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Jewish Family & Children’s Service: “A Shanda to the Jewish Community”

Jewish Family & Children’s Service:
“A Shanda to the Jewish Community”

To the Editor:

(copy of letter sent to Jewish Family & Children’s Service)

Dear Rimma Zelfaud and Jamie Grossman,

I am astonished and shocked that the only person upon whom Mary Frank depends and loves has been legally ordered not to set foot at her nursing home (by Jewish Family & Children’s Service David Schwartz).

It seems JFCS has her wheelchair, wig, and all her personal belongings that make Mary Frank feel like a dignified, self-respecting person. Please give all that back to her – those items belong to her.

She needs immediate medical help which she does not as yet receive. Why not? Why has Jewish Family & Children’s Services teamed up with the State to kidnap, isolate, and torment Mary Frank?

Two other women in the “care” of guardianship have recently died. Are you waiting for this to happen to Mary Frank? What a shanda to the Jewish Community.

Please reverse course and help this poor woman. Set her free. She wants to go home.

Margot Einstein

Newton, Mass.


(Editor’s Note: There really isn’t a word for shanda in English.
It is a mix of shame, fear, a terrible sin, and embarrassment that one feels for another person, group, or themselves.)


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