justices. In Kazarosian’s many self-published profiles, she boasts being appointed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s Advisory Committee for Clerks of the Courts and having served on the Superior Court Civil Working Group; that in 2014, she served on the SJC’s Access to Justice Commission Committee on the Bar Exam.

Of particular significance, Marsha Kazarosian openly flaunts her having acted as a Hearings Committee Officer for the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers for a 6-year term.

Kazarosian has also openly touted having been a part of the Board of Governors during Deval Patrick’s administration, along with documented big-dollar political contributions to high-profile Democrats including former Attorney General Martha Coakley, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, Joe Kennedy III, Barak Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, and various Democratic organizations. [Editor’s Note: So-called Republican Gov. Baker appointed a heavy-financial-donor to extremist Democrats? Then turned a blind eye on complaints against her?]

Lisa says, “It can be of no surprise by the outlandish backroom antics resorted to by Obama appointee U.S. District Court Judge Allison Burroughs and First Circuit Court of Appeals Justices Sandra Lynch (Bill Clinton appointee), when they dismissed the federal civil actions I filed in 2015 and 2017.” Lisa added, “Kazarosian is high-profile and a big donor. Oh, and Judge Burroughs just happens to be one of the foremost, early-on federal judges to have nixed President Trump’s initial travel ban.”

We’ll provide more details in the next issue regarding the highly-connected, high and low-profile attorneys involved in the systemic draining of Marvin Siegel’s estate, and how they have stolen more than money: they have stolen Marvin’s connections with his grandchildren, and his dignity.    ♦


6 Replies to “HORRORS OF GUARDIANSHIP: Gov. Baker Turns a Blind Eye

  1. I know this “thing” has been going on for years. Martha Coakely said it was a consumer issue and many more complaints need be filed for her to take action. No Elder is safe who owns any thing of value and is not cared for by their own family. Even then do not even try to get relief from a Elder Day Care. They are eyes and ears to help with choosing who will be declared incompetent next. It is a horrible thing.

  2. My healthy religious mother Frances C. Buttrick was still enjoying ballroom dancing, fine dining etc. before she was illegally forced into a dangerous nursing home (murdered 12/26/14). Due to the high stakes plaguing our (Beverley A. Finnegan, Janet J. Pidge) case… top officials, including, Gov. Charlie Baker conspired with the radical lesbian probate judge Maureen Monks to brazenly kill my dear sister Beverley. Baker wanted to protect powerful people (including Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, former Mayor Setti Warren, Police Chief Dave MacDonald, Asst. Appeals Clerk Patty Malone, former AG Martha Coakley, Patrick Jordan-Quern, Louise Dick, and others) who Finnegan, Pidge previously took to court. Before hiring Attorney Coreen Goodwin (07/2018) …I hired Attorney Julianna L. Bruce (05/2018) who promised to ask J. Monks to release my sister home. Bruce asked Pidge to drop off legal retainer at her home. Bruce was scheduled to appear before J. Monks the next day and abruptly dropped the case. Attorney Goodwin and legal intern, Sarah Oulton believed a murder hit was put on Beverley. Goodwin promised to get my legal POA/Health Care Proxy reinstated to release Beverley from illegal captivity and promised to help move us out of Newton which Officer Daniel Nardelli told Pidge was no longer safe. In short, Goodwin, Oulton lied about everything ignored my emergency calls and became part of the problem.

    Lisa Belanger’s dear father Marvin Seigel was medically kidnapped and warrants immediate release. With high stakes also plaguing Belanger’s case, the governor and his criminal team are trying to destroy what is left of her life. It is evil to inject unwarranted dangerous drugs into Mr. Seigel and criminal to target Lisa who is her father’s legal POA/HCP. I only wish a decent lawyer would come forth to help Lisa get her abused father home…Janet J. Pidge

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